Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jordan's Official Entry In The 2015 Oscar Derby For Best Foreign Language Film, Theeb, Will Be Available From Film Movement As Blu-ray And DVD Selections On May 17

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Theeb, Ralph Tribbey
One nice thing about home entertainment is the availability of arthouse and foreign language imports that rarely make it out to the suburbs.  

Of the 2015 crop of Best Foreign Language contenders, Sony Pictures was the first out with a release date for what proved to be the Oscar-winner, Son of Saul (the official entry from Hungary), which streets on Apr. 26.   Cohen Media Group will bring France’s selection, Mustang, to market on May 10, Magnolia Home Entertainment tabbed June 7 as the release for Denmark’s A War and last week Oscilloscope Laboratories selected June 21 for Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra’s stunning Embrace of the Serpent.

The list is now complete as Film Movement announced this week that both DVD and Blu-ray editions of Jordan’s Best Foreign Language entry, writer/director Naji Abu Nowar’s Theeb will be available for viewing on May 17.

The ARR is 193 days and domestic ticket sales currently stand at $276,327.

100 years ago and war rages in the Middle East — ironically, not much has changed — and a Bedouin named Hussein (played by Hussein Salameh Al-Sweilhiyeen) agrees to guide a British Officer by the name of Edward (Jack Fox — Privates, Blood Moon) on a clandestine mission to scout water resources in the desert.   Much to the chagrin of Hussein, his little brother, Theeb (Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat), decides to tag along … once discovered it is too late to turn back!
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Theeb, Ralph Tribbey

Bonus features include commentary by filmmaker Naji Abu Nowar (his debut) and the 2015 Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or Best Short Film-winner, Waves’98 (written and directed by Lebanese filmmaker Ely Dagher).

Both Theeb and Waves’98 are presented in Arabic with English subtitles.

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