Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Virgil Films & Entertainment's Stolen Seas Debuts Feb. 12

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Fast ships run.  The smart captains avoid the unfriendly waters.  But those unfortunate souls who run afoul of the Somali pirates face a hellish captivity … desperately hoping for ransom to be paid.

Documentary filmmaker Thymaya Payne takes us on an adventure like no other in the Virgil Films & Entertainment DVD debut on Feb. 12 of Stolen Seas.

Three years in the making, this unique look at a world that seems like one from another era — when the skull and crossbones flew above the riggings of tall ships — takes the armchair adventurer behind the scenes of a real-life negotiation between Somali pirates and owners of the cargo vessel that they have captured.

On Nov. 7, 2008, the Danish-flagged cargo ship CEC Future was seized by pirates in the waters off the coast of Somalia and 13 members of its crew suddenly found themselves at the center of intense hostage negotiations.   Like 49 other ships taken during 2008, their freedom was suddenly in the hands of others and beyond their control.

Stolen Seas From Virgil Films & Entertainment, Feb. 12
Filmmaker Thymaya Payne blends interviews with the ship’s owner (the Clipper Group’s Per Gullestrup), hostages, their relatives, experts on the subject of international policy and modern-day piracy and the actual pirates themselves, including the “negotiator” Ishmael Ali, to weave an adventure tale that is all too real.

For 70 long — and hellish — days the back and forth negotiations drag on with the lives of the crew of the CEC Future literally hanging in the balance.  

Happy ending?   You’ll have to catch the DVD release on Feb. 12 of Stolen Seas to find that out!!!

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