Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Image Entertainment Has The Colony On Blu-ray And DVD This Coming Oct. 15

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
A confession.   I love films where you feel compelled to comment on the action as it takes place.   No, not in a theatre setting, but at home where such rants go unnoticed.

“Do this!”  

“No, dummy, not that!”  

“Behind you, look behind you!” 

If the filmmaker is good at setting it up, then it can become an enjoyable “bonus feature” as you sit back and start handing out all of those little suggestions (of course the actors can’t hear you and do as they please).  “Run!”  Oops, too late.

Filmmaker Adam Green’s Frozen was such a film.  Three skiers trapped on a ski lift with no one to help … they must either solve the puzzle of their escape or die.  It was great fun; it was a participation film where the compulsion to chip in advice from time to time was unavoidable.  

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
On Oct. 15, Image Entertainment has another such “talk to the screen” thrillers planned for both DVD and Blu-ray delivery.   That would be director Jeff Renfroe’s The Colony, starring Bill Paxton, Laurence Fishburne and John Tench.

In the near future the planet has been plunged into another ice age and the few survivors that remain have taken refuge underground — in this case, “Colony Seven” — where the bitter cold is not a problem … growing enough to eat in an artificial environment is.   It’s a delicate balance.

One day — and all of the days are pretty much like the one before and the one that will come tomorrow — they get a call from “Colony Five” where something is amiss.   It is about here that the urge to offer advice kicks in.   For example, “Don’t go!” immediately comes to mind.
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

A scouting party headed by Briggs (Fishburne), the leader of the collective, arrives at the neighboring outpost and discovers that all hell has broken loose.  What they find is terrifying and sets up the second half of the film — yes, they ignore all the advice from the easy chair and lead the “terror” (sorry: no spoilers — think zombies without any zombies) back to their home!

The Colony is a nifty post-apocalyptic thriller — it has a few shortcomings, but nothing that can’t be “talked” through.   Part horror, part sci-fi … and very enjoyable; Oct. 15 can’t come soon enough.   No word yet on bonus goodies.

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