Monday, February 6, 2017

The Film Detective Preps Ten New Film Restorations For DVD Delivery On Feb. 7

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
It’s a Western bonanza on Feb. 7 as the Film Detective announced ten new film restorations for delivery to the home entertainment market place on DVD.   Four, count’em, four are classic Westerns, including two starring William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy — director Lesley Selander’s Christmas of 1942 release of Lost Canyon and Selander’s 1944 film release of Lumberjack (both films co-star Andy Clyde as California Carlson).

John Wayne, with Gabby Hayes as his sidekick, stars in the 1934 Lawless Frontier, which has Wayne hell-bent on protecting the honor of Sheila Terry and Light of the Western Stars is director Lesley Selander’s 1940 film adaptation of the Zane Grey novel … Jo Ann Sayers gets caught up in a gun smuggling scheme and it is Victor Jory to the rescue.

On the action front we find director William K. Howard’s 1942 film release of Klondike Fury, teaming doctor-on-the-lam Edmund Lowe with wilderness beauty Lucile Fairbanks, director Jean Yarbrough’s Law of the Jungle (also from 1942), a World War II espionage thriller starring Arline Judge, John King and Mantan Moreland and director William Nigh’s 1942 thriller, Lady from Chungking, starring Anna May Wong as a Chinese patriot, with Harold Huber in the role of the evil Japanese general by the name of Kaimura.

Lastly, the Film Detective goes to the vaults and returns with one from the golden age of silent films, director Sidney Franklin’s The Hoodlum, released in 1919 and starring Mary Pickford as a rich girl forced to get tough on the streets of Manhattan!

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