Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sadako 3D, Dino Kino On June Release Calendar From Well Go U.S.A.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Well Go USA announced two new genre releases (both on DVD and Blu-ray) for delivery during the month of June this past week.  Both product offerings will be getting plenty of buzz … if for very different reasons.

Up first is director Tsutomu Hanabusa’s film adaptation of Kôji Suzuki’s graphic novel, Sadako 3D.  DVD and Blu-ray 3D/2D editions will be available for fans of Suzuki’s Ring horror series to enjoy on June 4.

Hanabusa takes up where filmmaker Hideo Nakata took us with Ring and Ring 2 and the hideous Sadako, only this time there seems to be multiple, if imperfect, versions of the entity that claims her victims from among those who watch a mysterious videocassette.    

As always, Sadako 3D is a total creep-out, even if the reasoning and plot elements are a little hard to follow.   It absolutely doesn’t matter as Sadako 3D will certainly please fans of the series.

Two weeks later, on June 18, South Korean filmmaker Han Sang-Ho’s spectacular dinosaur saga (a CGI feast for the eyes), Dino King (aka: Tarbosaurus) will be heading to both DVD and Blu-ray (3D/2D viewing options).

DVD &  Blu-ray Release Report
Set 80-million years ago, we are introduced to Speckles, a baby Tarbosaurus (these dinosaurs are sort of a junior version of a T-Rex — carnivores and deadly just the same) and his family in their own little paradise.  This all comes to an end when “One-Eye,” a Tyrannosaur, wipes out Speckles entire family … leaving the poor little guy to fend for himself.

Eventually the little fellow grows up, finds a mate (a blue-eyed beauty) and has a family of his own.   But wouldn’t you just know it, things are looking pretty good, plenty to feast on too, but then along comes “One-Eye” and suddenly Speckles finds himself in a battle to the death!

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