Monday, June 19, 2017

Mill Creek Entertainment Expands Its August 2017 Priced-To-Collection DVD And Blu-ray Release Slate With The Poseidon Adventure And More!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Mill Creek Entertainment was back this past week with addition DVD and Blu-ray priced-to-collect releases that will be heading to retail in August.

Being released as both DVD and Blu-ray editions on Aug. 15 is director John Putch’s 2005 epic mini-series adaptation of Paul Gallico’s ship disaster thriller, The Poseidon Adventure.
Instead of a tidal wave capsizing the massive S.S. Poseidon, a terrorist organization has planted a bomb that blows a hole in the side of the ship on New Year’s Eve.   The flooding eventually causes the ship to go turtle.   

Steve Guttenberg stars as Richard Clarke, who is traveling with his family from Cape Town to Sydney, and having an affair with a member of the crew (played by Nathalie Boltt) at the same time.   He is discovered by his wife Rachel (Alexa Hamilton) and kicked out of the family stateroom.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyMeanwhile, Clarke’s daughter has her eyes on the ship’s doctor (Amber Sainsbury and C. Thomas Howell respectively) … when the ship flips over, Clarke, the doctor, Clarke’s daughter and others decide to abandon the “safety” of the ship’s main ballroom and seek rescue by working their way up through the bottom of the ship (it’s upside down, of course).   Those who refuse to listen to Clarke’s pleadings to join them in their quest find a watery grave awaits.

The second half of the adventure deals with the escape, a potential terrorist among the group of survivors and the ever-rising water levels.  Time is against them!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Also on the Aug. 15 release schedule from Mill Creek Entertainment is the Sheena Queen of the Jungle Collection, a six-disc DVD collection.   Included in the set is director John Guillermin’s 1984 theatrical release of Sheena, starring Tanya Roberts as the legendary comic book character (created by Will Eisner and Jerry Iger back in the 1930s).   

Also packed into the mix are all 35 episodes of Sheena: The Complete Series, starring Gena Lee Nolin (best known as Baywatch’s Neely Capshaw) and five classic episodes from the mid-50s television series, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (aka: Sheena: Queen of the Congo), starring Irish McCalla as Sheena.

For fans of mystery writer Mary Higgins Clark, Mill Creek Entertainment has a three-film set on DVD titled Mary Higgins Clark: The Queen of Suspense - 3 Films, Original Television Mysteries that will also be available on Aug. 15.  Included in the set is Haven’t We Met Before, starring Nicollette Sheridan as a law student who is being stalked by a demented individual who firmly believes that she was his lover in a previously life … Anthony Lemke co-stars as Detective Jack Cobel, who tries to keep her from harm.    
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

Up next is Try to Remember, featuring Gabrielle Anwar as a detective who returns to her home town and finds that her first case may (or may not) be a series of revenge killings … the chief suspect is Jake Mitchell (Diego Wallraff), a paroled murderer!

Lastly, A Crime of Passion stars Cynthia Gibb as a newly married businesswoman (half-owner of a winery) who finds herself involved in a murder mystery.   Is the murderer her husband?   Could the murderer be her business partner?  Or is there someone else involved?   It will keep you guessing right up until the end!

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