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The Film Detective Announces 16 New Film Restorations For Delivery To The DVD Market Place On Nov. 24

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
The Film Detective announced this past week that there will be 16 new film restorations ready for DVD library-builders and collectors on Nov. 24.

Priced to own is a newly restored DVD presentation of producer/director Brooke L. Peters’ (aka: Boris Petroff) classic 1961 suspense thriller, Anatomy of a Psycho, starring Darrell Howe as Chet, a teen who becomes increasing unhinged after his brother is caught, convicted and executed for murder.   What pushes our boy Chet over the edge is when he discovers that his sexy sister, Pat (played by Pamela Lincoln — The Tingler), is dating Mickey (Ronnie Burns), the son of the rat who provided the testimony that sent their brother to the gas chamber.   

There is plenty of historical evidence that famed filmmaker Ed Wood had a hand in the script for Anatomy of a Psycho (and several music clips from his sci-fi opus, Plan Nine From Outer Space are noted).

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Which is a nice segue to another film on the Nov. 24 release calendar from the Film Detective that is every bit an Ed Wood’s gem.   That would be his 1954 lurid film noir, Jail Bait, starring Clancy Malone as a two-bit thug named Don Gregor, who is the son a famous plastic surgeon and the brother of the alluring Marilyn (played by Dolores Fuller — Bride of the Monster, Glen or Glenda, etc.).   

As the story develops we find that our boy Don has fallen in with unsavory types, namely career criminal Vic Brady (Timothy Farrell) and the pair are constantly under the surveillance of Inspector Johns (Lyle Talbot) and his sidekick, Lt. Lawrence (played by future Hercules legend Steve Reeves in his theatrical debut).   Vintage Los Angeles shooting sites (likely all done without permits by Wood), a robbery gone south, homicide and a twist ending make Jail Bait one Ed Wood’s “better” (meaning more coherent) film productions.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyAlso on the crime front on Nov. 24 are Monogram Pictures’ The Phantom Broadcast (1933, directed by the prolific Phil Rosen and starring Ralph Forbes, Gail Patrick, Arnold Gray and Vivienne Osborne), director William A. Graham’s 1974 full-length pilot film for Teresa Graves’ Get Christ Love (she would be featured in 22 additional episodes during 1974/1975 season and receive a Golden Globe nomination for her work) and the 1959 mixed-genre haunted house horror/mystery, The House on Haunted Hill, starring Vincent Price as a wealthy eccentric who concocts an elaborate “haunted house” story to unmask the culprits behind his intended murder — director William Castle does a nice balancing job between the traditional horror elements and those of a nice whodunit thriller — spoiler alert — it was, of course, his wife (played by Carol Ohmart) and her lover (Alan Marshal) ... or is the house really haunted!!!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
For Western fans, the restored film-to-DVD selections from the Film Detective on Nov. 24 include Rage at Dawn (1955, Randolph Scott is joined by Mala Powers, Forrest Tucker, Myron Healey and J. Carrol Naish), Six Gun Trail (1938, starring Tim McCoy and Nora Lane), Riders of the Whistling Skull (1937, a Three Mesquiteers Western teaming Robert Livingston, Ray “Crash” Corrigan and Max Terhune with the lovely Mary Russell) and ultra-rare The Drifter (1932, directed by William O'Connor — an early sound film shot on location in Big Bear, California and William Farnum, Noah Berry and Phyllis Barrington).

Rounding out the film selections are the likes of director Ray Dennis Steckler’s 1962 film “classic,” Wild Guitar, starring cult (yes cult) actor Arch Hall, Jr. (who actually was a pretty good musician before giving up his Hollywood career to become a commercial pilot) as an up-and-coming singer who is taken full advantage by city slickers (the chief among them is Arch Hall, Sr.!!!), director Lewis Allen’s 1954 presidential assassination thriller, Suddenly, starring Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden and Nancy Gates and director William Pine’s 1954 Swamp Fire (filmed on location in Louisiana), starring ex-Tarzans Johnny Weissmuller and Buster Crabbe along with the sultry Virginia Grey (Target Earth, All That Heaven Allows, The Rose Tattoo, etc.).

For a complete listing of all of the Film Detective’s Nov. 24 DVD product offerings please see page 6 of this week’s edition of the DVD & Blu-ray Release Report.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

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