Monday, August 22, 2016

Wild Eye Releasing's The Search For Weng Weng Debuts On DVD On Nov. 8

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
What happens when legends collide?   Worlds in chaos, just imagine Batman battling Superman … oh, wait, they made a movie about that.   

OK, then how about what Wild Eye Releasing has in store for genre fans to savor on DVD this coming Nov. 8?   

Filipino acting legend, Weng Weng (aka: Ernesto de la Cruz) — all two feet, nine inches of him — meets writer, filmmaker and past owner/operator of one of the most “unique” video stores, Trash Video, in all of the world (rivaled only by California’s Amoeba trio of stores), Andrew Leavold.   

Worlds in chaos; battles of titanic proportions … perhaps, but how about his documentary, The Search for Weng Weng, as a more entertaining alternative?   Which is exactly what Wild Eye Releasing has ready on that early November street date.

Weng Weng was a little person who was not expected to live, but he proved everyone wrong, and despite his miniscule size he became proficient in the martial arts and a world-renown actor, famous for his two James Bond spoofs, For Your Height Only and The Impossible Kid.   By 34 he was no longer with us.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Cut to eclectic film affectionado, Andrew Leavold, who came across the films of Weng Weng from the 1980s while operating Trash Video and became fascinated with the actor.   What happened to him?   

The result: The Search for Weng Weng, a personal quest by the filmmaker to learn more about this “unique” actor — Agent 00!   So come along for a one-of-a-kind film adventure … and learn about this screen legend who was almost lost to time.

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