Thursday, December 30, 2021

New DVD • Blu-ray • 4K Ultra HD Activity For The Period Ending December 24, 2021

New DVD Additions


Alpha Video (MOD)

12/07/21 — Released Checkered Flag, Clash of the Wolves (silent-1925), Cowgirls vs. Pterodactyls, Eyes Behind the Stars, Felix the Cat Early Cartoon Classics: Volume 3, Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia: A Bucket of Blood and TNT Jackson


Burning Bulb Publishing (MOD)

12/21/21 — Released Faded Memories

01/04/22 — Sets Ace of Hearts and La Cadena (Spanish)


Championship Productions

12/21/21 — Released High School Wrestling Essentials: Bottom Fundamentals, High School Wrestling Essentials: Counter-Offense & Defense, High School Wrestling Essentials: Developing Daily Practice Plans, High School Wrestling Essentials: Near Wrist Ride Series, High School Wrestling Essentials: Offensive Scoring & Attacks from Neutral and High School Wrestling Essentials: Stance, Motion, & Wrestling on Your Feet


Gravitas Ventures (MOD)

12/21/21 — Released No Future, Subject and Town of Widows


Hallmark Channel

12/21/21 — Released 2 Movie Collection (2 film set: Amazing Winter Romance, Snowkissed)


Hallmark Channel (MOD)

12/21/21 — Released Engaging Father Christmas, Karen Kingsbury's A Time to Dance and My Christmas Dreams


HarperChristian Resouces

12/21/21 — Released Emotionally Healthy Spirituality


Hope of the World (MOD)

12/07/21 — Released Power of Haphak!

12/14/21 — Released God Seekers and Israel Matrix

12/21/21 — Released Miracle After the Miracle



12/21/21 — Released Hoan Doi Chan Tuong (10 disc set) and Ma Toi La Dai Gia (12 disc set)


Lionsgate Home Entertainment

12/21/21 — Released Fortress

12/28/21 — Sets Gardener


Once Upon a Tale

12/21/21 — Released Dorothy and Toto's Storytime: The Marverlous Land of Oz, Part Two and Mother Goose World: Season 2


PBS Direct

12/21/21 — Released Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir and Royal Flying Doctor Service (2 disc set)

01/04/22 — Sets American Veteran (2 disc set), Nature: My Garden of a Thousand Bees, NOVA: Arctic Drift and NOVA: The Cannabis Question


Paramount Home Entertainment

01/04/22 — Sets Ida Red


Paramount Home Entertainment (MOD)

01/04/22 — Sets Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, Freedom Writers, Get Real, Goat, He Said, She Said, Mexican and Shine a Light (MOD)

12/14/21 — Released Beast Must Die (Spanish)Double Feature (2 film set: Wild Gold, Tanned Legs), Double Feature (2 silent film set: My Best Girl (silent-1927), Number Please (silent-1920)), Double Feature (2 silent film set: The Lost World (silent-1925), Among Those Present (silent-1921)), Henry VIII, Mark of Satan (Spanish), One Cent's Worth of Love and Wenn Frauen Schweigen (German)

12/21/21 — Released Fast and Loose, Sand City in Manchuria (Japanese), Schizoid,  Season of the Witch, Shchur (Hebrew) and Walls of Hell


Severin Films, LLC

12/21/21 — Released House of Lost Women (Spanish)

02/22/22 — Sets Bloody Pit of Horror


Sinister Cinema (MOD)

12/21/21 — Released Hitler's Strange Love Life (aka: Will it Happen Again?), In Old Santa Fe, Indian Scarf (English dubbed), Inn on the River (English dubbed), Journey to the Lost City,  Just Tony (silent-1922), Labyrinth (German), Long Dark Hall, Love from a Stranger (aka: Night of Terror), Mission Stardust, Missiles from Hell (aka: Battle of the V.1), Mongols, Night of Evil, Night They Killed Rasputin, Nude Vampire, Pattern for Plunder, Piranha, Prime Time, Queen of the Nile, Radio Ranch, Revenge of Ivanhoe (English dubbed), Risk, Samson and His Mighty Challenge (English dubbed), Secret of the Black Trunk (English dubbed) and Secrets of Chinatown


Smart Mark Video (MOD)

12/21/21 — Released H2O Wrestling: Last November - Williamstown, NJ


Sony Pictures Home Ent.

