Monday, May 2, 2016

Cinema Libra Selects July 12 For The DVD Debut Of Director Glen Dunzweiler's yHomeless?

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, yHomeless?, Ralph Tribbey
Over the years Glen Dunzweiler has worked in sound design, lighting design and has been instructor and asst. professor at both UC Riverside and CSU San Bernardino.  In short, educated, professional and talented.

In 2010/2011 he had something of a financial crisis — much like many homeowners in Southern California had at the time.   It hit him hard.  “What is it  going to be like to lose everything and be on the streets,” is the question he asked him. 

Dunzweiler’s life at that moment was one big LEMON … and so he did what any creative person would do, he made lemonade.   With his own reality staring him in the face he embarked on a four-month sojourn, living in his car — couch-surfing with friends — and using his national fitness club membership for showers.    

He interviewed the homeless and the professionals and care-givers who try to help and the result was the feature-length documentary, yHomeless?, which will be making its DVD debut courtesy of Cinema Libre on July 12.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, yHomeless?, Ralph TribbeyWho are the homeless?   How do they get through each day?   His film is insightful, all the more so because he didn’t take to the streets with an agenda.  It’s apolitical … he just asked people he met on the streets — who saw him as one of their own — as he travelled from town to town to talk about themselves.  And they do.  He fills in some of the “whys” with interviews with professionals who try to help.  

And we learn that becoming homeless can happen in a flash, but getting out can take forever.   As Wayne, a homeless man in Sacramento, so succinctly put the frustration, “How am I supposed to get a job when I smell like yesterday … three days ago?”

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