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For the period ending October 25, 2019 ... New DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD selections added to the DVD & Blu-ray Release Report's database

For the period ending October 25, 2019 ... New DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD selections added to the DVD & Blu-ray Release Report's database


DVD New Additions


Bayview Entertainment
11/05/19 — Sets Frankenthug, Kill Every Last One (aka: Demons Rising), King Killer (aka: 3 Knee Deep) and Vampiyaz
11/12/19 — Sets Hot Knives: A Slacker Odyssey, Let's Talk About It (Hindi) and Too Tall
11/26/19 — Sets 3Run: Parkour & Freerunning Conditioning & Fitness Workout, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace: Full Contact Karate & Kickboxing, Close Combat: Fighting Military Techniques, Full Circle, Krav Maga Entry-Level & Intermediate Self-Defense Techniques, Rob Van Dam: Headstrong - The True Story, Sambo Self Defense: Military Techniques and Wellness - Tao

Championship Productions
10/22/19 — Released Gary Mayabb: Developmental Greco-Roman Concepts & Program Periodization for Wrestling, Individual & Team Drills, Pro-Style Quarterback: Skills & Drills and Quarterback Play: Intangibles + Thinking Like a Pro

Hope of the World (MOD)
10/15/19 — Released Heavenly Realm
10/22/19 — Released Joy Factors

10/22/19 — Released Oan Trai Nghia Tinh (14 disc set), Thu Ky Kim (10 disc set), Toi Khong Phai La Robot (10 disc set) and Vong Tron Toi Ac (12 disc set)

Icarus Films
12/10/19 — Sets Elephant Sitting Still (Mandarin) (ARR of 277 days; box office: $32,556)

Manorama Music Home Ent.
10/22/19 — Released Thamaasha (Malayalam)

Paramount Home Media
12/03/19 — Sets Buttons: A Christmas Tale (with Digital Copy) (ARR of 361 days; box office: $151,983) (MOD)
10/22/19 — Released Alt Berlin (German), Die Stadt der Millionen (silent-1925), Dieser Mann Gehort Mir (German), Durch Dick und Dunn (German), Geheimnis Einer Arztin (German), Genesung (German), Ich Zwing Dich Zu Leben (German) and Melodie der Welt (silent-1929)

10/22/19 — Released Luka Chuppi (Hindi) (ARR of 235 days; box office: $1,042,905)

Sentai FilmWorks
10/22/19 — Released Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Smart Mark Video (MOD)
10/15/19 — Released Schicksal Aus Zweiter Hand (German)
10/22/19 — Released Absolute Intense Wrestling: Absolution XIV - Cleveland, OH, Absolute Intense Wrestling: Bobblehead - Cleveland, OH, Absolute Intense Wrestling: WrestleRager 4 - Cleveland, OH, Combat Zone Wrestling: Tangled Web X - Voorhees, NJ, F1rst Wrestling: Uptown VFW 6 - Minnesota, MN, Fight or Die: Young Guns Tournament 2019 - Indianapolis, IN, Glory Pro Wrestling: Country Grammar - Affton, MO, Glory Pro Wrestling: Day of the Dragon - Collinsville, IL and Glory Pro Wrestling: Thunderstuck - Collinsville, IL

Sony Pictures
10/22/19 — Released David Crosby: Remember My Name (ARR of 95 days; box office: $720,374)
12/10/19 — Sets Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood (ARR of 137 days; box office: $139,840,978)

T.M. Books/Video
10/22/19 — Released Railscenes 1.0 and Toy Train Winter Wonderland

10/22/19 — Released Ram Ki Janmabhoomi (Hindi)

Touching Lives, Inc. (MOD)
10/22/19 — Released For Goodness Sake, For the Love, Hurry Up and Wait, In-Joy, Lifetime Opportunity, Only Way to Live, Random Acts of Kindness, Rest in Peace, Tasty: Fruit of the Spirit (3 disc set), Tender to Touch, There is Only One and Who is in Control?

