Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wrong DVD and Blu-ray Debut From Image Entertainment On June 11

DVD and Blu-ray Release Report
Writer/director Quentin Dupieux has a thing for one-word film titles.   First there was Streak (in French, 2007, don’t worry — no one saw it) and then came Rubber (festival circuit in 2010; a small theatrical run in 2011 and then out on both DVD and Blu-ray … a love it or hate it film).   
If you’ve had a chance to catch Rubber, then his latest film (also one-word), Wrong, does not come as a surprise.  It all makes sense … Rubber and Wrong.  If Rubber is not part of your film lexicon, then Wrong is going to seem like a production from another planet.  

It’s slated to open theatrically on Mar. 29 (a limited major metro run), with Image Entertainment turning it loose on DVD and Blu-ray on June 11.   This raise-awareness theatrical break technically yields an ARR of a swift-to-market 74 days.

We will say right up front that the film succeeds or fails with the performance of Jack Plotnick — he was amazing in Girls Will be Girls back in 2003 and has been working steady ever since (you just may not recognize him) — Wrong gives him a chance to shine once again in a leading role … a very different leading role.   

To be fully prepared for Wrong, there are a few suggestions (humble suggestions).   First, find a copy of Robert Downey’s 1972 non-sequiturial film gem, Greaser’s Palace and zero in on Allan Arbus’ performance as Jessy.   Both his performance — and the film itself — match up really well with Plotnick’s work in Wrong.

Next, think back to Jack Nance’s appearance (physical appearance) in David Lynch’s 1977 film, Eraser Head, and you’ll have pretty good idea of Plotnick’s look and demeanor in Wrong.   Also, it doesn’t hurt that his world as Dolph Springer can be just as weird as the one Henry Spencer wandered through. 

So there they are, the prep-work; the suggestions to be wired into Wrong.   Find a copy of Rubber and take a gander (out on DVD and Blu-ray) and if you haven’t seen both Greaser’s Palace and Eraser Head, you have until June 11th to get those checked off the viewing list as well.  With that done, Wrong is going to seem like an old friend and Springer’s world (quest) will all make perfect sense ... this will be a magical film journey. 

Otherwise, just jump right in on June 11 when the DVD and Blu-ray editions of Wrong become available and join Dolph Springer as he embarks upon his serendipitous quest to find his missing dog, Paul.   

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