Tuesday, January 18, 2022

New DVD • Blu-ray • 4K Ultra HD Activity For The Period Ending January 14, 2022


New DVD Additions

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey


Artsploitation Films

01/11/22 — Released Man with the Answers (German/Greek)


Asian Cult Cinema (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Bangkok Samurai: Final Target (Thai), Crocodile Evil (Taiwanese), Jaguars vs. Mysterious Invaders (Spanish), Open Tomb … Empty Coffin (Spanish), Rapist at Dawn (Spanish) and Srigala (Indonesian)


BBC Home Entertainment (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Silent Witness: Season 24 (3 disc set)


Back to the Fudda

01/11/22 — Released New Goblin: 2 Concerts in Tokyo


Bayerische Staatsope

01/11/22 — Released Abrahamsen: The Snow Queen


Bayview Entertainment

03/22/22 — Released All for Amy, HNN Presents: Rust Belt Driller, In Utero, Invisible City (Italian), Islands (Italian), Juvenile Transgressions, On Any Sunday: 50th Anniversary Remastered Edition, Quiet, Pretty Things, Thorn of the Rose (Portuguese), Those Dark Nights (Bosnian), To Die is Hard, Troubles (French), Unrighteous Men (Swedish), Wilderness Hotel (Mandarin) and Your Flesh Your Curse (Portuguese)


Championship Productions

01/11/22 — Released 2-Man is the Way: Drills to Implement 2-Man Offensive Concepts, Implementing the 2-3-3-2 Formation, Kirsten Bernthal Booth: Passing, Split Session for More Reps, Ball Control + Creating a Solid Practice, Making it Count: How to Structure the Start of Every Practice, Pipeline Defense: Pack It In, Recoverability: Training Soccer Resiliency, Ryan Theis: 6v6 Game-Like Drills, Defensive Systems + Lots of Touches & Reps and Soccer Games & Drills for Team Building


Cleopatra Entertainment

03/22/22 — Sets Dreaming Hollywood


DVD Treasures (MOD)

12/07/21 — Released Mystery Woman Collection (8 film set: Mystery Woman, Vision of a Murder, Game Time, At First Sight, Wild West Mystery, Oh Baby, Redemption, In the Shadows) (8 disc set)

12/14/21 — Released Dance Til Dawn


Decal Releasing, LLC

01/11/22 — Released Mass (ARR of 95 days; box office: $145,006) and Spencer (ARR of 67 days; box office: $7,077,453)


Dreamscape Media, LLC

01/11/22 — Released Hair Story, Love in the Library and Wine of Summer



12/28/21 — Released EWTN Live: Reflections on the guests of 2021 and Women of Grace: The Origins of the Christmas Season

01/04/22 — Released EWTN Live: Deb O'Hara Rusckowski - Human Trafficking, Indentify Victims and Actions Catholics Can Take to End This Tragedy and Women of Grace: The Shrine of Our Lady of Montligeon World Over with Raymond Navarro: Robert Sirico / Bill Donohue / Ross Douthat

01/11/22 — Released EWTN Live: Aude Dugast and Mark Bradford and Women of Grace: Wrap Up 2021


Film Detective

02/22/22 — Sets Dancing Pirate


Film Movement

01/11/22 — Released Corinth Films Historical Drama Collection (5 film set: Remembrance, Within the Whirlwind, The Chronicles of Melanie, Calm at Sea, Habermann) (German), Joy Womack: The White Swan (Russian) and Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (Japanese)


Freestyle Digital Media (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Chained, My Fiona, Out of Nowheresville, Reenactment and Sanzaru


Greenfield Media (MOD)

01/25/22 — Sets Megalodon Rising


Hallmark Entertainment

01/11/22 — Released Hallmark 2 Movie Collection (2 film set: Two for the Win, A Winter Getaway)


Hallmark Entertainment (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released All Summer Long and Darrow & Darrow: In the Key of Murder


Image Entertainment

01/11/22 — Released MLK/FBI (ARR: 361 days; box office: $44,877)


