Sunday, April 21, 2013

Green Apple Entertainment's Dark Power Ready For Summer DVD Enjoyment On June 25

DVD and Blu-ray Release Report
June 25 marks the street date for Green Apple Entertainment DVD debut of director John Milton Branton’s crime thriller, Dark Power.

There are two ways to approach this film.   One can enjoy it as a straightforward action/mystery/thriller — as Sherlock Holmes would say, “the game’s afoot” — or you can simply sit back and enjoy the view.   The view, in this case, is Kristanna Loken of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (and plenty more since 2003, including Paige in the L Word cable series) — she has such an “exotic” look about her.   

The set up seems innocent enough, a headline grabber, but nothing more than a murder that needs to be investigated.   That is, until the second murder occurs, and then it gets really interesting.   

The mayor of a “big city” (actually filmed in and around Los Angeles, but you get an east feel from Branton’s presentation) is murdered and that would be that; local authorities would investigate this sort of crime and the local media would naturally be worked into a frenzy over the who, what and why of it.   But when his opponent in the upcoming election also turns up dead that draws the attention of the feds.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
An unlikely team is sent in by the F.B.I. to investigate the multiple homicides and that should raise our suspicions, since Archer (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Driver (Loken) seem an odd choice.   Oil and water, not sugar and spice.

The second little item that gets both their attention and ours is the smarmy assistant to the dead mayor, Durant (Chris Carmack — Shark Night 3D), who is suddenly “drafted” by an all too willing city council to take over until elections can be held.   It seems a little too slick, even by big city machine standards.

When the investigation shifts into high gear, the at-odds investigators suddenly find themselves best buddies — a survival thing — as the assassinations are only the tip of a much bigger iceberg.  It is not a good feeling being “expendable.”

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report

Green Apple Entertainment has latched onto a sweet summertime thriller — an evening’s entertainment, especially for those who love a good mystery/conspiracy.  

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