Monday, January 31, 2022

New DVD • Blu-ray • 4K Ultra HD Activity For The Period Ending January 28, 2022



New DVD Additions


101 Films

01/25/22 — Released Wired Shut


1091 Media (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Take My Nose … Please!


Acorn Media

01/25/22 — Released Finding Alice: Series 1 (2 disc set)


Altered Innocence

01/18/22 — Released Arrebato (Spanish)


Asian Cult Cinema (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Angel with the Iron Fists (Cantonese), Double Feature (2 film set: The Evil Ones, Mil Mascaras) (Spanish), Erotic and Wacky Time Machine (Spanish), My Name is Tonino (Italian), Novice (Italian), Ultra Q: The Movie (Japanese) and Yellow Canary


BBC Home Entertainment (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released First Team (2 disc set)


Buck Cody (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Jungle Drums of Africa (12-chapter serial)


Cargo Film & Releasing

01/25/22 — Released Conductor


Championship Productions

01/25/22 — Released Max Abmas: Complete Skill Development Workout - Ball Handling, Passing, Defending, Finishing & Shooting, Tom Tellez presents: Sprinting from Start to Finish and Tom Tellez presents: The Correct Running Mechanics


Cinedigm Entertainment (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Carolina's Calling and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!


DVD Treasures (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Our Mother's Murder



01/18/22 — Released EWTN Live: Terry Polakovic on Life and Love Based on Papel Documents

01/25/22 — Released EWTN Live, Journey Home: Father James Bradley - Former Anglican Priest, Women of Grace: Adam Blai - Miracles: Seperating the Authentic from the Counterfeit, Women of Grace: Steve Weindenkopf - From Turmoil to Triumph: How the Church Turned Crisis to Advantage and World Over with Raymond Navarro:  Reggie Littlejohn

02/01/22 — Sets Women of Grace: Doug Keck - Graceful Living: Growing closer to God Day By Day


Elvis DVD Collector & Movie Store (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Black Cougar


Film Detective

03/08/22 — Sets Monster from Green Hell


Freestyle Digital (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released By the Grace of … and Range Roads


Golden Films (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released One World: Amazing Food, One World: Awesome Places to Go, One World: Awesome Places to Go 2, One World: Celebrate, One World: Celebrate 2 and One World: Climate Challenge


Gravitas Ventures (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Intrusion, Redemption of a Rogue and Shuroo Process


Hallmark Channel (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Convenient Groom and Enchanted Royal Collection (2 film set: Royal New Year's Eve, A Royal Winter)


Hope of the World (MOD)

01/18/22 — Released Miknais!

01/25/22 — Released Case of Possession


ITN Distribution

01/25/22 — Released Doctor Carver (aka: Conjuring the Plastic Surgeon)


Kino Lorber

01/25/22 — Released Gomorrah: Third Season (4 disc set)


Liberation Hall

01/25/22 — Released Moon and Sixpence


Lionsgate Home Entertainment

01/25/22 — Released Birds Like Us and Robin Roberts Presents: Mahalia

02/22/22 — Sets American Underdog (ARR of 60 days; box office: $23,085,105)


MPI Home Media

01/25/22 — Released Lover (French)


Mill Creek Entertainment (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Finding Alice, Found Wandering Lost and Worrisome Thing


Movie Detective (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Fiasco in Milan (Italian), Le Due Vite di Mattia Pascal (Italian), Os Cafajestes (Portuguese), Porto das Caixes (Portuguese) and Signore e Signori, Buonanotte (Italian)



01/25/22 — Released Andre Tubeuf: The Lied - A Journey’s Tale (2 disc set), Baranowski: Kes Re-imagined, Beethoven: Fidelio, Dvorak's Prophecy: Film 3, Moniuszko: Halka and Weber: Der Freischutz


PBS Direct

01/25/22 — Released Becoming Helen Keller and NOVA: Edible Insects


PCN Productions (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released 2022 PA Farm Show: Sheep to Shawl


Pre-Code Classics (MOD)

01/18/22 — Released Anything Goes, Behind the Make-Up, Below the Sea, Bolero, Charley's Aunt, Child of Manhattan, Daughter of the Dragon, Delicious, Dirigible, Four Clowns, Four Feathers, George White's Scandals, Hoopla, Husband's Holiday, Ladies in Love, Las Vegas Nights, Limehouse Blues, No Limit, One Night of Love, Return of Sophie Lang, Rumba, Safety in Numbers, Sarah and Son, She Married Her Boss, So This is Africa, Sunny Side Up, Under Two Flags, Wild Party and Younger Generation (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Kolberg (German) - updated


