Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mill Creek Entertainment Expands May Release Slate

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Mill Creek Entertainment loads up in May with an array of DVD and Blu-ray product offerings … all priced for maximum consumer satisfaction.   

Leading the way is the May 14 double-disc Blu-ray release of JFK: A New World Order, an eight-part hi-def look at president Kennedy some fifty years after his death.   Included in this comprehensive collection is a look at his life prior to the presidency, plus the 1960 election, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Berlin, the growing civil rights movement and Vietnam are examined in detail, plus there is a DVD bonus disc that showcases the Nixon/Kennedy debate, the assassination in Dallas, the funeral and the John Ford documentary titled “Vietnam! Vietnam!”  

On the film front, we begin with a five-SKU double-DVD presentation on May 7, all priced at just $9.98 each and all featuring four films (see page 11 for a complete listing).  Included in these priced-to-own collections are such delights as The Return of the Vampire (Bela Lugosi and Nina Foch, 1944), The Revenge of Frankenstein (Peter Cushing, 1958), Mr. Sardonicus (from director William Castle, 1961) and The Brotherhood of Satan (with Strother Martin and L.Q. Jones, 1971).   That’s right, all four of these classic horror collectibles in one double-disc set for just $9.98.

The following week, May 14, Mill Creek Entertainment turns up the heat with five double-feature Blu-ray film releases … also priced at just $9.98 each.   For example, Meg Ryan stars in director Jane Campion’s 2003 thriller In the Cut, which is teamed with Charlize Theron, Kevin Bacon and Courtney Love in the 2002 crime drama, Trapped.   Hi-def, priced to sell, two mystery/thrillers, with box office stars for just $9.98 … how could any consumer resist that deal?

Not done yet, also on May 14 are Blu-ray and DVD editions of United States Military: A History of Heroes and a Blu-ray edition of National Parks Exploration Series Presents: America National Parks - An Eagle's View.  Plus there are four DVD kidvid selections — Imagination Station (a four-disc set), Playtime and Lullabies (also four-discs), Wild Animal Baby Explorers: Learn and See and Wild Animal Baby Explorers: Let's Explore.

For more information on these May 2013 product selections, please visit Mill Creek Entertainment’s website at, call Toll-Free: 866-410-9000 or email:

To download this week's complete edition of the DVD and Blu-ray Release Report: DVD & Blu-ray Release Report   

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