Warner Bros. Home Ent
10/22/19 — Released Bakugan Battle Planet: Origin of Species
12/10/19 — Sets It: Chapter Two (ARR of 95 days; box office: $209,608,260)

Warner Bros. Home Ent. (MOD)
11/12/19 — Sets 100: The Complete Sixth Season (3 disc set)

Blu-ray New Additions

388 Studios (MOD)
10/22/19 — Released Fang

Acorn Media (MOD)
10/22/19 — Released Delicious: Series 1 (3 disc set), Delicious: Series 2 (3 disc set) and Delicious: Series 3 (3 disc set)

Aniplex of America
10/22/19 — Released Fate/Extra: Lost Love (3 disc set)

Caveman Training
10/22/19 — Released Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts, Volume 1

Cinedigm Entertainment
10/22/19 — Released 2019 NBA Champions: Toronto Raptors (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack)

Cinema Epoch (MOD)
10/22/19 — Released Submission: The Complete Series

Cleopatra Entertainment
01/21/20 — Sets Bluebird

Code Red
10/22/19 — Released Conquest

Cohen Media Group
10/22/19 — Released Return of Martin Guerre (French)

Film Detective
11/26/19 — Sets Eegah: Special Edition

FilmRise (MOD)
10/22/19 — Released Sprinter

10/22/19 — Released Angels of Death: The Complete Series (2 disc set) (with Digital Copy), Brave Witches: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Double Decker!: Doug & Kirill - The Complete Series + OVA (3 disc set) (plus Digital Copy), Hundred (2 disc set) and WorldEnd: What Do You Do At The End Of The World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us? (2 disc set)

Gravitas Ventures (MOD)
10/22/19 — Released Blue, Passing Parade and Viewer Direction Advised

Icarus Films
12/10/19 — Sets Elephant Sitting Still (Mandarin)

Image Entertainment
10/22/19 — Released NOS4A2: Season 1 (3 disc set) and Satanic Panic

Indie Rights (MOD)
10/22/19 — Released Ring Ring

Kino Lorber
10/22/19 — Released Billy Bathgate, Eagle (silent-1925), Parasite 3D, Phobia, Tamango (French), Trilogy of Terror II and Zoltan: Hound of Dracula (aka: Dracula's Dog)

Lionsgate Home Entertainment
10/22/19 — Released Angel of Mine (with Digital Copy) and Tone-Deaf (with Digital Copy)

Mill Creek Entertainment
01/14/20 — Sets Double Feature: Dad, I'm Not Rappaport, Double Feature: Heroes, Eddie Macon's Run,  Double Feature: Reservation Road, Return to Paradise and Mindy Project: The Complete Series (10 disc set)

Mondo Macabro
10/22/19 — Released Killer of Dolls (Spanish)

Nada Bascarevic (MOD)
10/22/19 — Released Ibar River, Most Playful Cats and Playful Cats

10/22/19 — Released Art of Ohad Naharin, Volume 2, Karl Jenkins: The Armed Man, Schumann: The Complete Symphonies and Verdi: La Traviata - Royal Opera House

Paramount Home Media (MOD)
10/22/19 — Released Charmed: The Complete Second Season (4 disc set)

Scorpion Releasing
10/22/19 — Released Covergirl and Talking Walls

Sentai FilmWorks
10/22/19 — Released Kase-san and Morning Glories

Shout! Factory
10/22/19 — Released Dauntless: The Battle of Midway

Smart Mark Video (MOD)
10/15/19 — Released Absolute Intense Wrestling: Absolution XIV- Cleveland, OH and Fight or Die: Young Guns Tournament 2019 - Indianapolis, IN
10/22/19 — Released F1rst Wrestling: Uptown VFW 6 - Minneapolis, MN

Sony Pictures
10/22/19 — Released David Crosby: Remember My Name
12/10/19 — Sets Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)

