Sunday, February 3, 2013

FilmWorks Entertainment's The Wanderers Arrives On Apr. 23

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Layton Matthews, the writer, director and co-star of The Wanderers, has fashioned a nifty little puzzle box of a mystery that FilmWorks Entertainment will be bringing home on DVD this coming Apr. 23.

He plays Leelan, sort of a small town Texas hick; a good old boy.  Into his calm and simple world of country living comes his estranged older brother, Ben (Surprise, Surprise, The Craving, etc.).  He hasn’t seen him in ten years and the only reason he’s is town is attend their mother’s funeral.  There’s a history between the two, but we are not privy to it.

No sooner have the words “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” been uttered when Ben gets clocked in an auto accident and ends in a coma at the local hospital.  When he awakes, he hasn’t a clue as to where he’s been or who he is … so it falls to Leelan, as his “next of kin,” to help him try to piece things back together again.

Now the road trip the two embark upon is one that you suspect is — as the ride along observer of the story — one that Leelan should skip; just leave things as they are.  The whole thing doesn’t quite feel right … it’s as if Ben is playing a game.   Maybe he does have amnesia and maybe he doesn’t.

In any case, the two soon find themselves on the streets of Los Angeles, where they meet Coyote (Ben Dreyfuss, yes, the son of Richard Dreyfuss), a self-styled survivalist, operator of an underground (and way off the grid) television channel and would be cult leader of the Legion of the Flying Monkeys.  It all seems a bit insane.

Throw in a sexy bartender named Melanie (Tiffany Connor), a shady club owner named Jacob Northington (David Kubiczky) and his more than lethal enforcer, Malaki (Tyrel Ventura), and you — again as the detached observer — get the feeling that this is déjà vu for Ben.

Bonus features include outtakes, extended and deleted scenes and a photo gallery.

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