Tuesday, March 28, 2023

New DVD • Blu-ray • 4K Ultra HD Activity For The Period Ending March 24, 2023

New DVD Additions 

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

7idea Productions (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Farewell MRL, Part 1: Missoula Gas Local and East to Garrison


Acid Bath (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Mind Melters 7


Acorn Media

03/21/23 — Released Doc Martin: Series 10 (3 disc set)


Amcomri Entertainment, Inc.

03/21/23 — Released Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist (ARR of 53 days; box office: $3,535,980)



03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Braintree Town Council Meeting



02/28/23 — Released 2023 - HS Boys' Basketball: Div II District Semifinal Mansfield Senior vs Sandusky

03/07/23 — Released 2023 - HS Boys' Basketball: Div II District Final Rossford vs Central Catholic, 2023 - HS Boys' Basketball: Div III District Final Wayne Trace vs Emmanuel Christian and 2023 - HS Wrestling: Div I District Final Championship Round

03/14/23 — Released 2023 - NCAA Softball: BGSU vs UT Game 1 and 2023 - NCAA Softball: BGSU vs UT Game 2

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Toledo Metro League Bowling Championship: at Southwick Lanes



03/14/23 — Released 2023 - Berks County Board of Commissioners Meeting and 2023 - City of Reading Redevelopment Authority Meeting

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - City of Reading City Council Finance Committee Meeting and 2023 - City of Reading City Council of the Whole Meeting



03/14/23 — Released 2023 - Kennedy Rhythm in Gold Show

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Jefferson Choir Showcase - Friday Night and 2023 - Jefferson Choir Showcase - Saturday Night


Buck Cody (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Delightfully Dangerous, Easy Come, Easy Go, Hong Kong Nights and Hot Money Girl


CBS Home Entertainment (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Amazing Race: Season Thirty-four (3 disc set)


CCX Media (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Boys Basketball - 5AAAA Final: Osseo vs Park Center



03/21/23 — Released Alabama's Ghost, Beyond Death (Spanish), Blood Beach, Bloody Doll (French) (2 disc set), Brain Collector (French), Cobra Strikes, Conqueror of the Moon (Spanish), Crimson Canary, Dead of Night, Dirty Mind of Young Sally, Disappearance of Amiee, Don't Go to Sleep, Ghost Train (Dutch), Ghost Train (silent-1927)/Ghost Train (1941) (2 disc set), Greed (silent-1924), Hidden Eye, Inheritance (aka: Uncle Silas), It Happened in Broad Daylight (German), Jigsaw, Karzan Against the Bare Breasted Amazons (Italian), Matchless, Meet the Wildcat, Nightmare on the 13th Floor, Old Mother Riley's Ghosts, Phantom of the Operetta (Spanish), Rumplestiltskin (German), Santo and Blue Demon in Atlantis (Spanish), Santo and Blue Demon vs Dr. Frankenstein (Spanish), Secret of the Blue Room (German), See You in Hell, My Darling (Greek), Snow White (German), Son of Dracula, Tarzan in King Solomon's Mines (Spanish), Teenage Bride, Twonky, Unearthly, Unwed Mother and Vulture


CMI Education/PESI Publishing

03/21/23 — Released Deb Dana’s Polyvagal Theory in Action Training: Creating Safety & Connection with Trauma Clients (2 disc set)


Capital Community Media (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Marion County Commissioners Meeting


CasablancaDVDs/truth3152 (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Double Feature (2 film set: The Death Kiss, The Inner Circle) and Double Mystery Classics (2 film set: Half a Sinner, Guest in the House)


Championship Productions

03/21/23 — Released Chris Lewit: Rip the Return!, Chris Lewit's Awesome Attacks! Mastering the Transition Game, Chris Lewit's Deadly Drop Shots! Drop Shot Secrets to Keep Opponents Off-Balance & Guessing, Chris Lewit's Invincible Volleys! World-Class Volley Technique, Grips & Footwork, DEEP: A Slanting 1-3-1 Defense That Smothers BLOBs, Matt Painter's Go-To Practice Drills! Daily Practice Drills That Build Winning Offensive & Defensive Team Concepts and Open Practice with Jamie Dixon: Skill Development, Transition Offense/Defense, Competitive Team Drills + Situational Scenarios


Changing Your World (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Sunday Service, Wednesday Morning Service and Wednesday Night Service


Cheol9260696 (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Les Miserables (French)


Christian Worship Hour (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Christian Workship Hour: Beautiful Savior - Isaiah 53:3-11


City of Escondido (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released City Council Meeting 3/22/2023


City of Fargo (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Diversion Finance Committee,  2023 - Fargo City Commission, 2023 - Library Board and 2023 - Liquor Control Board


City of Tacoma (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Tacoma City Council Meeting


City of Warren (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released City Council Meeting



03/21/23 — Released Long Wait


Dartmouth Community Media (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Dartmouth School Committee Meeting