T.M. Books and Video
10/22/19 — Released Train Layouts of Norm Charbonneau

Universal Pictures Home Ent.
10/22/19 — Released Bloodline, Cats and Resurrection
11/05/19 — Sets Undercover Brother 2

Walt Disney Studios Home Ent.
11/05/19 — Sets 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)

Warner Bros. Home Ent.
11/12/19 — Sets Big Bang Theory: The Twelfth and Final Season (2 disc set) (with Digital Copy)
12/10/19 — Sets It: Chapter Two (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)

Warner Bros. Home Ent. (MOD)
11/12/19 — Sets 100: The Complete Sixth Season (3 disc set), Operation Crossbow and World, the Flesh and the Devil
11/19/19 — Sets Bad and the Beautiful
11/26/19 — Sets Blindspot: The Complete Fourth Season (4 disc set), Great Day in the Morning and Young Justice: Outsiders (4 disc set)

4K Ultra HD New Additions

Sony Pictures Home Ent.
12/10/19 — Sets Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)

Warner Bros. Home Ent.
10/22/19 — Released Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)
12/10/19 — Sets It: Chapter Two (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)

Mill Creek Entertainment Kicks Of 2020 With The Mindy Project: The Complete Series On Both DVD And Blu-ray On Jan. 14 ... And More!!!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Mill Creek Entertainment announced its first-of-the-New Year slate of priced-to-collect home entertainment packaged media product selections this past week and The Mindy Project: The Complete Series — on both DVD and Blu-ray — will be the kickoff selection.

All 117 episodes of this six-season romantic sitcom will be available together for the first time as either ten-disc DVD or ten-disc Blu-ray boxed sets on Jan. 14.

Mindy Kaling (as Kelly Kapoor in The Office television series, the voice of Disgust in the animated film Inside Out, plus such films as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, The Five-Year Engagement, Ocean's Eight, etc.) stars as Dr. Mindy Lahiri, an obstetrician who shares an office with three colleagues, who at times make the office seem more like the dayroom at a psych ward with their eccentric behavior.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyAs successful as she is a doctor, she as just as unsuccessful in her love life, having been raised on the promise of romantic sitcoms and finding it difficult to find the same perfect man in the real world.   

The Mindy Project: The Complete Series comes loaded with guest stars … Chloë Sevigny, Bill Hader, Kevin Smith, James Franco, Dan Hedaya, Seth Meyers and Julia Stiles, to name-drop just a few.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyAlso on Blu-ray on Jan. 14 are three new double-feature collections, including one featuring two films making their collective debuts on Blu-ray and both starring Joaquin Phoenix, who has jumped into the front-running position in the Best Actor category for his performance as Arthur Fleck in writer/director Todd Phillips’ box office smash, Joker.   

This combo starts with director Terry George’s 2007 film adaptation of John Burnham Schwartz’s 1999 novel, Reservation Road, teaming Joaquin Phoenix with Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Connelly, Elle Fanning and Mira Sorvino.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyJoining Reservation Road in this priced-to-collect Blu-ray double feature is director Joseph Ruben’s 1998 edge-of-your-seat thriller, Return to Paradise, featuring Joaquin Phoenix as a condemned-to-death prisoner in Malaysia for drug possession, whose only chance of survival is for his two friends — Vince Vaughn and David Conrad — to return to the country before his execution and serve three-year sentences to save his life.  If only one goes, it is a six-year sentence.   If neither, he dies.  Will they go?   Anne Heche, Vera Farmiga and Jada Pinkett Smith co-star.