12/21/21 — Released Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

02/01/22 — Sets Ghostbusters: Afterlife (ARR of 74 days; box office: $117,263,847)


The Video Beat (MOD)

12/21/21 — Released Byrds: Under Review (2 disc set), Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll and Heroes of Rock 'n Roll - 1979


Universal Pictures Home Ent.

12/21/21 — Released Blue Bayou (ARR of 95 days; box office: $645,795)

01/18/22 — Sets Last Night in Soho (ARR of 81 days; box office: $10,107,485)


Vertical Entertainment

12/21/21 — Released Small Engine Repair (ARR of 102 days; box office: $72,479)


Walt Disney Studios Home Ent.

12/28/21 — Sets French Dispatch (ARR of 67 days; box office: $15,805,835)

01/04/22 — Sets Antlers (ARR of 67 days; box office: $10,612,386)

02/08/22 — Sets Encanto (ARR of 74 days; box office: $81,499,759)


Well Go U.S.A.

12/21/21 — Released Hell Hath No Fury


WOWnow Entertainment

12/21/21 — Released Conch Bay 7: Tsunami, Grump Who Stole Christmas 2 and New Years Baby




New Blu-ray Additions


Burning Bulb Publishing (MOD)

12/21/21 — Released Faded Memories


Collector’s Heaven (MOD)

12/21/21 — Released Monsters at Work: Season One, Sheena: Seasons 1 and 2 (2 disc set), Spin City: The Complete Series (3 disc set), Tau, Vikings: Season Six,  Wu-Tang: An American Saga - Season One and Wu-Tang: An American Saga - Season Two

12/28/21 — Sets Archer: Seasons 1-9 (3 disc set), Archer: Seasons 10 & 11,  Archer: Season 12, Barnaby Jones: The Complete Series (7 disc set) and Beatles: Get Back



12/21/21 — Released A3!: Act! Addict! Actors!: Season Spring & Summer (2 disc set) (with Digital Copy)


Movies R USA (MOD)

12/14/21 — Released Airheads, Fillmore!: The Complete Series, Frankenstein: Day of the Beast, Head, Paternity, Phenomena and Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

12/21/21 — Released Bad Taste, Being the Ricardo’s, Double Feature (2 film set: Alligator, Alligator 2), Eli, Encanto,  Gilliagan's Planet: The Complete Series, Greatest American Hero: The Complete Series (3 disc set), Hawkeye: Season One (2 disc set), High School Musical: The Series - Seasons 1 & 2,  JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, Jabberjaw: The Complete Series, Jurassic World: Season 4, Lie, Nash Bridges,  Oh, Heavenly Dog, Project Power, Pup Named Scooby-Doo: The Complete Series, Reno 911: The Hunt for QAnon, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Sydney to the Max: Seasons 1, 2 and 3 (2 disc set), Third Day, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Zero Hour and Zorro's Fighting Legion (12 chapter serial)

12/28/21 — Sets Addams Family: The Complete Animated Series (2 disc set), Awkward: The Complete Series (3 disc set), Baggage: Seasons 1 & 2 (3 disc set), Bloody Hell, Call Me Kat: Season One, Dopesick, Fast Vengeance, Fright Club: Season One, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Hunter Street: Seasons 1, 2 & 3 (2 disc set), Miracle Woman, Night Court: The Complete Series (4 disc set), Perfection, Professor, Ronda Rousey: UFC (4 disc set), Scenes from a Marriage, So Dear to My Heart and Yakuza Princess


Sentai Filmworks

12/21/21 — Released Alice In Borderland (Japanese)


Severin Films

02/22/21 — Sets Bloody Pit of Horror


Shout! Factory

12/21/21 — Released Lady in a Cage, No Way to Treat a Lady, Trog and Vampire Lovers


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

12/21/21 — Released Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

02/01/22 — Sets Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Strand Releasing

12/21/21 — Released Time of the Wolf (French)


Tempe Video (MOD)

12/21/21 — Released Chickboxer, Galaxy of the Dinosaurs, Humanoids from Atlantis, Kingdom of the Vampire, Maximum Impact and Zombie Cop


Universal Pictures Home Ent.

12/21/21 — Released Blue Bayou (with Digital Copy)

01/18/22 — Sets Last Night in Soho (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Walt Disney Studios Home Ent.

12/28/21 — Sets French Dispatch (with Digital Copy)

01/04/22 — Sets Antlers (with Digital Copy)

02/08/22 — Sets Encanto (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Well Go U.S.A.

12/21/21 — Released Hell Hath No Fury




New 4K Ultra HD Additions 


Arrow Video

03/29/22 — Sets Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (4k Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack)


Discotek Media

12/28/21 — Sets Robot Carnival (Japanese)


Movies R USA (MOD)

12/21/21 — Released A Clockwork Orange


Sony Pictures Home Ent.

02/01/22 — Sets Ghostbusters: Afterlife (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Universal Pictures Home Ent.

01/18/22 — Sets Last Night in Soho (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


Walt Disney Studios Home Ent.

01/04/22 — Sets Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)

02/08/22 — Sets Encanto (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)

Bayview Entertainment Targets Feb. 22 For The DVD Debut Of Writer/Director Bianca Crespo's Freak

Bayview Entertainment has the jolts and scares all lined up for Feb. 22 with the DVD launch of writer/director Bianca Crespo’s Freak.

Amelia Duncombe, in her feature film debut, stars as Ava, a would-be writer who has hit a wall (events in the opening sequence prove to be tough for her to deal with), so she heads out to a remote cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania to get back on track.  As things develop, it was probably not a wise move. 

Isolation can be a real mind-twister and that’s not what Ava needs in her life.   Sorting out real and the unreal is not something one does in a creepy cabin in the woods!!

Freak, a small budget, turn-of-the-screw horror entry, from a first-time director and a new actor … should you check it out?   Two words will convince you if you have any doubts.  

Ready?   Word one, Debbie.   Word two, Rochon.

If scream queen legend and genre-fan favorite Debbie Rochon has read the script and has signed on with a newbie production company — Crespo’s newly formed Santa Mira — and said “I’m in,” that’s all you need to know.

But, there’s more.  Another genre-fan favorite who joined the production is none other than Jodi Draigie, who returns to the screen as Ava’s mother — she played Morgan in director Mark Rosman’s 1982 classic, The House on Sorority Row




Wednesday, December 29, 2021

New 4K Ultra HD Edition Of Director Kenneth Branagh's Frankenstein Arrives On Mar. 29 From Arrow Video

Arrow Video, with domestic sales and distribution support provided by MVD Entertainment Group, has a new 4K Ultra HD edition of director Kenneth Branagh’s 1994 film adaptation of Mary Shelley’s 1818 icon novel, Frankenstein, set for delivery on Mar. 29.

This is a new 4K film restoration from the original camera negative.

This Oscar-nominated (for Best Makeup) retelling of the Shelley novel, featured an all-star cast that included Robert De Niro as the creature, Kenneth Branash as Victor Frankenstein, plus Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Hulce, Aidan Quinn, Ian Holm and John Cleese.

Toplining the bonus goodies is a newly-prepared commentary from film historians Michael Brooke and Johnny Mains, a trio of newly recorded video sessions featuring composer Patrick Doyle (Oscar-nominated for Hamlet (1996) and Sense and Sensibility (1995), costumer designer James Acheson (three-time Oscar-winner for Best Costume Design — Restoration, Dangerous Liaisons and The Last Emperor) and make-up designer Daniel Parker (he was nominated for Best Makeup for his work here).

There is also a new documentary titled Mary Shelley and The Creation of a Monster, the featurette titled “Dissecting Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” and the first film adaptation of Shelley’s 1818 novel, director J. Searle Dawley’s 1910 silent short film, Frankenstein (a 2K restoration from the Library of Congress).



Severin Films Tabs Feb. 22 For The Blu-ray Release Of A New 2K Scan Of Director Massimo Pupillo's Bloody Pit Of Horror

Severin Films, with sales and distribution expertise provided by MVD Entertainment Group, has a guilty-pleasure delight lined up for genre fans to enjoy on Feb. 22.  

This would be director Massimo Pupillo's 1965 (1967 domestic) horror tale, Bloody Pit of Horror.

A new 2K scan of the original uncut negative (according to Severin, “recently discovered in a Rome lab vault) … English dubbed.  

This will be a two-SKU release with stand-along DVD and Blu-ray (debut) editions being made available by Severin Films.

Mickey Hargitay was married to Jayne Mansfield and somehow the pair ended up in Italy in the late 60s so that Mansfield could do some film work and while there, Hargitay got some film work of his own.   The result was an over-the-top performance as an insane serial killer by the name of Travis Anderson, a former actor, who has now become a recluse living in a castle in Italy. 

One day, while going about the daily chores of being a recluse, pretty much minding his own business, an entourage of beautiful models and their photographer, along with a cheesy writer by the name of Rick (Walter Brandi — The Vampire and the Ballerina, The Monster of the Opera), his “assistant,” Edith (Luisa Baratto — Payment in Blood, Superargo and the Faceless Giants) and his cheesy-novel publisher, Parks (Alfred Rizzo — Satyricon, Terror-Creatures from the Grave), break into his castle … thinking that it has been abandoned.

Their plan is to do a photo shoot for covers to Rick’s forthcoming round of cheesy novels, but this is interrupted by the owner, who is about to toss them out when he recognizes Edith as a former lover.   He relents and allows them to do their photo-shoot as long as they stay out of the dungeon (aka: torture chamber).  

If you are a genre fan, you immediately recognize the models, Nancy (Rita Klein — Killer Without a Face), Kinojo (Moa Tahi — The Wild, Wild Planet), Suzy (Barbara Nelli — The Killer Lacks a Name) and Annie (Femi Benussi — Strip Nude for Your Killer) and most, if not all, of Rick’s little group of helpers, as the victim pool.   But who is the killer?   After all, Travis seems very hospitable, a recluse maybe, but a killer?

When you tell your guests to stay of out of the dungeon (aka: torture chamber) and they go down there anyway, and the models slip into provocative “little” outfits for the photo-shoot, it is only a matter of time before our reclusive retired actor takes on the persona of the mythical Crimson Executioner.   Whack, splat and more soon follows as he works his way through the beauties.

Who survives?   Feb. 22 on DVD or Blu-ray if you don’t already know the answer.

Bonus goodies include commentary by film historian David Del Valle, who is joined by prolific filmmaker David DeCoteau and an alternate opening sequence.





Writer/Director Edgar Wright's Last Night In Soho Heads Home On Jan. 18 From Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment announced this past week that writer/director Edgar Wright’s time-tripping murder mystery with a decided edge, Last Night in Soho, will be arriving in the home entertainment packaged media marketplace as a three-SKU product offering on Jan. 18.

The ARR comes in at 81 days and box office receipts have just cleared the $10.1 million mark.

Planned for release are Combo Pack editions for the 4K Ultra HD (with Blu-ray) and Blu-ray (with DVD) formats, plus as stand-alone DVD edition.

Starring Thomasin McKenzie (Old, Jojo Rabbit, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies) as Eloise, a would-be fashion designer off to school in London, she soon begins having visions of Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy — Morgan, Glass, The New Mutants), a singer who goes down the rabbit hole in swinging Soho of the 1960s.   The visions keep coming as Eloise is transported to the dream world of Sandie, who has made one bad decision after another … her death; her murder is foretold and Eloise feels compelled to solve the crime!!

There is just one little problem with Eloise-turned-Sherlock, no one believes her, except the “real killer” and nothing is as it seems.

Last Night in Soho is perhaps one of the more original film stories of 2021 … and it is blessed with some nice cast choices, including Diana Rigg (in her final film role), Rita Tushingham (a star from the “Swinging 60s”) and Terence Stamp.

Bonus features include two commentary options, one with filmmaker Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Baby Driver), who is joined by his co-writer, Kristy Wilson-Cairns (Oscar-nominated for her 1917 script), and the second features Wright and film editor Paul Machliss and the film’s composer, Steve Price.

There are also deleted scenes, pre-production tests examples for hair, makeup, lighting and f/x, plus five production featurettes — “Meet Eloise,” “Dreaming of Sandie,” “Smoke and Mirrors,” “On the Streets of Soho” and “Time Travelling.”


Encanto Arrives From Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment On Feb. 08

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has tabbed Feb. 8 as the street date for a three-SKU helping of the filmmaking team of Bryon Howard and Jared Bush’s enchanting animated delight, Encanto.

The ARR works out to 74 days and domestic box office receipts are an impressive $81.5 million.

The SKU configuration for Encanto will be Combo Pack editions for both the 4K Ultra HD (with Blu-ray) and Blu-ray (with DVD) formats, plus a stand-alone DVD edition.

Starring the voice of Stephanie Beatriz (In the Heights and as Rosa Diaz in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV series) and with the songs written by Oscar-winner and two-time Emmy-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights, Hamilton and “How Far I’ll Go” from Ralph Breaks the Internet), Encanto arrives in the home entertainment packaged media marketplace loaded with extras.

For starters, there is a “Sing-Along with the Music” option, outtakes, deleted scenes, the animated short film titled Far from the Tree and five production featurettes — “Familia Lo Es Todo,” “Discover Colombia,” “A Journey Through Music,” “Let's Talk About Bruno” and “Our Casita – La Casa Madrigal.”