Kailuna Enterprises, LLC (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Ultimate Restorations: Badger #2: The Last Remaining Fish Car, Ultimate Restorations: Cangarda: The Last American Steam Yacht, Ultimate Restorations: The Ahrens-Fox: A Kansas City Treasure,  Ultimate Restorations: The Illions Supreme: The World's Most Beautiful Carousel, Ultimate Restorations: The Lysander: Canada's Unsung Hero, Ultimate Restorations: The Midmer-Losh: Breathing Life into the Beast, Ultimate Restorations: The Schooner Coronet: Racing into History and Ultimate Restorations: The Sierra #3 Locomotive: A Star is Reborn


Kino Lorber

01/11/22 — Released Journey to Shiloh and Pink Jungle


Jarrett Enterprises - Loving the Classics (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Play for Today: A Follower for Emily, Play for Today: Blooming Youth, Play for Today: Brassneck, Play for Today: Funny Farm, Play for Today: Headmaster, Play for Today: O Fat White Woman, Play for Today: Our Flesh and Blood, Play for Today: The Rainbirds and Play for Today: The Reporters


Lionsgate Home Entertainment

01/11/22 — Released Amityville Uprising


Maelstrom Films (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Fisher


Mill Creek Entertainment

02/22/22 — Sets Alien Agenda: 4 Documentary Collection (4 film set: Abducted by Aliens: UFO Encounters of the 4th Kind, Alien Reptilian Legacy, Alien Mind Control: The UFO Enigma, Alien Agenda Planet Earth: Rulers of Time and Space) (2 disc set), Ancient Alien Enigma: 4 Documentary Collection (4 film set: Anunnaki, Aliens in Egypt, Alien Encounters in America: UFOs and Extraterrestrial Visitations, Alien Contact in Outer Space) (2 disc set), Knights Templar and Freemasons: 4 Documentary Collection (4 film set: Knights Templar: Rise and Fall, Legend of the Grail, Illuminati: The Grand Illusion, Angels, Demons and Freemasons) (2 disc set) and New World Order: American Apocalypse - 4 Documentary Collection (4 film set: 666: New World Order, American Illuminati, American Illuminati 2, A War Over Reality) (2 disc set)


Music Box Films

01/11/22 — Released Ema (Spanish)



01/11/22 — Released Benet Casablancas: Enigma di Lea, Daniel Barenboim At Buenos Aires - Brahms: The Complete Symphonies (2 disc set), Drei Schwestern and Purcell: Dido and Aeneas


NCircle Entertainment

01/11/22 — Released Magic School Bus Rides Again: Season 2, Rainbow Rangers: Help Is a Rainbow Away and Satie: Nuit Erik Satie


Ocean Avenue Entertainment

01/11/22 — Released Camp Manna


Onesmedia (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Arizona, Barbarian, Blonde Crazy, High Pressure, Indiscreet, King Murder, Love Parade, Murder!, Night Life in Reno, Road to Singapore, Stranger May Kiss, Tresspasser, Virtue and Woman Between


PBS Direct

01/11/22 — Released Nature: Season of the Osprey, Nature: The Elephant and the Termite, NOVA: Particles Unknown and Now Hear This - Beethoven's Ghost


PCN Productions (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released 2022 PA Farm Show: Farm Show Fashions, 2022 PA Farm Show: Heavyweight Horse Pull, 2022 PA Farm Show: High School Rodeo I, 2022 PA Farm Show: High School Rodeo II, 2022 PA Farm Show: Lightweight Horse Pull, 2022 PA Farm Show: Mini-Horse and Mini-Mule Pull, 2022 PA Farm Show: Pony Pull and 2022 PA Farm Show: Square Dance


Paramount Home Entertainment

01/11/22 — Released Billions: Season Five (4 disc set) and Ren & Stimpy Show: Almost Complete Series! (9 disc set)


Random Media (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Great and Terrible Day of the Lord and Making Sweet Tea


Rising Sun Media (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Dead County, Harvest of the Dead: Halloween Night, Killer BBQ, Kinbaku Collection (2 film set: Flower, Moon) (Japanese), Mask the Kekko: Reborn (Japanese), Pink Collection 2: Blood Bead (Japanese), Pink Collection 3 (Japanese) and Space Vampire


Showtime Networks (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Bitchin': The Sound and Fury of Rick James


Smart Mark Video (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Absolute Intense Wrestling: Hell on Earth 16 - Eastlake, OH, Absolute Intense Wrestling: We had a Few Hits a Few Years Ago - Cleveland, OH, F1rst Wrestling: Holiday Havoc - St. Paul, MN and H2O Wrestling: Massacre in Massachusetts - Worchester, MA


Sony Pictures Home Ent.