The other two Blu-ray double features available from Mill Creek Entertainment on Jan. 14 are director Jeremy Kagan’s 1977 film release of Heroes (with Henry Winkler, Sally Field and Harrison Ford), which is teamed with director Jeff Kanew’s 1983 film adaptation of the James McLendon novel, Eddie Macon's Run (starring Kirk Douglas and John Schneider) and lastly we have writer/director Gary David Goldberg film adaption of William Wharton’s book, Dad (starring Jack Lemmon and Ted Danson and featuring a cast that includes Olympia Dukakis, Ethan Hawke, Kevin Spacey and Kathy Baker) teamed with director Herb Gardner film adaptation of his own stage play, I'm Not Rappaport, starring Walter Matthau and Ossie Davis.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

The Film Detective Tabs Nov. 26 As The Street Date For The 4K Film Restoration Of Arch Hall Sr.’s Eegah On DVD And Blu-ray

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
The Film Detective announced this past week that Nov. 26 will be the street date for both Blu-ray and DVD editions of a new 4K film restoration of director Arch Hall Sr.’s 1962 cult-status classic, Eegah.

You can’t really talk about Eegah until you preface it with The Choppers, which Hall had produced the previous year.   It starred his son, Arch Hall, Jr., as Jack 'Cruiser' Bryan, one of five delinquents who are making a fast buck by stripping cars and selling the stolen parts to a junkyard.

The film proved to be a financial success so Arch Hall Sr., who had been an actor since the late ‘30s, wanted to come up with a project that could showcase his son in a starring role.    Rock music, something a little offbeat and the next thing you know they are shooting Eegah, with Richard Kiel as a stone age giant in the title role.

The film may have started out as one thing, but along the way the hideous “creature” (Eegah) transforms from a grunting monster into a very sympathetic character, whose tragic death at the end of the film (come on, no spoilers here, as genre fans we’ve all seen the film) is actually kind of sad.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Kiel, who suffered from acromegaly, could have continued down the path of “rent-a-monster” as a film career (with his enormous 7 foot, 2 inch frame he would always stand out), but after his iconic performance as “Jaws” in the 1977 007 thriller, The Spy Who Love Me, he became something of a cultural icon (reprising his role as Jaws two years later in Mookraker).

The story here is fairly simple — yes, complete with rock music (three numbers performed by Arch Hall Jr. and the Archers (“Nobody Lives on the Brownsville Road,” “Valerie” and “Vickie”) — teen queen Roxy Miller (played by Marilyn Manning — The Sadist, What’s Up Front!) smacks into Eegah while out driving her roadster one dark night and when she tells of her experience hitting a “giant” to her boyfriend, Tom (Arch Hall Jr.) and her father (played by Arch Hall Sr.), they find her story just a little hard to swallow.  

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyNevertheless, Roxy and dad head out to investigate and in no time they are held prisoner by the hairy monster in his hidden cave.   Roxy, soothes the savage beast, gives him a shave and a hair cut (seriously) and the dapper-looking Eegah takes a liking to her.   But things go south from there as her and her father are rescued by Tom in his dune buggy and they escape, only to have Eegah tragically follow the love of his life to his ultimate doom.

As to bonus goodies, the complete 1993 Mystery Science Theatre 3000 broadcast featuring Eegah is included here, plus there are two newly prepared video sessions … the first featuring Joel Hodgson, creator of MST3K, who gives his insights on the Hall family and the film itself, and the second features Arch Hall Jr., who shares his experiences on working with his father on the film and offers behind-the-scenes details.

Go ahead, grab your copy of Eegah off the shelf and pack it away (hard to toss those old treasures in the trash can … so many fond memories) as Nov. 26 brings this new 4K restoration to market on both Blu-ray (only 1,500 copies being produced) and DVD!  It is a must!!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Icarus Films Teams With The KimStim Collection For The Domestic DVD And Blu-ray Release Of Filmmaker Hu Bo's An Elephant Sitting Still On Dec. 10

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Icarus Film will be teaming up with The KimStim Collection on Dec. 10 for the domestic home entertainment launch of filmmaker Hu Bo’s An Elephant Sitting Still.   Both DVD and Blu-ray editions will be available on that date.

It has been a long and winding road to market for this award-winning film from Chinese filmmaker Hu Bo.   It opened at the Berlin International Film Festival in February of last year, where it won the Forum FIPRESCI Prize and the Best First Feature Award and was nominated for the Forum C.I.C.A.E. Award.

