Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Image Entrertainment Says Aug. 6 For B.C. Furtney's Do Not Disturb

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
When you see the alluring scream queen Tiffany Shepis’ name in the credits of Image Entertainment’s newly announced horror film from writer/director B.C. Furtney you can’t help but sit up and take notice.   The film is Do Not Disturb and it is headed to DVD on Aug. 6.

That was the “calling card” that got our initial attention and then we realized that this was the missing in action New Terminal Hotel that was promised back in 2010 and may or may not have actually been released on DVD (perhaps a rogue/bootleg DVD-R product offering that quickly disappeared from sight).   

The backstory of the film’s checkerboard history might be fascinating, but time limitations prevent a trip down that path at this moment in time.   No matter, it is good to see that this film will finally be getting a proper release … Aug. 6 can’t come soon enough.

With that said, what makes this film important — especially for genre fans — is that Do Not Disturb (aka: New Terminal Hotel) not only showcases the talents of Shepis, but this is Corey Haim’s final screen appearance.  

But wait, there’s more, the lead is none other than Fright Night’s Evil Ed, Stephen Geoffreys, who plays a Hollywood screenwriter who has gone over the edge … in a big way.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

The set-up goes pretty much like this, Don Malek (Stephen Geoffreys) is a screenwriter and Ava (Shepis) is his agent, who sticks with him despite some obvious issues that Malek is dealing with.   As it turns out his fiancée (played by Laura Hofrichter) has met an untimely end — the killer appears to have gotten away with it — and he has become obsessed with revenging her death … and why not write about the process of that revenge!

With an increasingly unhinged Malek at work and his agent moving him along (a little unhinged herself as the film progresses), Do Not Disturb quickly descends into a bloody rampage which genre fans will take great pleasure in.   It is not just a kill-spree film as Furtney has embedded some well-observed “Hollywood” lifestyle machinations into his script.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Indeed, anyone who has walked the streets of Hollywood (north of Santa Monica Blvd and south of the freeway) knows that strangeness — and strange people — can be the order of the day.   Clearly filmmaker B.C. Furtney knows his Hollywood and has written in some choice characters — in addition to Geoffreys and Shepis — and that includes Ezra Buzzington (The Hills Have Eyes, The Prestige, Secretary, etc.) as Malek’s neighbor Spitz, who is so strange that even Malek cringes at his peculiar predilections.   Which gets us back to the aforementioned well-observed “Hollywood” lifestyle machinations … so true; so Hollywood.

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