Monday, October 4, 2021

New DVD • Blu-ray • 4K Ultra HD Activity For The Period Ending September 30, 2021


New DVD Additions

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Acorn Media

09/28/21 — Released Whitstable Pearl (2 disc set)


Altered Innocence

09/28/21 — Released Dim Valley


Bosko Group

09/28/21 — Released East Side Story


Championship Productions

09/21/21 — Released Amy Bokker: Practice Progression to Teach the Ride, Full Court Man-to-Man Press Defense, Matthew McCall: My Favorite Drills for the Pick & Roll and Matthew McCall: My Favorite Offensive Drills

09/28/21 — Released Christy Johnson-Lynch: Maximizing Team Practice, Strategy-Based Games + Error Correction & Serving, Darrin McBroom: Out of System Drills, Competitive, High Intensity Drills + Focus on Setters/Middles, Lyndsey Oates: Group Training, Goal Setting, Drills for Correcting Errors + Adding Pressure to Practice Drills and Vicki Brown: Dynamic Warm-Up, Variations on 6v6 Drills, Position Skills/Training + Defense/Digging/Blocking



09/28/21 — Released Silver Queen and Young and Willing


Cohen Media Group

09/28/21 — Released Chasing Madoff



09/21/21 — Released Women of Grace: Ann Garrido - The Blessing of Conflict: 12 Steps for Catholic Leaders

09/28/21 — Released @ Home with Jim & Joy: Conor Gallagher / practical guidance for parents to consider when forming the souls of their children, @ Home with Jim & Joy: Jim and Joy Pinto Answer Viewer Calls, Questions, And E-Mails Live From the Pinto House, Called to Communion, EWTN Live: Fr. Romanus Cessario, OP / learning about Christian holiness from St. Thomas Aquinas and why it is relevant in today's culture, Journey Home: Fr. Peter and Judy Davids / Former Plymouth Brethren and Episcopalian …Sunday Best, Women of Grace: Mark Poletunow - Malvern Retreat House and World Over with Raymond Navarro: Ken Cuccinelli / Dr. Janet Smith / Lawyer, Gregory Erickson / New Sacred Christmas


Elvis DVD Collector/Movie Store (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Bowfinger, Bridget Jones's Diary, Bring it On, Buffie the Vampire Slayer: Season Two (6 disc set), Charlie's Angels: The Complete Second Season (6 disc set), Code Name: The Cleaner, Final Destination 2, Married with Children: Season Three (3 disc set), North by Northwest, Road Trip: Unrated, Rocky Balboa, Sugar and Spice, Top Gun, Total Recall, Veronica Mars: Season One (6 disc set) and Veronica Mars: Season Two (6 disc set)


Film Movement

09/28/21 — Released Aalto (German), Abigail Harm, Lucky Life and Munyurangabo (Kinyarwanda)


Gemini Entertainment (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released Air Maine and Light Spirit: Lighthouses of the Maine Coast


Glasshouse Distribution (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released Skipping Stones


Gravitas Ventures (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released Fully Realized Humans


Icarus FIlms

11/16/21 — Sets Le Navire Night/Marguerite as She Was (French)


Image Entertainment

09/28/21 — Released House Divided: Season 3 (2 disc set)


In House Media (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released Last Champion (Spanish)


Kino Lorber

09/28/21 — Released Full Day's Work (Italian), Hunter Will Get You (French), Illustrious Corpses (Italian), Lucky Luciano, Never Gonna Snow Again (Polish/Russian) and Seven Days … Seven Nights (French)


Kit Parker Films

01/18/22 — Sets Walk in the Sun: The Definitive Restoration (2 disc set)


Kitty Media

09/28/21 — Released After … The Animation


Lionsgate Home Entertainment

09/28/21 — Released C.I. APE and Twist


MPI Home Media

09/28/21 — Released Blood Conscious


Magnolia Home Entertainment

09/28/21 — Released First Date


Media Blasters

09/28/21 — Released 10 Tokyo Warriors: Final Battle (Japanese), Black Belt - Kuro Obi (Japanese), Shadow: Dead Riot and X-cross (Japanese)


Mill Creek Entertainment

11/02/21 — Sets Christmas in the Wilds


National Geographic (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released National Geographic: Cesar Milan: Better Human Better Dog (2 disc set)


PBS Direct

09/28/21 — Released Mysteries of Mental Illness (2 disc set)


Paramount Home Ent. (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released Berlin Station: Season Three (3 disc set)


Severin Films, LLC

09/28/21 — Released Day of Judgment and Fourth Victim (Italian)


Ship to Shore Media

09/28/21 — Released Tiny Tim: One Man Parade - Live From Dallas July 4th, 1994


Shout! Factory

09/28/21 — Released Blithe Spirit (ARR of 221 days; box office: $281,291), Halloween and Maya The Bee 3: The Golden Orb


Strand Releasing

09/28/21 — Released Charlatan (Czech)


Universal Pictures Home Ent.