It was quite the feat for a first-time filmmaker, especially so for a film that clocks in at a remarkable 230 minutes.   The irony is that Hu Bo did not complete his film, but committed suicide during its production … the film was finished by a team assembled from China’s FIRST Film Festival.

Once completed, An Elephant Sitting Still then marched out on an epic film festival run, pulling down wins at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Dublin International Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival and more.   Around May of last year KimStim acquired North American distribution rights and then opened the film theatrically for a limited arthouse showcase in March of this year.

For the record, the ARR comes in at 277 days.
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Somewhere in a remote city in China we meet four of its residents and follow them over the course of a single day.  The four have little in common.   

One is a smalltime thug by the name of Yu Cheng (Zhang Yu — Ciao Ciao, Dying to Survive), who is rattled by the suicide of his best friend.  The next is Wei Bu (Peng Yuchang — Our Shining Days, The Last Wish), who runs away when he pushes the school bully down a flight of stairs.  His schoolmate, Huang Ling (Wang Uvin, aka: Wang Yuwen — Nice to Meet You), joins him — she’s been sleeping with the school’s principal.  And finally we have an old man by the name of Wang Jin (Liu Congxi — Her Father His Father) whose family wants to pack him off to a retirement facility.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
They gather by chance and soon the topic of conversation turns to the story an elephant, living in the remote border city of Manzhouli in Inner Mongolia (bordering Russia), who ignores the world and just sits there.  They must see this and so they set off to find it (think: Stand by Me … the characters going off in search of a dead body) … a journey of escape, to see perhaps an imaginary creature, but nonetheless a journey.   

An Elephant Sitting Still is presented in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Also included on the Blu-ray is a short film by Hu Bo titled Man in the Well.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Cleopatra Entertainment Selects Jan. 21 For The DVD And Blu-ray Debut Of Documentary Filmmaker Brian A. Loschiavo’s Bluebird

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Rather than being a honky-tonk café serving catfish and fries, Amy Kurland opened her little restaurant with the thought in mind of bringing a little upscale dining to Nashville.   That was in 1982 when she opened the Bluebird Café and, as history (or is legend?) records, she put in a small stage as something of an afterthought (for the occasional — emphasis on “occasional” — music performance).   

Little did she realize that a music landmark was being born.   Cleopatra Entertainment, with sales and distribution expertise provided by MVD Entertainment Group, will be opening the New Year with the Jan. 21 Blu-ray and DVD debut of documentary filmmaker Brian A. Loschiavo’s Bluebird

The film made its first appearance at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March of this year, played the Nashville Film Festival in October and Cleopatra will be giving Bluebird a limited theatrical showcase run beginning on Nov. 19.  The mid-January home entertainment launch will allow the film to reach a much wider audience.

The Bluebird Café has become a Nashville institution — only 90 seats — having been featured in the Nashville television series and in director Peter Bogdanovich’s 1993 film, The Thing Called Love (with Sandra Bullock and River Phoenix … his last film), it is the place where Taylor Swift was discovered (at just 14) and Garth Brooks got his start with the café’s “songwriters-in-the-round” (aka: “Writer’s Night”) weekly showcase for new talent.    Even Alan Jackson’s first big hit (which he co-wrote with one of the bartenders, seriously, one of the staff of the Bluebird Café) was presented at the place.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyProducer and filmmaker Brian A. Loschiavo knows the Bluebird Café well and was more than happy to tell the history.   He does just that with an introduction and then a series of vignettes, including one with Kathy Mattea about the origins of her 1991 Grammy-winning song “Where've You Been” and fellow Grammy-winner (four times over) Jason Isbell relates how he was so nervous performing a new song that he wrote, that he sang the lines out of order — people loved it, so he left “Streetlights” as is (true story).

Others interviewed in the film include Steve Earle, Vince Gil, Faith Hill, Kacey Musgraves, Trisha Yearwood and more!  Mark this one on your must-see calendar come Jan. 21 in the New Year, you will not be disappointed!!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey