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Breaking Glass Pictures' K-11 On Blu-ray And DVD, Apr. 23

Back in 1997 filmmaker Vincenzo Natali delivered the indie sci-fi/horror film, Cube.  People suddenly awake to find themselves in a hellish prison of endless cube-like rooms where there seems to be no escape.   They have no idea how they got there, but they soon learn that it is an insane place to be.   

It was a cool little film, but you knew it was a horror story … couldn’t really happen in the “real” world.

Now imagine the surprise on Ray Saxx, Jr.’s face (played by Goran Visnjic — Beginners, Long Dark Night, Closer Your Eyes, etc.) when he awakes — after a night of, well, he can’t remember, but he must have some fun — to find himself in a surreal prison setting.  It must be the Los Angeles County jail he reasons, but there’s just something very odd about it.

On Apr. 23 Breaking Glass Pictures will serve up DVD and Blu-ray editions of director Jules Stewart’s K-11 (a showcase theatrical break is planned for Mar. 15 to raise critical awareness).   A murder mystery wrapped in a horror tale … a very strange “horror” tale.

Now any reasoning person would ask, “what have I done and why am I here.”   Murder and you are awaiting your preliminary hearing is the answer.   He’s so messed up on drugs and alcohol that he hasn’t even been questioned … no lawyer yet either.  Of course, this should be a pretty routine story … you’ve seen various versions of murder and arrest endlessly on Law and Order reruns, but K-11 is anything but routine.

The “K-11” section of the Los Angeles County jail is where they separate the male transgender and gay inmates from the general population — for their own safety (feel free to chuckle here if you see the irony in that).  Somehow Saxx finds himself transferred into this “special place” from the substation where he was first booked and as he sobers up he desperately wants out.   

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Goran Visnjic in a scene from K-11 ... on DVD & Blu-ray Apr. 23
After all, there’s Mousey (played by Kate del Castillo — Under the Same Moon, American Visa, Without Men, Weeds, etc.), a hell-on-wheels T-Girl; violent, aggressive and awaiting trial for assault and battery.   She runs the place … she breaks heads and makes “new friends.”  He wants nothing to do with her (him).

He’s in a world of rapists, molesters, liars and habitual repeat offenders who call K-11 their home away from home.  Also in this place Saxx soon discovers a sweet young teenager named Butterfly (Portia Doubleday — Mr. Sunshine, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son), he figures she too has been put in the K-11 lockup by mistake — he doesn’t belong there; she doesn’t belong there — but looks can be deceiving … really deceiving!!!

The simple solution is to find the head guard, have a nice quiet chat and explain the crazy little paperwork mix-up.   Just one problem, Gerald Johnson (D.B. Sweeney) runs K-11 and he’s as whacked and corrupt as the inmates he’s in charge of … Saxx is indeed in a real-life “cube” and navigating a way out of it could be a real life and death challenge!

Bonus goodies include commentary from director Jules Stewart and Kate del Castillo, cast interviews and deleted scenes.

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