Friday, December 7, 2012

Wolfe Video's A Perfect Ending Debuts On Feb. 5

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Rebecca (Barbara Niven — Home Invasion, Summer’s Blood, Pacific Palisades, etc.) is a trophy wife.   You know the type.  The haughty, aging beauties nursing a glass a wine in an upscale restaurant … the ones engaged in casual conversations with their cardboard friends.  It’s all for show.

That’s Rebecca.  A loveless marriage, three grown — soon-to-be detached kids — and emotional walls that have been built carefully over the years as defensive measures to deny her own mistakes.  The end game will come soon, she knows it … affairs, divorce and years of being alone; her beauty gone.

That’s the set up for writer/director Nicole Conn’s A Perfect Ending, which will be making its DVD debut courtesy of Wolfe Video on Feb. 5.

Her husband (played perfectly by John Heard) is a bastard, no two ways about it.  We are not talking about a nice guy with problems on his plate that has allowed them to grow apart.  He’s an ass.  He plays the game and she’s just window dressing.  Intimacy, sex and love … those are just concepts; illusions. 

So when half jokingly one of her equally bored friends says, “I seriously think you should consider taking a lover,” it leads to some very unexpected changes in her life.  With a man, well that would be cheating, that could create problems, but with another woman, how is that really cheating?   

Jessica Clark and Barbara Niven in A Perfect Ending
A second cousin of a friend; a professional with a unique service (played by Morgan Fairchild is a funny turn) has just the perfect companion for a bored — fully vetted — housewife.   But her handpicked escort pulls in a favor (not into a middle-age woman without experience in such things) and throws in a wringer, a much younger woman for the afternoon encounter in the luxury hotel suite.

In a beautifully played sequence, the older Rebecca, fully coiffed for what could be a business meeting, suddenly gets cold feet and is ready to bolt when the exotic Paris (Jessica Clark — as Lilith in the True Blood cable series; Chantal in the Chemistry series) arrives.  It is awkward … it is therapy with a twist.

The relationship — after a few rough patches — grows and Rebecca warms; comes out of her funk.  The children notice the change … something is up with mom.   Passion in her life, but where will it lead?  In there a new end game … or, as filmmaker Nicole Conn (Elena Undone, Little Man, Claire of the Moon) has so aptly titled her film, A Perfect Ending?

Bonus extras include a behind-the-scenes featurette and a photo gallery.

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