09/28/21 — Released Boss Baby: Back In Bus Season 3 - 4 (4 disc set)


Wedge Films (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released Know Fear


Well Go U.S.A.

09/28/21 — Released Crazy About You


Wild Eye Releasing

09/28/21 — Released Harvest of Horrors


WOWnow Entertainment

09/28/21 — Released Conch Bay 4: Dolphin Boy


Zeus DVD (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock, Absent Minded Professor, Adventures Of Bullwhip Griffin, Adventures of Sir Lancelot Series (3 disc set), Adventurous Blonde, Amazing Adventure, Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse,  Americanization of Emily, Andy Williams Show (2 disc set), Angel Who Pawned Her Harp, Animal Kingdom, Atomic Kid, Red Light, Riders of the Northwest Mounted, Road House, Rosemary's Baby, Ruddigore,  Safari Drums, Scaramouche, Sequoia, She's My Weakness, So Dark the Night, Soul Man, Spring Madness, State Fair, Step Down to Terror, Straight Time, Strictly Dishonorable, Summer Stock, Svengali, Sweet Kitty Bellairs,  Tea for Two and Thank Your Lucky Stars



 New Blu-ray Additions



Altered Innocense

09/28/21 — Released Dim Valley


Arrow Video

11/16/21 — Sets My Stepmother is an Alien


Code Red

09/28/21 — Released Story of a Woman


ETR Media

09/28/21 — Released Commando Ninji



09/28/21 — Released Robotech: Part 1 (5 disc set) (with Digital Copy)


Future Video (MOD)

10/05/21 — Sets Sons of Steel


Glasshouse Distribution (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released Skipping Stones


Kino Lorber

09/28/21 — Released 13 Washington Square (silent-1928), Full Day's Work (Italian), Hunchback of Notre Dame (silent-1923), Hunter Will Get You (French), Illustrious Corpses (Italian), Lucky Luciano, Never Gonna Snow Again (Polish/Russian) and Seven Days … Seven Nights (French)


Kit Parker Films

01/18/22 — Sets Walk in the Sun: The Definitive Restoration (2 disc set)


Kitty Media

09/28/21 — Released After … The Animation and Fleshdance: Encore Edition


Lionsgate Home Entertainment

09/28/21 — Released Twist (with Digital Copy)


Media Blasters

09/28/21 — Released 10 Tokyo Warriors: Final Battle (Japanese), Black Belt - Kuro Obi (Japanese), Shadow: Dead Riot and X-cross (Japanese)


Movies R USA (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released 10 Things I Hate About You: The Complete Series, American Hot Wax, Black Scorpion: The Complete Series, Boys Next Door, Brain That Wouldn't Die, Card Counter, Ed and His Dead Mom, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Season One, I Zombie: The Complete Series (4 disc set), May God Forgive You … But I Won't, Mr. Mayor: Season One, My Little Pony: A New Generation, Pacifier, Queenpins, Rumble Fish, Servant, Star Wars: Visions, Starling, This is the Year, Time Jumpers, Timepiece, Wellington Paranormal: Season One, Wellington Paranormal: Season Two and Yasuke: Season One

10/05/21 — Sets Falcon and the Snowman, Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland and Under Wraps

10/22/21 — Sets Dune


Music Box Films

09/28/21 — Released Beats


PCN Productions (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released 2021 PCN Tours: Knouse Foods Cherry Filling


Paramount Home Ent.

09/28/21 — Released Clue (with Digital Copy) and G.I. Joe: Retaliation: Extended Cut (with Digital Copy)

12/07/21 — Sets Harold and Maude: 50th Anniversary Edition (with Digital Copy)


Paramount Home Ent. (MOD)

09/28/21 — Released Nancy Drew: Season One (4 disc set) and Nancy Drew: Season Two (4 disc set)


Saturn’s Core

09/28/21 — Released Psycho Sisters


Sentai Filmworks

09/28/21 — Released To Love Ru Darkness 2 (2 disc set)


Severin Films

09/28/21 — Released Day of Judgment


Sterling Entertainment (MOD)

09/21/21 — Released Complete Camp Blood Collection (11 film set: Camp Blood, Camp Blood 2, Camp Blood 3, Camp Blood 4, Camp Blood 5, Camp Blood 666, Camp Blood 7: It Kills, Camp Blood 8: Revelations, Ghost of Camp Blood, Children of Camp Blood, Camp Blood Kills) (2 disc set) and Empire of the Apes


Universal Pictures Home Ent.

