Monday, April 13, 2020

For the period ending April 10, 2020 ... New DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD selections added to the DVD & Blu-ray Release Report's database





DVD New Additions


123 Go Films

04/07/20 — Released Wind Walker

1091 Media (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Kid from Coney Island

Acorn Media
04/07/20 — Released Midsomer Murders: Series 21 (4 episodes: The Point of Balance, The Miniature Murders, The Sting of Death, With Bated Breath) (2 disc set)

Aflick TV (MOD)
02/25/20 — Released Angels Whip, Anger of the Ghost 1, Anger of the Ghost 2, Being Single, Captain of the Night, Cartel, Devils Adjure, Disclosed 1, Disclosed 2, Disclosed 3, Disclosed 4, Extra Miles, Fidelia, Incredible Father 1, Incredible Father 2, Instaguru, Just Before I Do, My War of Love, Nwuka 1, Nwuka 2, Nwuka 3 and Painful Betrayal

Blaze Bayley
04/07/20 — Released Bruce Bayley: Live in Czech - Melodka, Brno (2 disc set)

Championship Productions
04/07/20 — Released 4-Out 1-In Primary & Secondary Sets Out of Transition, Basketball Conditioning: 1-on-1, Big Men and Team Competition Drills, Breakdowns and Continuities for the Ball Screen Motion Offense, Daily Practice Structure + 14 Drills for Any Team, Elite Player Development: Movement and Shooting Skills and Man-to-Man Defense: It's Not What You Do, It's How You Do It

Chrome Dreams
04/07/20 — Released Metallica: From the Off

Conscious Films (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Dr. Llaila O. Africa: Fasting, Dr. Llaila O. Africa: Herbal Remedies from A-Z, Dr. Llaila O. Africa: MAAT, Dr. Llaila O. Africa: Prostate Disease, Dr. Llaila O. Africa: Psychic & Spiritual Healing, Dr. Llaila O. Africa: The Female Reproductive System, Part 1 and Dr. Llaila O. Africa: The Female Reproductive System, Part 2

04/07/20 — Released Darla's Book Club: Discussing Harry Potter and Tech Talk Time: Facebook in 30 Minutes

DreamScape Media, LLC
04/07/20 — Released Lost Legacy Reclaimed, Magnificent Homespun Brown and One and Only Wolfgang

Eagle Rock Entertainment
04/07/20 — Released Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool (2 disc set) (ARR of 228 days; box office: $614,101)

Epicleff Media
04/07/20 — Released Score: The Interviews (2 disc set)

Frolic Pictures (MOD)
03/31/20 — Released Double Feature (2 film set: Night Wars, Fireback), Double Feature (2 film set: Robowar, Kickboxer Robocop), Double Feature (2 film set: Shotgun, Slow Burn), Double Feature (2 film set: Stryker, Thunder), Double Feature (2 film set: Terror Eyes, Night Terror) and Double Feature (2 film set: War Dog, Commander)

GVN Releasing
04/07/20 — Released Bravestorm (Japanese)

Get Digital World (MOD)
03/24/20 — Released 30 Minute Affiliate Marketing, Captivate With YouTube Live, Captivate With YouTube Live: Advanced Edition, Next Level Linkendin Marketing Made Easy, Peak Productivity Blueprint, Receive Payments With Stripe, Receive Payments With Stripe Advanced, Take Your LinkedIn Marketing To the Next Level and Unplug

Gravitas Ventures (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released 2/1 (aka: Two/One), 40: The Temptation of Christ, Daffodils, One of the Good Ones and Rest of Us

Hallmark Channel
04/07/20 — Released 2-Movie Collection (2 film set: Paris, Wine & Romance, Rome in Love)

High Octane Pictures, LLC (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Gold Dust and Rootwood

ITN Distribution
04/07/20 — Released America Martyr, Devil's Fairground (aka: Anna 2) and Vendetta Games

04/07/20 — Released Bang Chung Thep 4 (12 disc set), Bao Tap Gia Nghiep (12 disc set) and Tiem An Di Ghe (11 disc set)

John Emmett (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Haunted 3: Art by John Emmett, New: Art by John Emmett and Z: Art by John Emmett

Kerurgma Productions (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Characteristics of the Disciples: A Visit to Galilee and How Jesus Grew Up: A Visit to Nazareth

Kino Lorber
04/07/20 — Released Cold Blue (ARR of 319 days; box office: $420,177) and Great Leap (German)

Leomark Studios, LLC (MOD)
03/31/20 — Released Alien Trespass, Crack in the Floor and Dread

Lit Cardio (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Salsa Cardio Dance Workout and Soca Cardio Dance Workout

MVD Entertainment Group
06/12/20 — Sets Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones

Maverick Entertainment
04/07/20 — Released Dear Younger Me

Moksha Media (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of Light, From Neurons to Nirvana: The Great Medicines and I Am My Own Laboratory

04/07/20 — Released Benvenuto Cellini

PCN Productions (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Pennsylvania Country Roads: Meadow Spring Farm & Gobbler's Knob

Paramount Home Media
06/30/20 — Sets Evil: Season One (3 disc set)

Pireate Shade Productions (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Creepy Ballz: The Movie

Reel 2 Reel Films
04/07/20 — Released We Go in at Dawn

Rogue Video (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Manos the Hand of Fate

Shout! Factory
04/07/20 — Released Camp Cold Brook and Swift

Smart Mark Video (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released H2O Wrestling: Extreme Epidemic - Williamstown, NJ