Dennis Massachusetts (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Old Kings Highway and 2023 - Planning Board


Drive In Films (MOD)

02/28/23 — Released Amazing Transparent Man, Attack of the Giant Leeches, Belle of New York, Bride of the Gorilla, Broadway Limited, Carnival Story, D.O.A., Disney's A Christmas Carol, Doll Face, Esther and the King, Evening With Nat "King" Cole, Fabulous Dorseys, Footlight Varieties, Funny Business, Girl Next Door, Glorifying The American Girl, Gorilla, He Walked By Night, Hercules Against the Moon Men, Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon, Hollywood Varieties, Jackie Robinson Story, Jail Bait, Kansas City Confidential, Killer Diller, McLintock!, Nat "King" Cole: The Mobil Limb Show, Never Wave at a WAC, Papa's Delicate Condition, Paris Follies of 1956, Private Buckaroo, Shake, Rattle and Rock!, Shark, Smallest Show on Earth, Stork Club, Suddenly, Swing Parade of 1946, Sword of Lancelot and Variety Time

03/07/23 — Released 4 Clowns, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Career Girl, Dixie Jamboree, Happy Go Lovely, I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now?, King's Rhapsody, Little Princess, One Touch of Venus, Phantom from Space, Rock, Rock, Rock! and Wild Is Love: Nat "King" Cole - Lost Specials

03/14/23 — Released Meet the Navy, Paradise Island, That's My Baby and Utopia - Atoll K

03/21/23 — Released All-Star Bond Rally, Big Show-Off, Dance Hall, Make Mine Mink and Song For Miss Julie


DVD Lady (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Innocent



03/21/23 — Released Arena Rock 1978: David Bowie and the Tubes, Midnight Special: David Bowie and Friends: The 1980 Floor Show and Omnibus: Cracked Actor



03/21/23 — Released EWTN Live: Dr. Quentin Van Meter, MD / children and gender identity, Journey Home: Lisa Cooper - Former Word of Faith, Women of Grace: Heidi Hess Saxton - Up Close and Personal and World Over with Raymond Navarro


Elvis DVD Collector & Movie Store (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 3 Wise Girls, Alligator People, Big Job, Big Store, Black Room, Cocoanuts, Contamination, Curse of the Black Widow, Danny Boy, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dragon Wells Massacre, Embryo, Fighting 69th, Four Guns to the Border, Girl From Missouri, Hustler, Judgement at Nuremberg, Lodger, My Little Chickadee, Old Fashioned Way, Plainsman, Reckless, Requiem for a Heavyweight, Rhapsody in Blue, Roberta, Three Cases of Murder, To Be or Not to Be, Viva Zapata, Waco, Wing and a Prayer and Young Frankenstein


Eternal Flame

03/21/23 — Released Triple Trouble


Film Classics (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Hell Raiders, In God We Trust, O. Henry Playhouse, Volume 3 and Tank Battalion


Hallmark Entertainment

03/21/23 — Released 2 Movie Collection (2 film set: Romance in Style, Road Trip Romance)


Hallmark Entertainment (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Forever in My Heart


Harford TV (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Harford County Council and 2023 - Harford's 250th Celebration Concert


I-Cine (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Tap Hoa Nam Chau (24 disc set), Thinh Tuyet Lau (18 disc set) and Truong Truong Thu (24 disc set)


Indican Pictures (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Mantra


Jarrett Enterprises - Loving the Classics (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 20th Century-Fox Hour: In Times Like These, Bang Bang Kid, Bell Telephone Hour: An Old-Fashioned Christmas, Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre: Cops and Robbers, Budapesti Tavasz (Hungarian), Espionage: The Complete Series (6 disc set), Forbidden Valley, French Intrigue (English dubbed), Harbormaster (5 episodes), Hour with Robert Goulet, I Married a Spy, International Detection (9 episodes) (2 disc set), Johnny Cash Show: The Complete Series (30 disc set), Lineup (23 episodes) (5 disc set), Microscopic Liquid Subway to Oblivion, No Way Back, On Trial, Peyton Place: The Complete Series - Upgraded (65 disc set), Redcap: The Complete Series (6 disc set), Secret Life of an American Wife, Stop that Cab, Ten Little Indians, Tess of the Storm Country and Zorro: The Complete Series - Upgraded (13 disc set)


Jenn’s Vintage Emporium (MOD)

03/07/23 — Released Adventures of Captain Marvel (12 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Blondie: The Complete Series (6 disc set), Buck Rogers (12-chapter serial) (2 disc set), Captain Midnight (15 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Colt .45 (52 Episodes) (15 disc set), Drums of Fu Manchu (15 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Flash Gordon (13 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (15 Chapter Serial) (2 disc set), Garrison's Gorillas: The Complete Series (6 disc set), Green Archer (15 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Hurricane Express (12 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Jack Armstrong (15 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Jungle Jim (12 chapter serial) (2 disc set), King of the Rocket Men (12 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Lone Ranger (15 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Lost City (12 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Millionaire (134 Episodes) (18 disc set), Pete & Gladys (28 episodes) (7 disc set), Phantom of the West (10 chapter serial), Radar Men from the Moon (12 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Richard Diamond, Private Detective (75 Existing Episodes) (15 disc set) and Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island (14-chapter serial) (2 disc set)

03/21/23 — Released King of the Mounties (12 chapter serial) (2 disc set), Thin Man: The Complete Series (15 disc set) and Zorro's Fighting Legion (12 chapter serial) (2 disc set)


Las Vegas Video (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released After All These Years, Aloha With Love, Brush With Christmas, Cases of Mystery Lane, Christmas on Candy Cane Lane, Holiday Dating Guide, Last Bridesmaid, Plus One at an Amish Wedding, Princess and the Bodyguard, Sweet Pecan Summer, Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas, Wedding Veil Inspiration and Wish List


Level 33 Entertainment (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Mask of the Devil and Rendez-Vous


Lionsgate Home Entertainment

03/21/23 — Released Seriously Red


Lost Movies Finder (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Alleluia (French), Among the Living (French), Angel of Destruction, Arretez Moi (French), Article 99, Asphalte (French), Attenti al Buffone (Italian), Bambola (Italian), Benedetta (French), Body of Influence, By the Sword, Calmos (French), Caravaggio, Che Notte Ragazzi (Italian), Cuore di Mamma (Italian), Daughters of Darkness, Delicatessen (French), Derriere les Murs (French), Don't Touch the White Woman (French), Dream Man, Easy Down There (French), Education Anglaise (French), Elles (French), Flyboys (aka: Sky Kids), Girl From Nowhere (French), Golden Widow (French), Gridiva (French),Gypsy 83, Helga, She Wolf of Stilberg, I Sequestrati di Altona (French), I Whore

Idol (French), Il Macellaio (Italian), Istantanea per un Delitto (Italian), Killer Nun (Italian) (Italian), La Faccia Violenta di New York (Italian), La Meute (French), La Punition (French), La Revelation (French), La Rupture (French), Les Femmes (French), Lo Scopone Scientifco (Italian), Madame Claude (French), Malefique (French), Malizia (Italian), Man Without a Memory (Italian), Pathfinder (Northern Sami), Princess and the Goblin, Raw Justice, Red Nights (French), Scandal in Sorrento (Italian), Secret Things (French), Story of Adele H. (French), Story of Marie and Julien (French), Terre Rosse (Italian), Twilight Samurai (Japanese), Virgin Among the Living Dead, Volere Volare (Italian), What?, Wifemistress (Italian), You Only Have to See Her (Italian), 36 Fillette (French), Anatomy of Hell (French), Animal Intincts

Attraction, Beau Pere (French), Body (Italian), Brief Crossing (French), Candido Erotico (Italian), Confessions of a Young American Housewife, Cookie's Fortune, Correspondence, Die Nackten Wilden (German), Dirty Like an Angel (French), Dirty Weekend (Italian), Don Juan (French), Emiliienne (French), Exit Friends, Gadjo Dilo (Romanian/French), Giant Spider Invasion, Hannie Caulder, Ice Palace (Norwegian), Joyeuses Paques (French), L'Aile Ou La Cuisse (French), L'Ultima Orgia Del Ii Reich (Italian), Le Corniaud (French), Let's Hope It's a Girl (Italian), Liberty (French), Madame and Her Niece (Italian), Miele Di Donna (Italian), Mortelle Randonnée (French), Most Beautiful Unknowns of Paris (French), Murders' Row, Napoleon & Me (Italian), Novices (French), Pecos Cleans Up (English dubbed), Performance, Personal Problems (2 disc set), Plank Face, Real Young Girl (French), Scorned, Secrets of the Satin Blues, Sign of Zorro, Sleeping Beauty (French), Spring Night Summer Night, Story of a Woman, Street People, Suite Francaise, Summer of '42, Tori Et Lokita (French), Traffic Jam (Italian), Tulse Luper Suitcase, Part 2 - Vaux to the Sea, Twins of Evil and Une Vieille Maitresse (French)


MHz Networks

03/21/23 — Released Paris Police 1900: Season 1 (3 disc set)


MPI Home Video

03/21/23 — Released Arthur, Malédiction (French)


Magnolia Home Entertainment

03/21/23 — Released Joyride


Media Outlet (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Color Us Black!: The 1968 Howard University and Evita Peron (2 disc set)


Messixpulga (MOD)    

03/21/23 — Released Babylon, Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist, Rogue Agent and Whale


Movie Buffs Forever (MOD)    

03/21/23 — Released Luck of the Irish and Not as a Stranger


NCircle Entertainment

03/21/23 — Released Superhero Kindergarten: Lost and Found


Norton Media Center (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Town of Norton: Finance Committee Meeting, 2023 - Town of Norton: School Committee Meeting and 2023 - Town of Norton: Select Board


Olive Tree Ministries (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Is This the Final Push?


Orion Neighborhood Television (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority and 2023 - Lake Orion School Board Meeting


Out of the Past47 (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Affair in Havana, Assignment – Paris, Calcutta, Crime Wave, Five Graves to Cairo, Girls on the Loose, Hunt the Man Down and Ivy


PCN Productions (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - PIAA Boys 2A Diving Championships, 2023 - PIAA Boys 2A Swimming Championships, 2023 - PIAA Boys 3A Diving Championships, 2023 - PIAA Girls 2A Diving Championships and 2023 - PIAA Girls 3A Diving Championships



03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Greater Rutland County Supervisory Union, 2023 - Pawlet Select Board, 2023 - Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union and 2023 - West Rutland United Church Concert and Hymn Sing


Paramount Home Entertainment

05/09/23 — Sets Yellowstone: Season Five, Part One (4 disc set)


Paramount Home Entertainment (MOD)          

04/18/23 — Sets Almost an Angel, Back-Up Plan, Faster, Last Vegas and What If


Play Me Movies (MOD)          

03/21/23 — Released Above Suspicion, Along the Great Divide, Armored Attack, Blue Water, White Death, Bob Hope Double Feature (2 film set: Give Me A Sailor, Never Say Die), Bob Hope Double Feature (2 film set: Paleface, Son of Paleface), Bob Hope Double Feature (2 film set: The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell, Cancel My Reservation), Consolation Marriage, Cowboy Canteen, Dance Fools Dance, Death of a Gunfighter, Fanny by Gaslight (aka: Man of Evil), Gaslight, Gilded Lily, Girl Trouble, Green Goddess, Hard Way, Hidden Eye, Hotel Sierra, Johnny Guitar, King Solomon's Mines, Konga, Las Vegas Shakedown, Law of the Tropics, Man Behind the Gun, Marked Woman, Miami Expose, Million Dollar Legs, Moby Dick, Money Trap, Moonlight Murder, My Forbidden Past, Old Surehand, Pat and Mike, Pirates of Blood River, Remarkable Mr. Kipps (aka: Kipps), Remember?, Sand Pebbles, Screaming Eagles, Sergeants 3, Show Them No Mercy, Showtime (aka: Gaiety George), Slightly Scarlet, Sparrows (silent-1926), Thousands Cheer, Thrill of Brazil, Tom, Dick and Harry, Two Sisters from Boston, Tycoon, Up in Central Park and Virgin Witch


Pre-Code Classics (MOD)        

03/21/23 — Released Flesh and the Fury


RCN Telecom Services, LLC - ATVN (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Boys Basketball: Executive Charter vs. West Catholic, 2023 - Boys Basketball: Neumann Goretti vs. Central Catholic, 2023 - Boys Basketball: Roman Catholic vs. Parkland and 2023 - Girls Basketball: Bethlehem Catholic vs. West Chester Rustin


Random Media (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Hank and Jolene


Rockin Concerts (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released A Piedi Nudi 1998-09-12: Baltimore Audience, ACDC 2001-07-08: Koln Audience, ACDC 2008-12-08: Los Angeles Audience, Alice Cooper 2017-10-23: Canberra Audience, Anthrax 2019-03-09: Download Festival Audience, Arena 2022-09-29: Southampton Audience, Bardo Pond 2010-12-04: Minehead Audience, Ben Harper 2011-07-28: Luzern Proshot, Bettie Serveert 2011-04-04: Amsterdam Proshot, Big Eurovision Party 2022-11-17: Bbc One Scotland Proshot, Billie Eilish 2019-10-11: Austin City Limits Proshot, Black Midi 2022-11-19: Corona Capital Festival Proshot, Blue Rose Code 2022-07-29: Bbc Alba Proshot, Bob Dylan 1988-06-09: Sacramento Audience, Bob Dylan 1990-11-08: Iowa City Audience, Bob Dylan 1993-02-12: London Audience, Bob Dylan 1998-10-26: Indianapolis Audience, Bob Dylan 2002-08-08: Moncton Audience, Bob Dylan 2004-06-18: Cardiff Audience, Bob Dylan 2007-04-27: Milan Audience, Bob Seger 2019-11-01: Philadelphia Audience, Bon Jovi 2010-01-10: Chile Audience, Bono 2022-11-27: Milano Proshot, Boud Deun 1996-06-30: Towson Audience, Bryan Ferry 2019-03-11: Osaka Audience, Bush 2000-02-29: Hammersmith Palais Audience, Caravan 2022-03-21: Bristol Audience, Catherine Ringer 2020-06-03: Bois De Vincennes Proshot, Charli Xcx 2022-11-18: Mexico City Proshot, Cocorosie Compilation: Berlin 2012 Proshot, Dark Aether Project 1998-12-05: Washington Audience, David Bowie 1972-02-12: London Proshot, David Bowie 1973-01-04: The Jean Genie Lost Footage Proshot, David Bowie 1983-05-27: Frejus Les Arcnes Audience, David Bowie 1990-09-14: Lisbon Proshot, David Bowie 1999-10-14: Paris Proshot, David Murray 2020-12-09: Vienna Proshot, Deep Purple 1972-03-01: Copenhagen Audience, Deep Purple 1985-08-17: East Troy Proshot, Deep Purple Compilation: Europe 1991 Audience, Dimmu Borgir 1997-12-15: Milan Audience, Dkv Trio 2022-12-30: Chicago Proshot, Edinburgh Military Compilation: August 2022 Proshot, Emily Remler Trio Compilation: Kansas City 1989 Proshot, Emmylou Harris Compilation: Bbc4 A Deeper Well Proshot, Eric Clapton 2019-04-15: Tokyo Audience, Eric Clapton 2019-04-18: Tokyo Audience, Ernst Molden And Frauenorchester 2022-12-21: Vienna Proshot, Fleetwood Mac 2014-10-29: Philadelphia Proshot, Foo Fighters 1999-11-22: Wisseloord Studio Proshot, Fu Manchu 1996-01-30: Los Angeles Audience, Geoff Tate 2020-01-31: Sydney Audience, Gin Blossoms 2022-11-01: Knoxville Audience, Green Lung 2022-06-17: Freak Valley Festival Proshot, Groove Armada 2004-06-11: Isle Of Wight Festival Proshot, Harri Stojka 1991-04-08: Vienna Proshot, Heathen Shame 2006-05-29: Northampton Audience, Hr-Bigband Plays Zappa 2015-11-01: Frankfurt Proshot, Ian Paice And Purpendicular 2022-12-05: Vienna Proshot, Idles 2022-11-20: Mexico City Proshot, Iggy Pop 2010-06-19: Toronto Audience, Inhaler 2022-11-19: Mexico City Proshot, Isaiah Collier And The Chosen Few 2022-10-29: Frankfurt Proshot, Jakob Manz Project 2022-11-08: Leverkusener Jazztage Proshot, James Blood Ulmer 2022-10-29: Vienna Proshot, Jay Hawkins Compilation: Legendary Stardust Cowboy 1988 Proshot, Jeff Beck 2004-06-24: Royal Albert Hall Audience, Joe Lovano 2008-07-05: Salzau Proshot, Judas Priest 2019-03-09: Download Festival Proshot, Karl Ratzer Quintet 2020-12-31: Vienna Proshot, Keb Mo 2011-11-06: Basel Proshot, Ken Vandermark And Tim Daisy Duo 2023-01-12: Chicago Proshot, Kid Kapichi 2022-12-09: Trans Musicales Festival Proshot, Kristin Hersh 2007-01-16: London Audience, Kyuss 1993-04-04: Melbourne Audience, Lakecia Benjamin 2022-10-27: Frankfurt Proshot, Later 2022-12-31: Maidstone Studios Proshot, Les Rallizes Denudes 1994-07-10: Kyoto Audience, Lewis Capaldi 2022-12-15: Bbc Radio Theatre Proshot, Liam Gallagher 2022-11-19: Corona Capital Festival Proshot, Lisa Morgenstern And The Munich Radio Orchestra 2019-11-30: Puls Festival 2019 Proshot, Lizz Wright 2011-11-07: Basel Proshot, Lizz Wright 2022-11-01: Vienna Proshot, Marillion 1986-03-15: Los Angeles Audience, Marillion 1997-06-25: Santiago Proshot, Maverick Sabre 2023-01-01: London Proshot, Megan Thee Stallion 2022-08-26: Reading Festival Proshot, Mick Taylor 1997-05-03: Leverkusen Audience, Misfits 1998-06-07: Herford Audience, Mondo Generator 2016-06-22: Freak Valley Festival Proshot, Motorpsycho 2022-10-15: Moss Audience, Mudhoney 1992-12-05: San Diego Audience, Mudhoney 2013-05-29: Prague Audience, Mutantes Compilation: January 1969 Proshot, Neil Young And Booker T 1993-07-11: Finsbury Park Audience, Night Demon 2022-06-05: Rock Hard Festival Proshot, Nils Landgren 2022-11-08: Leverkusen Proshot, Nine Inch Nails 2005-12-01: Buenos Aires Audience, Nitzer Ebb 2022-08-06: Hildesheim Proshot, Ornette Coleman 2008-07-06: Salzau Proshot, Pat Metheny Trio And Nils Landgren 2006-07-02: Salzau Proshot, Pete Brown 2022-11-10: Vienna Proshot, Philip Catherine 2021-11-17: Vienna Proshot, Pixies 1990-10-19: London Audience, Porno For Pyros 1995-12-07: Fairfax Audience, Procol Harum Compilation: Rockpalast Uncut Proshot, Rage Against The Machine 1993-04-12: Seattle Audience, Red Hot Chili Peppers 1990-06-04: Landgraaf Proshot, Rick Springfield 2022-12-03: Bethlehem Audience, Rina Sawayama 2022-09-18: London Proshot, Robert Fripp 1979-10-05: Nbc Studios Proshot, Rush 1996-11-21: Sacramento Audience, Sam Ryder 2022-12-31: Bbc One Proshot, Savoy Brown 2015-11-24: Vienna Audience, Saxofour 2020-12-17: Vienna Proshot, Sheryl Crow 2022-10-21: University Of Pennsylvania Audience, Simon Oslender Trio 2022-11-09: Leverkusener Jazztage Proshot, Smokin Granny 1997-02-01: Chapel Hill Audience, Spotnicks Compilation: Goteborg 1983 Proshot, Sticky Fingers 2023-01-03: Mount Maunganui Proshot, Suicidal Tendencies 1993-07-03: Roskilde Festival Audience, The 1975 2022-11-20: Mexico City Proshot, The Casanovas 2022-10-27: Crossroads Festival Proshot, The Exploited 1991-06-01: Fagersta Audience, The Offspring 1999-08-28: Hasselt Audience, The Ramones 1989-10-09: London Audience, The Ramones 1991-02-01: Melbourne Audience, The Wonderstuff 1994-04-11: Poole Arts Centre Audience, Tiamat And Rammstein 1997-06-21: Hurricane Festival Audience, Travis 2000-03-25: Gothenburg Audience, Twenty One Pilots 2022-06-18: Hurricane Festival Proshot, Vanja Sky 2022-10-28: Crossroads Festival Proshot, Villagers Of Ioannina City 2022-06-04: Rock Hard Festival Proshot, Vnv Nation 2019-08-11: Hildesheim Proshot, Vow Wow 1988-09-07: London Audience, Warkings 2022-11-26: Oberhausen Proshot, Wet Leg 2022-11-07: Cologne Proshot, White Lies 2022-11-18: Mexico City Proshot, Wolf Eyes 2005-10-15: Seattle Audience, Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio Compilation: July 1989 Proshot, Wolfgang Puschnig 2020-10-22: Vienna Proshot, Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2022-09-29: Jimmy Kimmel Live Proshot, Ziad Rajab Trio 2015-05-24: Festivalhalle Moers Proshot and Zyris Ft Zakk Wylde Compilation: Zakks Highschool Band Pre Ozzy Audience


