Monday, March 20, 2017

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Picks May 16 As The Street Date For The Home Entertainment Launch Of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be bring a three-SKU helping of writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson’s latest installment in the Resident Evil sci-fi/horror series, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, to market on May 16.

This is the sixth film in the series and it is more or less a continuation of Resident Evil: Retribution (released theatrically five years ago) ... planned for release are stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray editions, plus a 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack presentation.

The ARR works out 109 days and ticket sales were an OK $26.8 million.  

It is interesting that the series has performed decently in the domestic market since its launch with Resident Evil in 2002 ($39.5 million), but the box office grosses have never been in the blockbuster range.   However, internationally the series has been an absolute goldmine for Sony Pictures — domestic ticket sales of $270 million, but $970 million in international markets.

With that much money on the line, it makes Resident Evil a tough film franchise to let go of, “Final Chapter” or not.  The ending of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter certainly leaves it open for another installment and if Milla Jovovich is up to doing Alice one more time … never say never!

As to bonus features, there are two featurettes common to all release configurations — “Explore the Hive” and “The Badass Trinity and the Women of Resident Evil.”   Exclusive to the 4K Ultra HD edition is the additional featurette titled Stunts and Weaponry.”

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