Sony Pictures Home Ent.
05/05/20 — Sets Bloodshot (ARR of 53 days; box office: $9,176,695)

Starry Night Publishing, LLC (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Adventures of Frank Merriwell (12 chapter serial), Best of Betty Boop, Green Hornet Strikes Again (15 chapter serial) and Phantom (15 chapter serial)

The Video Beat (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Story of Ready Steady Go

Uncork’d Entertainment (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Dead by Dawn

Universal Pictures Home Ent.
04/07/20 — Released Escape From Pretoria
05/26/20 — Sets Invisible Man (ARR of 88 days; box office: $64,310,490)

Warner Bros. Home Ent.
05/19/20 — Sets Way Back (ARR of 74 days; box office: $13,376,988)

Warner Bros. Home Ent. (MOD)
04/14/20 — Sets Broadway Melody of 1936, Broadway Melody of 1938, Du Barry was a Lady, Footlight Parade, Guys and Dolls and Love Me or Leave Me
04/28/20 — Sets Curse of the Cat People, Desperate Journey, Innocent Blood, Them! and Village of the Damned/Children of the Damned

Wild Eye Releasing (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Impact Event

WOWnow Entertainment
04/07/20 — Released Cinco de Mayo Dance and Pup School: Bird Watching

Blu-ray New Additions


Arrow Video
05/26/20 — Sets Solid Metal Nightmares: The Films of Shinya Tsukamoto (10 film set: Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, Tokyo Fist, Bullet Ballet, A Snake of June, Vital, Kotoko, Killing, The Adventure of Denchu-Kozo, Haze) (Japanese) (4 film set)
07/28/20 — Sets Gamera: The Complete Collection (12 film set: Gamera, Gammera the Invincible, Gamera vs. Barugon, Gamera vs. Gyaos, Gamera vs. Viras, Gamera vs. Guiron, Gamera vs. Jiger, Gamera vs. Zigra, Gamera: Super Monster, Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion, Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris, Gamera the Brave) (Japanese) (8 disc set)

Bayview Entertainment
06/02/20 — Sets All That Matters, Tony (Hindi) and Mistaken
06/09/20 — Sets Beatles: Up Close and Personal, Bon Jovi: Music In Review, Bruce Springsteen: In Performance, David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust, Deep Purple: Rock Review, Deep Purple: Videobiography, Essential Music of AC/DC: The Bon Scott Years, Jimi Hendrix: Smash Hits, Metallica: Live Sh*T Binge and Purge and Pink Floyd: In Their Own Words

Bill Zebub Productions
05/12/20 — Sets Absurd Horror Double Feature (2 film set: Holocaust Cannibal (aka: Die Nazi), Nightmare on Elmo's Street (aka: Deprived))

Critical Mass
06/02/20 — Sets Classes in Seduction

Eagle Rock Entertainment
04/07/20 — Released Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool (with bonus DVD disc)

Flicker Alley
04/07/20 — Released 3D Rarities II

04/07/20 — Released Anime-Gataris: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Casshern Sins: The Complete Series (4 disc set), Cat Planet Cuties: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Chaos; Head: The Complete Series (2 disc set), Fruits Basket: The Original Complete Series (4 disc set), Helpful Fox Senko-san (2 disc set) (with Digital Copy) and Hinomaru Sumo, Part 2 (2 disc set) (with Digital Copy)

Image Entertainment
04/07/20 — Released VFW

04/07/20 — Released Angel, Beau Geste, Cold Blue, General Died at Dawn, Great Leap (German), Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Murder, He Says and Supernatural

Maku Pakku, LLC
04/07/20 — Released Hellarious and Livescream

Mascot Label Group
04/07/20 — Released Ayreon: Electric Castle Live and Other Tales

Mill Creek Entertainment
07/14/20 — Sets 12 Monkeys: The Complete Series (8 disc set)

New Blood Entertainment
04/07/20 — Released Jason Stephenson Triple Threat Collection (3 film set: Doomed to Consume, Terror Overload, Strip Club Slasher)

04/07/20 — Released Aria: The Natural, Season 2, Part 1 (2 disc set)
05/05/20 — Sets Aria: The Natural, Season 2, Part 2 (2 disc set)
06/02/20 — Sets Aria: The Origination - Season 3 (5 disc set)

PCN Productions (MOD)
04/07/20 — Released Pennsylvania Country Roads: Meadow Spring Farm & Gobbler's Knob

Scorpion Releasing
04/07/20 — Released Terror Train

Sentai FilmWorks
04/07/20 — Released No Game, No Life: Collector's Edition (3 disc set) and Revue Starlight (2 disc set)

Shout! Factory
04/07/20 — Released Camp Cold Brook, Knives and Skin (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) and Swift (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack)

Sunrise, Inc.
04/07/20 — Released After War Gundam X (3 disc set)

Universal Pictures Home Ent.
04/07/20 — Released American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile – Unrated, Breach, Empire, Escape From Pretoria, Thunderbirds and Wimbledon
05/19/20 — Sets Emma. (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)
05/26/20 — Sets Invisible Man (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)

Warner Bros. Home Ent.
05/19/20 — Sets Way Back (with Digital Copy)

4K Ultra HD New Additions


Sony Pictures Home Ent.
05/05/20 — Sets Bloodshot (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray Combo Pack) (with Digital Copy)


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