Showtime Networks, Inc. (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Lincoln Project (2 disc set), McEnroe and Nothing Compares


Smart Mark Video (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released F1rst Wrestling: Blood, Sweat and Beers 4 - Minneapolis, MN and F1rst Wrestling: Uptown VFW - Minneapols, MN


TLA Releasing

03/21/23 — Released Dice with Five Sides (Italian)


The Classic Film Depot (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released It Takes a Thief: The Complete Series (13 disc set)


Timeless Classics DVD (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Miracle


Township of Edison (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Township of Edison City Council Meeting and 2023 - Township of Edison Zoning Board Meeting


Vertical Entertainment

03/21/23 — Released Lullaby



03/21/23 — Released WCW 1996 Bash At The Beach 5, WCW 2000 Starrcade 18, WWF 1985 Best Of The WWF 2, WWF 1986 Best Of The WWF 5, WWF 1986 Best Of The WWF 6, WWF 1986 Best Of The WWF 7, WWF 1986 Best Of The WWF 9, WWF 1986 Best Of The Wwf8, WWF 1986 Lou Albano, WWF 1987 British Bulldogs, WWF 1987 Grand Slams, WWF 1987 Hart Foundation, WWF 1987 Most Unusual, WWF 1987 Wrestlemania 3, WWF 1989 Strong Men, WWF 1989 Summerslam 2, WWF 1989 Survivor Series 3, WWF 1989 Wrestlemanias Greatest, WWF 1990 Hottest Matches, WWF 1990 Hottest Matches 1, WWF 1990 Summerslam 3, WWF 1990 Survivor Series 4, WWF 1990 Wrestlefest 2, WWF 1991 Funniest Moments 2, WWF 1991 Greatest Champions 1, WWF 1991 Mega Matches 1, WWF 1991 Rampage 1, WWF 1991 Wrestlefest 3, WWF 1992 Hulkamania 7, WWF 1992 Survivor Series 6, WWF 1992 Ultimate Warrior 3, WWF 1992 World Tour 3, WWF 1992 Wrestlemanias Greatest 2, WWF 1993 Bashed In The USA, WWF 1993 Global Warfare, WWF 1993 Hitman 1, WWF 1993 Music Videos 1, WWF 1993 Summerslam 6, WWF 1993 Undertaker 1, WWF 1994 Hits From The Crypt, WWF 1994 Razor Ramon, WWF 1994 Summerslams Greatest, WWF 1994 Wrestlemanias Greatest 4, WWF 1994 Wrestlemanias Greatest 5, WWF 1995 Diesel, WWF 1995 In Your House 3, WWF 1995 Off The Top Rope, WWF 1995 Slamfest, WWF 1995 Terminators, WWF 1996 Amazing Matches, WWF 1996 Confirmed Hits, WWF 1996 Raw Hits, WWF 1996 Spring Explosion, WWF 1996 Summerslam 9, WWF 1997 Hitman 3, WWF 1997 In Your House 15, WWF 1997 Stone Cold 1, WWF 1997 Wrestlemania 13, WWF 1998 Andre The Giant 2, WWF 1998 D-Generation X, WWF 1998 In Your House 24, WWF 1998 In Your House 25, WWF 1998 In Your House 26, WWF 1998 Mankind 1, WWF 1998 Stone Cold 2, WWF 1998 Survivor Series 87-97, WWF 1998 Wrestlemania 14, WWF 1999 Stone Cold 4, WWF 1999 Summerslam 12, WWF 1999 The Rock 1, WWF 2000 Armageddon 2, WWF 2000 Chris Jericho , WWF 2000 Eve Of Destruction, WWF 2000 Kurt Angle, WWF 2000 Mankind 2, WWF 2000 The Rock 3, WWF 2000 TLC, WWF 2001 Action 2, WWF 2001 Hardcore, WWF 2001 Hardy Boyz, WWF 2001 Lita, WWF 2001 Mankind 3, WWF 2002 Divas 3, WWF 2002 Divas 4, WWF 2002 Global Warning, WWF 2002 HHH 3, WWF 2002 Hulkamania 9, WWF 2002 Music Videos 2, WWF 2002 NWO 2, WWF 2002 Stone Cold 7, WWF 2002 Summerslam 15, WWF 2002 Survivor Series 16, WWF 2002 The Rock 4 and WWF 2002 Wrestlemania 18



03/21/23 — Released WWE: Elimination Chamber 2023 (2 disc set)


Well Go U.S.A.

03/21/23 — Released Legend of Gatotkaca (Indonesian)


Woodbridge TV (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Woodbridge Township Council Meeting


Wrestletopia (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Great American Bash 1987 Tour (7 disc set), Impact! Wrestling 3.23.2023, Monsters of the Mat vol. 1 & 2 (2 disc set), WWF No Holds Barred: The Match/ The Movie PPV and WWF The Big Event


Yujin (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Bengal Brigade, Golden Blade, Last Frontier, League of Gentlemen, Line of Demarcation (German/French), Love Is Better Than Ever, Odds Against Tomorrow, Passage to Marseille and Wagon Master


Zeus DVD (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Alfie, Alien vs. Predator, All the Boys are Called Patrick, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Amarcord (Italian), Autumn Sonata, Bad and the Beautiful, Ball of Fire, Ballad of a Gunfighter, Barbara Stanwyck Show: Dear Charlie, Barbara Stanwyck Show: Dragon by the Tail, Barbara Stanwyck Show: Night Visitor, Barbara Stanwyck Show: Out of the Shadows, Barbara Stanwyck Show: Size 10, Barbarosa, Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Beast of the City, Before Dawn, Black Hawk (15 chapter serial), Blockers, Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie, Brewster McCloud, Bride, Bridge (German), Buccaneers, Buffalo Bill and the Indians, Bus Stop, By Dawn's Early Light, Caged Heat, Cake, California Split, Campo de' Fiori (Italian), Captain Nemo and the Underwater City, Carlos, Carol Burnett Show (3 disc set), Castle in the Sky (Japanese), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Cat People, Catered Affair, Catlow, Cattle Drive, Champagne Murders (French), Chappaquiddick, Charley-One-Eye, Charmed, Child of Divorce, Child's Play, Citizenfour, Class Relations (German), Clockwork Orange, Close-Up (Farci), Collide, Count Dracula, Great Performances: The Collection, Mummy's Curse, My Beautiful Kingdom (Mandarin), Primer for 2001: A Space Odyssey, Things to Come, This Happy Breed, Time Without Pity, Treasure of Matecumbe, Two Tickets to Broadway, Two-Fisted Law, Untamed Breed, Wanda, War Lover, Where Danger Lives, While the City Sleeps, Whirlpool, Wilby Conspiracy, Winsor McCay: The Master Edition (10 silent short films), Witches, World of Jacques Demy (French) and Young Törless (German)



New Blu-ray Additions 


Acid Bath (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Mind Melters 7


Acorn Media

03/21/23 — Released Doc Martin: Series 10 (3 disc set)


Amcomri Entertainment, Inc.

03/21/23 — Released Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist


Asuka the Disc Dog (Fred the Blu-ray Dog) (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Boston Strangler, Mayor of Kingstown - Season 2 and Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game


Basement Video (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Barbarian, Daredevil: Season Three (3 disc set), Midnight Club: The Complete First Season (2 disc set), Sick, Tales of the Jedi and Texas Chainsaw Massacre



03/21/23 — Released Downtown (German), Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein (Spanish) (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack), Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun (English dubbed), Orochi the Eight Headed Dragon (Japanese), Secret of the Incas, Spirits of the Dead, Swedish Slaves (German) and Varan the Unbelievable (Japanese)


Capital Community Media (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Marion County Commissioners Meeting


City of Tacoma (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Tacoma City Council Meeting


Eternal Flame

03/21/23 — Released Triple Trouble



03/21/23 — Released Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (Japanese) and One Piece: Season 12 Voyage 3 (2 Blu-ray/2 DVD Combo Pack)


Gatorblade Films

03/21/23 — Released Satan Lives: The Rise of the Illuminati Hotties


Kavindahk 2012 (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Ambush, Emily, Gunpowder Milkshake, Irishman, Living, Marlowe, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, Pathaan (Hindi) and Togo


Kino Lorber

03/21/23 — Released Lucky Jordan, Never Say Die and Thanks for the Memory


Lionsgate Home Entertainment

03/21/23 — Released Seriously Red (with Digital Copy)


MVD Entertainment Group

05/30/23 — Sets Rain Man


Movies R U.S.A. (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Close (French), Diary of a Whimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, Dick Tracy Show: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Hold the Dark, Hollow Man 2, Holy Smoke, October Faction, Season One, Outsider, Real Charlie Chaplin, Teen Agers: The Complete Movie Collection (8 film set: Junior Prom, Vacation Days, Freddie Steps Out, Campus Sleuth, Music Man, High School Hero, Sarge Goes to College, Smart Politics), Wheelman and Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey


Nozomi Entertainment

04/18/23 — Sets Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei (3 disc set)



03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Parma City School District Board of Education Meeting


PCN Productions (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - PIAA Boys 2A Diving Championships, 2023 - PIAA Boys 2A Swimming Championships, 2023 - PIAA Boys 3A Diving Championships, 2023 - PIAA Girls 2A Diving Championships and 2023 - PIAA Girls 3A Diving Championships


Paramount Home Entertainment

05/09/23 — Sets Yellowstone: Season Five, Part One (4 disc set)


Popcorn Relax (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Denver the Last Dinosaur: The Complete Series, Severance - Season 1, She-Hulk - Season 1 and W.I.T.C.H.: The Complete Series


RCN Telecom Services, LLC - ATVN (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released 2023 - Boys Basketball: Executive Charter vs. West Catholic, 2023 - Boys Basketball: Neumann Goretti vs. Central Catholic, 2023 - Boys Basketball: Roman Catholic vs. Parkland and 2023 - Girls Basketball: Bethlehem Catholic vs. West Chester Rustin


Rare Blu-ray (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Dawn of the Dead, Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives, Return to Horror High, Sea Beast and With Honors


Raro Video

03/21/23 — Released Belle Starr Story (Italian)


Sentai Filmworks

03/21/23 — Released Kill Me Baby: The Complete Collection (2 disc set) and Saiyuki Reload - Zeroin: The Complete Collection (2 disc set)


Shout! Factory

03/21/23 — Released Crazy People, Critical Condition, Dr. Giggles and Sorry, Wrong Number


Slur Store (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released All Quiet on the Western Front (English-dubbed version) and Varisu (Tamil)


VIZ Media

03/21/23 — Released Levius: The Complete Series (2 disc set)


Vertical Entertainment

03/21/23 — Released Lullaby


Well Go U.S.A.

03/21/23 — Released Legend of Gatotkaca (Indonesian)


Wrestletopia (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released AAA Lucha Libre World Cup 2023, NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11, NWA World Championship Wrestling 1989 (4 disc set), PWG Year 1, TJPW Grand Princess 2023, WWE Rivals season 1, WWF in Your House Mind Games, Year in Pro Wrestling: 1975, Year in Pro Wrestling: 1976 and Year in Pro Wrestling: 1977




New 4K Ultra HD Additions 


Movies R USA (MOD)

03/21/23 — Released Batman, Brimstone and Ghostbusters 2


MVD Entertainment Group

05/30/23 — Sets Rain Man (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack)


Paramount Home Entertainment

05/30/23 — Sets Transformers: Ultimate 6-Movie Collection (6 film set: Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: The Last Knight, Bumblebee) (6 4K Ultra HD/6 Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Severin Films

05/30/23 — Sets Danza Macabre, Volume One: The Italian Gothic Collection (4 film set: The Monster and the Opera, The Seventh Grave, Scream of the Demon Lover, Lady Frankenstein) (4 disc set) (Italian)