Severin Films

03/29/22 — Sets House on the Edge of the Park


Showtime Networks (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released American Rust (3 disc set)


Stott Pilates

01/25/22 — Released Stott Pilates: Bodyweight Training, Stott Pilates: Essential Matwork With A Fascial Focus, Stott Pilates: Fitness Circle Flex Workout For Strength & Mobility, Stott Pilates: Intense Abs & Arms Flexion Free, Stott Pilates: Matwork Dynamic Workout, Stott Pilates: Matwork Flow With Ankle Tubing, Stott Pilates: Mini Foam Roller Flow For Breathing & Mobility, Stott Pilates: Sliding Mobility Disks For Dynamic Stabilization, Stott Pilates: Soft Dumbbell Workout For Travel & Tone, Stott Pilates: Soft Kettlebell Plus Innovative Strength Workout, Stott Pilates: Stability Barrel Flow Series and Stott Pilates: Twist Ball For Function & Resilience


Strand Releasing

01/25/22 — Released Cicada (ARR of 88 days; box office: $13,210)



01/04/22 — Released Flight to Tangier, Week-End with Father, Wild Gold and Wyoming (aka: Bad Man from Wyoming)

01/11/22 — Released Flight, Law of the Ranger, Personality Kid, She Couldn't Say No, Success at Any Price and Two Alone

01/18/22 — Released Frontier Badmen, Ghost Valley, Sing and Like It and Son of the Border


The High School Sports Network (MOD)

01/18/22 — Released 2022 GCPS County Boys Swimming Prelims: Swimming and Diving, 2022 GCPS County Girls Diving Championship and 2022 GCPS County Girls Swimming Prelims: Swimming and Diving

01/25/22 — Released 2022 AHSAA 1A-5A Bowling Championship and 2022 AHSAA 6A-7A Bowling Championship


The Teaching Company, LLC

01/25/22 — Released Building Love that Lasts (2 disc set), England: From the Fall of Rome to the Norman Conquest (4 disc set) and Understanding Your Inner Genius (2 disc set)


Universal Pictures Home Ent. (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Annie Live!


Walt Disney Studios Home Ent.

02/22/22 — Sets King’s Man (ARR of 60 days; box office: $31,514,193)


Warner Bros. Home Ent.

01/25/22 — Released Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up!

03/08/22 — Sets Matrix Resurrections (with Digital Copy) (ARR of 74 days; box office: $36,605,105)




New Blu-ray Additions


Altered Innocence

01/18/22 — Released Arrebato (Spanish)


Arrow Video

01/18/22 — Released Daimajin Trilogy (3 film set: Daimajin, Return of Daimajin, Wrath of Daimajin) (Japanese) (3 disc set), Deeper You Dig, Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway,  Mallrats, Sleep: Limited Edition (German) and Vengeance Trails: 4 Classic Westerns (4 film set: Massacre Time, My Name is Pecos, Bandidos, And God Said to Cain) (Italian) (4 disc set)


Asuka the Disc Dog (aka: Fred the Blu-ray Dog) (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Archive 81: Season 1, Barbie Dreamtopia, Bobby Kennedy for President, Bobby's World: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Caliphate: The Complete Series, Charles In Charge: The Complete Series (3 disc set), Coyotes: The Complete Series, Deal or No Deal: 2018 Season (2 disc set), Double Dare: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Series (6 disc set), Fraggle Rock - Back to the Rock - Season 1, Frankenstein Chronicles: The Complete Series, Ghosts: Season 1, Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, Hopalong Cassidy: The Complete Series (5 disc set), Inbetweeners: The Complete Series, Life With Louie: The Complete Series, Maison Ikkou: The Complete Series, New Addams Family: Volumes 1 & 2, On My Block: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Ozark - Season 4, Part 1, Ozark - Seasons 1-3 (3 disc set), Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: The Complete Series (2 disc set), ProStars: The Complete Series, Quicksand: The Complete Series, Self Made - Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker - The Fight of the Century, Street Fighter: The Complete Series, Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Legends of the Microns - The Complete Series (3 disc set), TOEI Japanese Spider-Man: The Complete Series, Wu Assassins: The Complete Series, Yellowjackets: Season 1 and You Can't Do That on Television: The Almost Complete Series (3 disc set)


