Monday, July 18, 2016

108 Media Group Tabs July 26 For The DVD Debut Of Director Neil Huber's Let's Rap

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Let's Rap, Ralph Tribbey
Canadian filmmaker Neil Huber will see his hilarious comedy, Let’s Rap, make its domestic DVD rollout on July 26 courtesy of 108 Media … sales and distribution expertise will be provided by MVD Entertainment Group.

Writers Samantha and Jesse Herman are real-life sister and brother, who are natural comedians in their steam-of- consciousness banter, who came up with a short film back in 2013 that was based on their lives … it was titled, Let’s Rap.  

Now skip ahead two years, add Neil Huber as the director and flesh out the script (again, provided by Sam and Jesse) and bingo, Let’s Rap the feature-length comedy.   

Rachel Wilson (who reprises her role from the short) and Brendan Gall star as sister and brother — Melanie and Bo Schnurr — who stumble into a hit televison show by simply being their very own dysfunctional selves.   

She’s out of a job (she wasn’t much good at what she did anyway) and he’s never really had one, but when their friend Ethan (Randal Edwards), a TV producer — who is under some pressure to find the next big thing — puts them on air its comedy gold!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Let's Rap, Ralph Tribbey

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