Monday, February 29, 2016

Vinegar Syndrome Restores Director Carlos Tobalina's 1969 Sexploitation Classic Infrasexum For DVD On Mar. 29

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
OMG, this sort of thing doesn’t happen everyday of the week.   So here it is, Vinegar Syndrome has not only found the original 35mm camera negative to actor, writer and director Carlos (aka: Troy Benny) Tobalina’s 1969 sexploitation gem, Infrasexum, but they’ve gone and made a 2K restoration of the film.   

The debut date on DVD for this lost sexploitation classic — yes, it is a classic in that was shot on 35mm (if you haven’t seen director Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights, then you might not understand why this is a big deal) —will be Mar. 29.

Hollywood International Pictures handled the theatrical distribution of the film during the summer of 1969 and, as legend has it, was so concerned that they’d get busted for distributing porn, they went out and pulled a page right out of the playbook of filmmaker and publicity generator William Castle and had patrons sign a release form declaring that they were, among other things, “of legal age,” fully aware that “the film is for adults only” and, get this, “I am not a person who would be offended or displeased by seeing sex acts on the screen, and I promise not to complain about witnessing such acts.”  

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyIt’s 1969, a hot summer evening, the marquee says INFRASEXUM (in those big plastic red letters), the theatrical poster screams “The Ultimate in Adult Entertainment!” and before you can enter the theatre you have to sign a release form stating that you will not be offended or displeased by seeing sex acts on the screen.   Who could say no to that!!!  

With such promotional credentials — and “historical” underpinnings — who can possibly say no to Vinegar Syndrome’s Infrasexum on DVD on Mar. 29, especially with Maria Tia (a Tobalina regular during the early 70s — I Am Curious Tahiti, The Last Tango in Acapulco, Affaire in Rio de Janeiro, etc.) and The Stewardesses’ Janet Waas as members of this well-endowed cast.

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