Bid World Pictures

01/25/22 — Released Rebels of the Neon God (Cantonese)


Blue Underground

03/22/22 — Sets Vigilante: 4K Remastered Edition


Circle Collective

01/25/22 — Released Assholes


Collector’s Heaven (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Dead Lands: Season 1, Emily in Paris: Seasons 1 & 2, Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, In the Heat of the Night: The Complete Series (6 disc set), Luna Nera: Season One, Married with Children: The Complete Series (6 disc set), Mayor of Kingstown: Season One and Rag Doll: Season 1



01/25/22 — Released Detention (Cantonese)



01/25/22 — Released Mesh: Touring Skyward - A Tour Movie (Blu-ray/2 CD Combo Pack, with bonus 60-page book)


Film Detective

03/08/22 — Sets Monster from Green Hell


Lionsgate Home Entertainment

02/22/22 — Sets American Underdog (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Mill Creek Entertainment

03/29/22 — Released Magnum P.I.: The Complete Series (30 disc set)


Monsterland Media (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Super Life from Transformers: Beast Wars Neo - The Complete Series (3 disc set) and Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy (2 disc set)


Movies R U.S.A. (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released 227: The Complete Series (3 disc set), The 355, American Horror Story: Double Feature - Season 10, Arrested Development: The Complete Series (5 disc set), Captain N: The Game Master - The Complete Series,  Chemical Hearts, Columbo: The Complete Series (6 disc set), Control Z: Season One (2 disc set), Diff'rent Strokes: The Complete Series (5 disc set), Dobie Gillis: The Complete Series (4 disc set), Elvira's Haunted Hills, Empty Man, I Care a Lot, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Infamous,  Moonrunners, Tales from the Darkside: The Complete Series (4 disc set), Thirteenth Year (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) and Voltron Force: The Complete Series

02/01/22 — Sets House of Gucci


Music Box Films

02/01/22 — Sets Little Girl (French)


PCN Productions (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released 2022 PA Farm Show: Sheep to Shawl


Paramount Home Entertainment          

01/25/22 — Released Bad News Bears, Clockstoppers, Dreamer and Going Ape!


Terror Vision

01/25/22 — Released Norway (Greek)


Severin Films

03/29/22 — Sets House on the Edge of the Park (2 disc set, with bonus CD)


Sony Pictures Home Ent.

03/08/22 — Sets Journal for Jordan (with Digital Copy)


Universal Pictures Home Ent. (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Annie Live!


Utopia Distribution

01/25/22 — Released Moments Like This Never Last


Walt Disney Studios Home Ent.

02/22/22 — Sets King’s Man (with Digital Copy)


Warner Bros. Home Ent.

03/08/22 — Sets Matrix Resurrections (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Warner Bros. Home Ent. (MOD)

02/08/22 — Sets Gold Diggers of 1933

02/15/22 — Sets Three Musketeers

02/22/22 — Sets Edge of Darkness





New 4K Ultra HD Additions 

A24 Films

01/25/22 — Released Lamb (Icelandic)


Lionsgate Home Entertainment

02/22/22 — Sets American Underdog (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Movies R USA (MOD)

01/25/22 — Released Free Guy

02/01/22 — Sets Jojo Rabbit


Walt Disney Studios Home Ent.

02/22/22 — Sets King’s Man (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Warner Bros. Home Ent.

03/08/22 — Sets Matrix Resurrections (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)



The Film Detective Restores Director Kenneth G. Crane's Monster From Green Hell For Blu-ray And DVD Release On Mar. 08

The Film Detective announced this past week that a new 4K film restoration of director Kenneth G. Crane’s 1957 creature-feature classic, Monster from Green Hell, will be available on Mar. 8 as both Blu-ray and DVD editions.

It is the space age meets the world of giant creatures … science run amok.   Professor Deemer (Leo G. Carroll) had all of the best intentions when he grew lab animals to an extraordinary size, including the deadly Tarantula in the 1955 film of the same name, Tarantula!  Things just didn’t work out as planned.

Such is the case with Monster from Green Hell.   Scientists, Dr. Quent Brady (Jim Davis — Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, The Day Time Ended … and Emmy-nominated for his portrayal of Jock Ewing on the Dallas television series) and Dan Morgan (Robert Griffin — I was a Teenage Werewolf) load wasps into a test rocket and blast it into space in order to see how they do with space travel.   All this as testing for a future man flight.

