Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cinema Libre Selects June 7 For The DVD Debut Of Director Philippe Gerard’s On a Long Breath

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, On a Long Breath, Ralph Tribbey
Close your eyes, take a deep breath and slowly (in your mind) count to 60.   Don’t breathe, hold your breath and just count … one, two, three and on and on.   At 60 your whole body is telling you “breathe, damn it, breathe, we’re going to die.”

For world champion free-diver Pierre Frolla, 60 seconds is just baby stuff.   While you’re screaming for air at 60, he’s just getting warmed up!

In documentary filmmaker Philippe Gerard’s On a Long Breath — heading to DVD courtesy of Cinema Libre on June 7 — we spend 51 days with Pierra Frolla free-diving up to six minutes at a time in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans … and for good measure in the Mediterranean as well.   

You read that right, “six minutes;” six full minutes interacting with Moray Eels, Tiger Sharks and Sperm Whales.   All of these amazing free-dives are presented with spectacular underwater footage that puts you along side Pierre as he swims, without fear, with these amazing creatures of the sea.

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