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Mill Creek Entertainment Adds Priced-To-Own Ten-Film DVD Collections To Its Sept. 6 Release Calendar

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Mill Creek Entertainment expanded its post-Labor Day release calendar this past week with the addition of two new priced-to-own ten-film collections on DVD … the street date is Sept. 6.   And the SRP for each of these double-disc collections is an eye-popping $9.98 each — that’s just a buck a film, and that’s before any discounts being offered up at retail.

10 Horror Films: Pretty Dead features writer/director Benjamin Wilkins’ ultra creepy tale titled Pretty Dead, starring Carly Oates as a medical student who has developed a taste for human flesh.   Her uncontrollable “munchies,” as it turns out, are the results of her exposure to the newly-found Cordyceps fungus … will she be the first of many flesh-eating zombies or will a cure be found before the apocalypse is upon us!

Other chillers in this ten-title, double-disc horror collection are writer/director Carl Lindbergh’s 2011 film release of Bunnyman, which a group of college-age kids (aka: victim pool) being stalked in the desert by a crazed killer dressed as a rabbit; and, speaking of “victim pools,” that’s what writer/director DeShon Hardy has in store for genre fans with The Lake on Clinton Road — a half dozen college friends who have an end-of-the-semester celebration at a remote cabin (by a lake) only to be stalked and murdered one … by one … by one!!!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
The Lights, directed by John Sjogren, is another “victim pool” thriller featuring four friends who head out to the remote backwoods — away from city lights — so that they can see one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” meteor showers.   Their arrival just happens to coincide with Jack Carter (Kerry Wallum) going off his rocker when his trophy bride tells him bye-bye … kill, kill, kill, that’s all that he has on his mind this particular night!

Writer/director Jason Horton’s Monsters in the Woods serves up a filmmaking nightmare as a filmmaker named Jayson (Glenn Plummer) has the film of his dreams rejected for distribution — not sexy enough, not violent enough, etc. — so he decides to re-shoot some extra footage in the nearby mountains.   

So he throws together a student crew and wannabe actors (he’s out of money) to film the “inserts,” but soon discovers that it’s a devious trap laid by his producer, who needs “12 souls” to satiate the appetite of a demon who has unleashed creatures from hell to gather the souls (aka: film crew).

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyOther films in the 10 Horror Films: Pretty Dead collection are: The Sacred (2009, directed by Jose Zambrano Cassella — the swamps of Florida hide deadly secrets), Backwater (2013, writer/director Christopher Schrack — a couple get more than they bargain for on a camping trip), Pelt (2010, writer/director Richard Swindell — Ashley Watkins and Amber Bollinger star as “babes in the woods” who are stalked by a demented local) Sparrow (2010, directed by Shaun Troke — Cindy (Faye Sewell) and five of her friends defy the “urban legend” of Ranger Sparrow, a crazed killer who stalks the nearby woods … the problem is: the legend is true) and Occupied (2011, written and directed by Mollie Binkley — Sarah (Liza Binkley) is off to babysit her younger cousin in a cabin in the woods … what could possibly go wrong?).

10 Killer Thrillers: Dangerous Attractions is headlined by director Michael Lohmann’s true-life chiller, Dangerous Attraction (aka: Shadow of Fear), which stars Amanda Righetti (as Madeline in the Colony television series and as Grace in The Mentalist series) as a woman who is stalked incessantly by an unbalanced co-worker (Will Estes — Blue Bloods).

Other thrillers in this ten-title mix includes director John Stimpson’s hostage siege drama, A Deadly Obsession, starring Katee Sackhoff (perhaps best known as Victoria Moretti in the Longmire TV series) as a college professor who is trapped in a deadly siege when one of her former students begins shooting up the campus … and she’s the target of his rage!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Writer/director Raj Reddy’s No One Will Know, is a twisted suspense thriller, starring Ben Bledsoe and Jesse Draper as a seemingly “perfect” couple — at their own engagement party — who have to hold it together or be found out for a murder that they are involved in.   

Absolute Fear teams Stephanie Lemelin (voice actress in one her infrequent live screen appearances) as Jessie with Matthew Alan (Red Tales) as Dale, a young couple who venture off to the remote reaches of the Philippines to search for Dale’s father.   As it turns out, he doesn’t want to be found … and he’s involved in deadly research for the CIA that will likely see both Jessie and Dale in a shallow grave by film’s end.

Director Clint Lien’s Behind Your Eyes is a taut hostage/kidnapping horror tale that finds Erika (Frida Farrell) and Steven (Tom Sandoval) on their way to the mountains to meet his parents, but are carjacked at a remote gas station by a sadistic creep.   Nothing is at it seems … even when Erika escapes, she ends up running from the “frying pan to the fire!”   

Rounding the selections in 10 Killer Thrillers: Dangerous Attractions are Suspicion (2012, writer/director David Dilley, starring Brad Blaisdell and Suzanne May), Bad Behavior (2013, from the writing and directing team of Nicholas Brandt and Lisa Hamil; starring Hallee Hirsh), A Thousand Kisses Deep (2011, directed by Dana Lustig; starring Jodie Whittaker, David Warner and Dougray Scott), Wages of Sin (2011, directed by Doug Burch and starring Katharine Everett, Lauren Martin and Travis Quentin Young) and Murder in Miami (2014, written and directed by Will Vázquez … beautiful models are being stalked and murdered by a crazed killer).

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