09/28/21 — Released Sparks Brothers (2 disc set)


Warner Bros. Home Ent. (MOD)

10/05/21 — Sets Night Shift

10/12/21 — Sets Val Lewton Double Feature (2 film set: The Ghost Ship, Bedlam)

10/19/21 — Sets Mad Love

10/26/21 — Sets Children of the Damned, Dinner at Eight, Eye of the Devil and Mary Stevens M.D.




 New4K Ultra HD Additions



Warner Bros. Home Ent.

11/02/21 — Sets Mad Max Anthology (4 film set: Mad Max, The Road Warrior, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome< Mad Max Fury Road) (4 disc set) (with Digital Copy), Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy) and Road Warrior (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Mill Creek Entertainment Announces The DVD Debut Of Christmas In The Wilds For Nov. 02

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Last month we reported on Mill Creek Entertainment’s acquisition of director Justin G. Dyck’s romantic thriller, Romance in the Wilds, starring Kaitlyn Leeb and Victoe Zinck Jr.  The film will be making its DVD debut on Oct. 05.

This Dove-Approved film tested so wonderfully well that filmmaker Justin G. Dyck immediately recruited both Leeb and Zinck for a follow-up sequel.  We can report this week that Mill Creek Entertainment has just acquired the recently finished film, Christmas in the Wilds, and it will be heading home on DVD this Nov. 02.

The oil and water mix of Jessica (Kaitlyn Leeb — Christmas with a View, Anything for Jackson), a geologist, and Buck Thompson (Victor Zinck Jr. — Love Alaska, Breakthrough, Spotlight on Christmas), a forest ranger, played out in the aforementioned Romance in the Wilds as the pair had to put aside their differences and work together to survive a raging forest fire.   Along the way they fell in love.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

They are about to spend their first Christmas together as Jessica is introduced to Buck’s family, his mother Janine (Kate Vernon — perhaps best known as Ellen Tige in the Battlestar Galactica TV series), and his sister, Roma (Laura Vandervoor — Rabid, Jigsaw).   It is a lovely setting and everything seems picture-perfect, that is until the emergency call comes in and Buck’s flying skills are needed.

We also discover a bit of a backstory about Buck, he had a relationship with his co-worker and fellow-pilot, Meg (Jennifer Mote — Perpetual Motion).   Perhaps a little jealous, perhaps curious, when it appears that Buck won’t be back for Christmas, Jessica proposes that they meet — traveling overland — halfway.  Perfect, a secluded cabin, alone … the ideal first Christmas together, how romantic.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

We get a bit of foreshadowing that Jessica is accomplished in the wilds, self-assured, an ace with a snow mobile, so it doesn’t seem that crazy that they would make such a rendezvous.   They meet up, but soon it all goes south and they find themselves, once again, in a battle for survival.

And, once again, the Dove Seal of Approval has been awarded Christmas in the Wilds.   Come for the romance, stay for the adventure … Nov. 2 on DVD from Mill Creek Entertainment.


DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey




Icarus Films Selects Nov. 16 For The DVD Debut Of Writer/Director Marguerite Duras' Le Navire Night

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Icarus Films announced this past week that novelist and playwright-turned-filmmaker Marguerite Duras’ Le Navire Night will be making its domestic DVD debut on Nov. 16.

A renowned novelist and playwright, Duras became a French New Wave screenwriter with a bang as her novel, “The Sea Wall,” was adapted for the screen by René Clément in 1958 as This Angry Age.   She then followed with her script for director Alain Resnais’ 1959 film release of Hiroshima Mon Amour, which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

After these early successes there was no stopping her, she began making films herself and scored a major triumph with India Song in 1975 and again with her final film as a director in 1985, Les Enfants … her plays and novels continue to be adapted to the screen by filmmakers to this day, some 15 years after her death in 1996 at the age of 81.

Icarus Films has scored a major find with Le Navire Night.   As near as we can document, the film’s only domestic viewing was at the Lincoln Center in October of 2016.   This means that the DVD release on Nov. 16 brings Duras’ film to domestic audiences for the first time.  