01/11/22 — Released Cobra Kai: Season 3 (2 disc set)


Stonecutter Media (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Brawling Bimbos: Crazy Cat Fights, CZW Girlz: Double D Destruction, Ghetto Girls: Bad Guy Beatdowns, Hood Girls Vs. Tough Thugs, Train Wreck - Street Brawls: Chicks Vs. Guys, Train Wreck - Wildest Cat Fight Mayhem, Women's Extreme Wrestling: Bloody Ho Ambush, Women's Extreme Wrestling: Pistol Whipped and Women's Extreme Wrestling: Sexual Sneak Attack


Strand Releasing

01/11/22 — Released Minyan (ARR of 81 days; box office: $11,451)


Summer Hill Films (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Go to Hell and Turn Left


Universal Pictures Home Ent.

02/22/22 — Sets House of Gucci (ARR of 88 days; box office: $50,069,949)


VIZ Media

01/11/22 — Released Pokemon Journeys: The Series Season 23 - The Journey Starts Today! (2 disc set)


Vertical Entertainment

01/11/22 — Released Heart of Champions (ARR of 74 days; box office: $37,000) and Lantern's Lane


Vision Films (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Lost Treasure


Walt Disney Studios Home Ent.

02/08/22 — Sets Beatles: Get Back (3 disc set) and Summer of Soul (ARR: 228 days; box office: $2,316,090)



01/11/22 — Released Proverbs, A Video Study: 37 Lessons on History, Meaning and Application







New Blu-ray Additions


All Channels Films (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released I Got Five on It 3


Asuka the Disc Dog (aka: Fred the Blu-ray Dog) (MOD)

01/04/22 — Released Always a Witch: The Complete Series, Avenue 5 - Season 1, Cobra Kai - Season 4 and Stitchers: The Complete Series (2 disc set)

01/11/22 — Released After Life: Seasons 1-3, Angel Anaconda: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Busy World of Richard Scarry: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Emily in Paris: Seasons 1 & 2, High Fidelity: The Complete Series, In the Heat of the Night: The Complete Series (6 disc set), Kappa Mikey: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Kim Possible: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Machine Robo Rescue: The Complete Series, Petticoat Junction: The Complete Series (5 disc set), Ragdoll: Season 1,  Stay Close: The Complete Series, Timon & Pumbaa: The Complete Series (2 disc set) and Undercover Boss: Seasons 1-10 (5 disc set)


Cleopatra Entertainment

03/22/22 — Sets Dreaming Hollywood


Creature Feature Videos (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Devils (Blu-ray/2 DVD Combo Pack)


Decal Releasing, LLC

01/11/22 — Released I’m Your Man (German) and Mass


Film Detective

02/22/22 — Sets Dancing Pirate


Film Movement

01/11/22 — Released Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (Japanese)



01/11/22 — Released A3!: Season Autumn & Winter (2 disc set), Heaven's Lost Property Final: The Movie: Eternally My Master (Japanese) (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy) and Strike Witches: Road to Berlin - Season 3 (2 disc set) (with Digital Copy)


Good Deed – Cranked Up Films

01/11/22 — Released Double Walker


Image Entertainment

01/11/22 — Released MLK/FBI

01/18/22 — Sets Dry


Kino Lorber

01/11/22 — Released 7th Dawn, Breaking In, Card Player (Italian), Gambit, Impasse, Journey to Shiloh, Laughing Heirs (German), Mafu Cage and Pink Jungle


Maelstrom Films (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Fisher


Movies R U.S.A. (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released Cosby Show: The Complete Series (5 disc set), Dragnet 1967: The Complete Series (3 disc set), Fire in the Sky,  Fortress,  Hot in Cleveland: The Complete Series (4 disc set), Hotel Transylvania: Transformania,  I Know What You Did Last Summer: Season One,   Itsy Bitsy,  Mudbound,  Mute,  Road to Hell,  Shimmer Lake,  Short Circuit Double Feature (2 film set: Short Circuit, Short Circuit 2) and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Complete Series (6 disc set)



01/11/22 — Released Benet Casablancas: Enigma di Lea, Drei Schwestern and Purcell: Dido and Aeneas


PCN Productions (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released 2022 PA Farm Show: Farm Show Fashions, 2022 PA Farm Show: Heavyweight Horse Pull, 2022 PA Farm Show: High School Rodeo I, 2022 PA Farm Show: High School Rodeo II, 2022 PA Farm Show: Lightweight Horse Pull, 2022 PA Farm Show: Mini-Horse and Mini-Mule Pull, 2022 PA Farm Show: Pony Pull and 2022 PA Farm Show: Square Dance


Sentai Filmsworks

01/11/22 — Released Ane Log


Shout! Factory

01/11/22 — Released Temp and Whispers in the Dark

03/08/22 — Sets Writer's Odyssey (Mandarin)


Smart Mark Video (MOD)

01/11/22 — Released F1rst Wrestling: Holiday Havoc - St. Paul, MN


Universal Pictures Home Ent.

02/22/22 — Sets House of Gucci (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Vertical Entertainment

01/11/22 — Released Heart of Champions


Well Go U.S.A.

01/11/22 — Released Multiverse



New 4K Ultra HD Additions 


Arrow Video

03/15/22 — Sets American Werewolf in London


Kino Lorber

01/11/22 — Released Great Escape (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack)


Paramount Home Entertainment

03/22/22 — Sets Godfather Trilogy (3 film set: The Godfather / The Godfather: Part II / The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone) (4 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack)


Universal Pictures Home Ent.

03/08/22 — Sets Downton Abbey (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)





The Film Detective Restores Director Lloyd Corrigan's Technicolor Presentation Of The Dancing Pirate For Release As Blu-ray And DVD Editions On Feb. 22


The Film Detective’s latest 4K film restoration (from surviving 35mm film elements) will be arriving home on Feb. 22 as both DVD and Blu-ray product offerings.

This latest effort is none other than director Lloyd Corrigan’s 1936 Technicolor musical, The Dancing Pirate, starring Charles Collins, a former vaudeville dancer, stage actor and later as a talent agent, he only starred in two films, The Dancing Pirate and in 1940, Swing Hostess.  

The Dancing Pirate was the first three-strip Technicolor musical and over the years only “black and white” versions have made their way to DVD.   This is the real deal, fully restored in all of its Technicolor glory … toss your old copies, you WILL want this one!!

Here Collins plays Jonathan Pride, a dance instructor in Boston in 1820 … he is a whiz at teaching the waltz, it is the latest thing from Europe and it is quite the thing!!  It’s 1820, whalers and pirates still roam the seven seas, Maine and Missouri become states (making St. Louis the gateway to the west) and Mexico’s independence from Spain is still over a year away (not until August of 1821). 


It is on these streets of Boston that Pride is shanghaied and forced to become a crew member of a pirate ship.   During his long voyage from Boston around South America and up the west coast to the Spanish colony of New Spain (aka: California), Pride is transformed from a dancing dandy to a pirate, a dancing pirate, complete with early 19th Century pirate garb.

At anchorage off the coastal town of Las Palomas, the pirate ship is spotted and the locals are alerted to the danger.   The mayor, Don Emilio Perena (played by Frank Morgan — nominated for Best Actor in 1934 for his performance in The Affairs of Cellini and again in 1940 for Best Supporting actor in Tortilla Flat, is certainly best-remembered as “The Wizard” in the 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz) and his lovely daughter, Serafina (Steffi Duna — Anthony Adverse, Way Down South, Waterloo Bridge … she married Dennis O’Keefe in 1940, the same year as Waterloo Bridge, and retired from the screen) arrive to see what all the fuss is about.


Meanwhile, Pride uses the opportunity to escape his captors and arrives in Las Palomas only to be met by a volley of gun fire (the villagers think he is a pirate), but his dancing skills save the day as he is able to “magically” dodge the bullets.   Desperate, he finds a hiding place, which in a “small world sort of way” turns out to be Serafina’s bedroom … frying pan into the fire!!

A pirate in the bedroom of the mayor’s daughter in 1820 California … that was a hanging offense.   So, there’s poor Jonathan Pride standing there on the gallows, a rope around his neck, when Serafina stops everything and says that she wants to learn the Waltz and that this pirate is really a dancing pirate and he can teach her and the other lovely young ladies of Las Palomas as well (included in the cast of young ladies are Rita Hayworth, Thelma Catherine Ryan (aka: Pat Nixon) and Marjorie Reynolds).   Saved!

A local band magically appears, Pride does some fancy moves, with a rope around his neck, and everyone agrees that he’s no ordinary pirate, he’s a dancing pirate.   The dancing lessons can now begin, Serafina will learn the waltz and Pride will not hang.  

But, no sooner does the first lesson begin when he suddenly finds himself going from the frying pan to the fire and then back to the frying pan.  He does the forbidden thing in 1820 Las Palomas, he puts his hand around the waist of an unmarried woman, Serafina, the mayor’s daughter!!   Back to jail!!


Soon Serafina learns that this “affront” is part of the dance, so all is forgiven, but things get complicated when Capt. Don Balthazar (Victor Varconi — as Pontius Pilot in the 1927 version of The King of Kings, as Painted Horse in The Plainsman and as Rudolph Hess in The Hitler Gang, quite the gamut of characters in his long film career) and his men arrive from Monterey.   He wants Serafina for his bride.

Can a dancing pirate defeat the dashing captain in a duel for the hand of Serafina, armed only with his aunt’s umbrella (which he has kept with him all this time)?   To find that out, pick up a DVD or Blu-ray edition of The Dancing Pirate on Feb. 22 and discover the answer (hint: it involves some clever dance moves).

Bonus goodies include commentary from author Jennifer Churchill (“Movies are Magic”) and two newly-prepared featurettes — “Ambushed by Mediocrity: Remembering the Dancing Pirate” and “Glorious Pioneers: The Birth of Technicolor.”






Bayview Entertainment Celebrates The 50th Anniversary Of Director Bruce Brown's On Any Sunday With Newly Enchanced DVD Release On Mar. 22


Bayview Entertainment announced that Bruce Brown’s Oscar-nominated documentary, On Any Sunday, will be getting a 50th Anniversary special edition DVD release (with a new digitally-enhanced soundtrack supervised by Emmy Award-winner Chris Drozdowski) on Mar. 22.

Bruce Brown was the surf god; the surf dude of film … he would go out and film surfers, turn the material into a feature-length film, add in music and then find as many beach venues that he could and rent theatres (four-wall is what it was called) to exhibit his films. 

In 1965, he hit the motherlode with the release of The Endless Summer, which was picked for national theatrical distribution by Cinema V Distributing (an indie that quickly developed a reputation for cutting-edge films … Putney Swope, Gimme Shelter, The Hellstrom Chronicle, etc.) and became a huge hit.  It put surf dude, Bruce Brown, on the map.

He remembered the iconic scene of Steve McQueen jumping barbed wire fences on a motorcycle in the 1963 film release of The Great Escape, and, as they say, one thing led to another and Bruce Brown ends up tracking down McQueen, asks him about doing a film and the next thing you know he is making a motorcycle documentary with Steve McQueen.


But it gets better, McQueen’s own company, Solar Productions, bankrolls the film and, of course, Cinema V Distributing was all over it — after the success of The Endless Summer — and handles the distribution.   McQueen, motorcycles, and Bruce Brown, it proved to be a winning combination, On Any Sunday was an indie smash hit … and was nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary, ironically losing out to Cinema V Distributing’s release of The Hellstrom Chronicle.

In other release news this past week from Bayview Entertainment, Mar. 22 will also be street date for the latest entry in the company’s popular “HNN Presents” line of horror films from around the globe.


The directing team of Tilke Hill and David R. Williams, working with actor/writer Aaron Krygier, have come up with a pure 70s/80s splatter throwback in the form of HNN Presents: Rust Belt Driller.

Renn Maxwell (Aaron Krygier) has it all, a following as an artist, a trophy bride, Carol (Jillian Geurts) and a manager, Abel (Stephen Jakiel), who keeps the art sales humming for Renn.   Renn, you see, has a style, a following and his art is, well, creepy.  Unique.

As with any “gifted” artist, Renn is perhaps not always dealing with reality … and as things progress that “reality” goes off the deep end, but sales of this very dark “art” are booming.   You see, Renn is nuts, he gets his “inspiration” from the various murders he commits … and things are starting to get a little too close to home!!

HNN Presents: Rust Belt Driller is a marvelous splatter throwback … indeed, grab your copy of director Abel Ferrara’s The Driller Killer (as any good genre fan certainly has in their film library), pop the popcorn and settle in for a deep red double feature come Mar. 22.