Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Well Go U.S.A.'s The Thieves on Blu-ray and DVD Feb. 12

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
South Korea has put out some amazing films (The Warrior, Front Line, Brotherhood of War, My WayOld Boy, anyone?) but a new one has them all beat when it comes to the box office.

The Thieves became Korea’s highest-grossing movie in history, selling more than 10 million tickets in its first three weeks, half a million of those during its first day.  By the time it exited theaters last fall, more than 13 million tickets for the film had been sold.

Well Go U.S.A. streets The Thieves on DVD and Blu-ray on Feb. 12.  The ARR works out to 123 days and the domestic box office take for the film’s limited major metro run was a nice $681,594. 

Director Dong-hoo Choi (Woochi, The Big Swindle) takes heist films to another level, following five top-notch thieves planning a major casino robbery, with the “Tear of the Sun” (a $20 million, 318-carat diamond) being the ultimate prize.  An impenetrable vault, too many cops to count and no trust among each other combine for a wild ride.

Bonus feature include two featurettes — “Meet The Thieves” and “The Making of The Thieves.” 

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