Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Green Apple Entertainment's Rule Of Law, Jan. 29

DVD and Blu-ray Release Report
Green Apple Entertainment has targeted Jan. 29 as the DVD debut date for writer/director Moziko Wind’s international terror thriller, The Rule of Law.

Armed with a screenplay literally ripped from today’s news headlines, cinematographer-turned-producer Moziko Wind (Diamond Dawgs, Unsigned) has fashioned an interesting thriller that has an Iranian terror cell leading the FBI on wild goose chases by framing innocent Americans for terror acts that are not of their doing.

But what makes the storyline especially sinister is that they are getting help from within.  FBI Director Frank Fitzgerald (Circus-Szalewski — Zombies vs. Strippers, The Chicago 8, Shades of Julia, etc.) is revealed as the mastermind behind the bombings and terror attacks — motivated by the raw human emotion of revenge.

His latest random target is divorcee Tom Cali (John Brody — Who Stole the Electric Car?, Crucifix Wizard), who is arrested in front of his young son for killing 17 people at a local upscale coffee bistro bombing.   Hauled into FBI headquarters his fate has already been predetermined … signed, sealed and delivered as a mass murderer.

Peppered with twists and turns, Cali suddenly finds an unexpected ally — the daughter of another framed “terrorist” (played by Stephanie Betesh), who knows that Cali is as innocent as her father.   She helps him escape, but that’s just one of those “out of the frying pan and into the fire” set-ups as one of the Cali’s terror victims was the sister of a local gang leader who has vowed revenge!

On the run from the law for his heinous act of mass murder and the target of one Los Angeles’ most powerful street gangs, it is just a matter of time before Tom Cali ends up dead.

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