Things go awry and the rocket crashes somewhere in far-away Africa … so much for those little guys.

Soon, the father and daughter medical team in far-away Africa, Dr. Lorentz (Vladimir Sokoloff) and Lorna (played by Barbara Turner in a rare film appearance, she used the nom de plume Lauren Currier as a screenwriter, adapting Stephen King’s Cujo for the screen and later wrote Georgia — starring her daughter, Jennifer Jason Leigh — and Pollock) have a mystery on their hands.  One of the locals has died of a massive dose of some sort of mysterious venom!!

Dr. Lorentz’s assistant, Arobi (Joel Fluellen — A Raisin in the Sun, The Chase, The Learning Tree), informs him that the locals are talking about a “monster” that is causing havoc in the area.  It lives in area that the locals call “Green Hell.”

Months pass and Dr. Brady reads about the mysterious goings-on in far-away Africa and connects the dots … this must have something to do with his missing wasp rocket!!    

A safari is launched with Brady and Morgan in order to reach Dr. Lorentz’s off-the-beaten path medical facility, where they discover that their worst nightmares have come true.   Giant wasps are multiplying rapidly and could soon over-run all of Africa (think: director Gordon Douglas’ 1954 film, Them, starring James Whitmore and the giant ants!!).

Monster from Green Hell is a swiftly-paced sci-fi thriller that is both entertaining (on many levels) and a great example of how a film production can be made with a modest budget — borrowing footage and with miniatures — that delivers the goods, especially for the intended audience of the time.

Bonus features include commentary from author Stephen R. Bissette and the featurette titled “Missouri Born: The Films of Jim Davis.”   There are also two viewing options, the original theatrical aspect ratio of 16:9 and a 4:3 full-frame transfer.



Mill Creek Entertainment Readies 30-Disc Blu-ray Collection Of Magnum, P.I.: The Complete Series For Delivery On Mar. 29

Mill Creek Entertainment has selected Mar. 29 as the street date for the 30-disc Blu-ray collection of Magnum, P.I.: The Complete Series … all 162 episodes, or should we say, “case files”of Hawaii private investigator Thomas Magnum are included in this massive set.

Tom Selleck earned five Emmy Award-nomination for his performance, winning in 1984, and executive producer Donald Bellisario was nominated twice for Outstanding Drama Series … eight seasons and always among the most-watched shows on television.

Magnum is ably-assisted by Higgins (John Hillerman — four Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actor … winning in 1987), T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) and Rick (Larry Manetti) … join them on Mar. 29 for this first-time on Blu-ray treat.



Blue Underground's 4K Film Restoration Of Director William Lustig's Vigilante Surfaces As A Blu-ray Special Edition On Mar. 22

Blue Underground, with sales and distribution support provided by MVD Entertainment Group, has a new 4K film restoration of director Bill Lustig’s 1983 citizens fighting back thriller, Vigilante, starring Robert Forster and Fred Williamson, set for delivery as a new fully-loaded Blu-ray release on Mar. 22.

Somewhere between the beginning of the production (shot on Long Island in the fall of 1981) and the post-production process, filmmaker Bill Lustig (Maniac, Maniac Cop, etc.) and co-producer Andrew Garroni realized that they had a hit on their hands.   The initial rush to theatrical venues in the spring of 1982 was put on hold and they took the completed film to the Cannes Film Festival for a special screening in May of that year.  

The purpose of the Cannes showcase was to find a distributor with deeper pockets.   Up until this point, Lustig and Garroni had one film between them, Maniac (Lustig had a couple of adult entries under the name “Billy Bagg,” but we won’t count those).  This proved to be a smart move as Artists Releasing Corporation (aka: Film Ventures International) snapped it up and took it out theatrically in the spring of 1983 … it was bicycled around the country.

Collecting what was owned them was a different story.   Nevertheless, the film was picked up by Vestron for VHS and over time has become something of a cult item, achieving the same status as the Charles Bronson classic, Death Wish.

As to bonus goodies, there are three, yes three, commentary options.   The first teams Lustig with Garroni, the second has Lustig with cast members Robert Forster, Fred Williamson and Frank Pesce … and the third is with film historians Troy Howarth and Nathaniel Thompson.

There are also two featurettes — “Blue Collar Death Wish” and “Urban Western.”   Plus, there are a collection TV spots, theatrical trailers and an extensive poster and still gallery.