Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ariztical Entertainment's Bumblef**k USA Makes Its DVD Debut On June 24

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
It could have been titled Nowhere, One-Horse Town or Timbuktu, all of which more or less refer to a backwater burp of no particular significance.   On a cross-country car trip it would be an exit sign that breezes by … another mile maker down, another one to go.

So when you hear that Ariztical Entertainment has tabbed June 24 as the DVD debut date for director Aaron Douglas Johnston’s Bumblef**k, USA, you probably have an image in your mind that we are on our way to some small town where nothing much happens.

You’d be half-right.   Muscatine, Iowa (about 20 miles down the Mississippi River from Davenport) is a small town to be sure, but there is plenty happening there.

One suspects that filmmaker Aaron Douglas Johnston (this was his debut film in 2011) wrote and directed this well-crafted slice-of-life story based on personal experience.  There’s not a false note here and it is well-worth a look (like a roadside attraction … stop, enjoy, you might learn something).

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Alexa (Cat Smits) is from Amsterdam, who has come with nothing more than the clothes on her back and a camcorder to this no-where town to find out why her friend Matt killed himself.   He was gay … he tried to fit in, but in the end the pressure was just too much.

She is an outsider, but she gets people to talk, especially other gays living in a place that is not all that friendly to those who are different … or, perhaps, not so different as she discovers in townie Jennifer (Heidi M. Sallows).

Bonus nuggets here include a very insightful extended video interview session with cast members Cat Smits and Heidi M. Sallows.

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