Monday, May 23, 2016

20th Century-Fox Home Entertainment's Deadpool Gets Maximum 4K Ultra HD Effort

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Deadpool, Ralph Tribbey
At a recent event at 20th Century Fox, where the studio brought out the Deadpool’s director Tim Miller and colorist Tim Stipan to chat about their experience putting the film together for a Ultra High-Def (UHD) Blu-ray Disc release.

The team spent weeks making sure the film took advantage of the advanced audio codecs and high dynamic range (HDR_ technologies offered by the next-gen home entertainment disc format. And it sounded like they had fun doing it.

“The UHD especially was just [expletive] amazing with the level of detail,” Miller said. “I noticed as I went through it, it just kept getting better and better. If you had a bad hair [stylist] on set, this format isn’t for you.”

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Deadpool, Ralph TribbeyStipan said the inclusion of HDR is what makes UHD Blu-ray worth the upgrade for consumers, instead of just more pixels offered in 4K video. With HDR, filmmakers can see more of what the camera has captured, and in turn, the consumers get to see it as well, he said. 

Compared the arrival of UHD Blu-ray to the upgrade of Blu-ray video compared to DVD, Stipan called UHD BD “the wave of the future. I felt like every time we were going through it, we were seeing more and more. It allowed me to be better at my job.”

Danny Kaye, EVP of global research and technology strategy for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, said that the quality of Deadpool on UHD Blu-ray — and other films the studio is releasing on the format — is a result of the work out the studio’s Fox Innovation Lab, which tests the best possible audio and video technologies far in advance of home entertainment releases.

 “We at Fox are dedicated to creating these new technologies aimed at giving [consumers] the best possible viewing experience,” Kaye said.

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