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Distribution rights were acquired during the summer from Les Films du Lendemain, which also includes writer/director Benoît Jacquot’s recent film adaptation of Marguerite Duras’ 1984 stage play, Suzanna Andler.  The film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg (film festivals screenings … and an Oct. 08 arthouse run from Icarus, so we can expect to see this on DVD during the first quarter of 2022).

As to Le Navire Night, a love story plays out with Dominique Sanda (A Gentle Woman, The Conformist, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, Steppenwolf, etc.) and Mathieu Carrière — The House of the Bories, Born for Hell) as “lovers” who never meet.  She is dying of leukemia and does not venture out.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

What is unique about the relationship is that the phone conversations take place over a telephone network that was developed during the German occupation of Paris.   It is a bittersweet tale, made all the more so by the cinematography of the late Pierre Lhomme (six-times nominated for César Awards, with wins for Cyrano de Bergerac and Camille Claudel).   You would be hard-pressed to find more haunting images of deserted Parisian streets at night in either film, paintings or photographs.

Bonus features include Dominique Auvray’s 2002 feature-length documentary titled Marguerite as She Was.   Le Navire Night is presented in French with English subtitles.


DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey





Kit Parker Films' 4K Film Restoration Of Director Lewis Milestone's A Walk In The Sun On Blu-ray And DVD On Jan. 18

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Kit Parker Films, with sales and distribution support provided by MVD Entertainment Group,  is out this week with a long-lead announcement for January of next year (which is coming up pretty quick … Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and suddenly you are there).

Working with the UCLA Film & Television Archive, a new 4K film restoration of director Lewis Milestone’s 1945 film release of A Walk in the Sun will be heading home as both double-disc Blu-ray and DVD special editions.   The street date will be Jan. 18.

Filmed in sunny Southern California, which doubled for Salerno, Italy, we meet the men of the Lee Platoon of the Texas Division of the Fifth Army, who have been assigned the task of capturing a farm house.  

Milestone frames this assignment with narration by Burgess Meredith, who efficiently gives us a bit of backstory on each of the main characters during opening credits.

Another element that Milestone used was the music of Millard Lampell (lyrics) and Earl Robinson (composer), with the haunting ballad, “It was Just a Little Walk in the Sun” delivered by William Gillespie.   The theme, billed as “The Ballads,” repeats throughout the film and ultimately becomes an integral part of the story itself.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Based on Harry Brown's 1944 novel of the same name, it tells the simple story of a platoon of soldiers who have an assignment.   Take a farm house.  

The opening sequence was actually shot out of order as Milestone worked closely with the U.S. Army on the production, who requested that the soldiers weren’t just randomly sent out to do an assignment, but that there would have been a detailed briefing beforehand.  

Another sequence that was added, which actually turned out to be providential, was the encounter with the German tank and armored car patrol.   The Army advisor insisted that the platoon’s bazookas would have been used on the assault of the farm house, but Milestone had already blocked that encounter out and was having nothing to do with it.  

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Thus, the bazookas and all of their ammunition was expended in taking out the German armored patrol.   This proved to be a very effective encounter.  The news arrives that the scout patrol, with the bazookas, had been in a pitch battle, but German elements survived and were moving on the platoon’s position.   They need to quickly improvise, which results in a well-filmed tracking shot of the platoon members hurling grenades at the armored vehicle.   Can they knock it out before they expend all of their explosives!!

During the landing and the immediate aftermath, the officers are eliminated and it falls to the sergeants to carry out the mission.   Chief among these is Sgt. Bill Tyne (Dana Andrews), with other key members of the platoon being John Ireland (who is always composing letters in his head to his wife), Richard Conte (who handles the machine gun) and Lloyd Bridges (always thinking about the land, growing things).

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

There are other bits that Milestone weaves into this day-long saga.   Norman Lloyd as Pvt. Archimbeau, who cynically comments from time to time that the war will go on forever … culminating in the battle for Tibet.   Sterling Holloway as the platoon’s medic, who gets overly curious as to what is happening on the beach and pays for it.  

In short, a perfect cast, a simple story that showcases the “citizen soldier,” the combat G.I. … the result, A Walk in the Sun stands as one of the greatest war films ever made.   Easily ranking with Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan and Samuel Fuller’s Korean War story, The Steel Helmet.

Bonus features include commentary by author and film historian Alan K. Rode (“Charles McGraw: Film Noir Tough Guy,” “Michael Curtiz: A Life in Film,” etc.), the featurette titled “Zanuck Goes to War: The WWII Films of Fox,” director John Huston’s 1945 documentary (uncut) titled The Battle of San Pietro and a collection of Fox Movietone Newreels from the period.



DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey