Monday, December 10, 2012

All Screwed Up From Indican Pictures, Feb. 12

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
High school years can be heaven or hell.  Hormones raging, clicks forming and the last years of absolute freedom before decisions must be made and all those things that follow … career, family and, well, life in general sort of just sort happen.

In Neil Stephens’ comedy, All Screwed Up — due out on DVD from Indican Pictures on Feb. 12 — the current high school year for two mismatched teens, Teenisha (Chyna Layne — Precious, Deceptz, The Eddie Black Story) and Pete (Jake Waldman), could be a real life changer.  No wait, it is a real life changer!!!

Teenisha is black … shy, an outcast and if awards were given out for being the most unorganized student in school, she would win hands down.  

Pete is white and if you pick a sport, he’s the star of it, especially basketball.  College is in the bag, he dates a beauty queen and everything in his life is organized. 
Absolute opposites.  So what happens when a Namibian Elephant Beetle gets loose and bites them both?  That’s right, it’s their own “freaky” Friday as their souls are magically switched.  White/black; male/female … everything is upside down!   

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