Sunday, January 13, 2013

Breaking Glass Pictures Sets Gaël Morel's Our Paradise For a Feb. 19 Debut

Breaking Glass Pictures goes over to the dark side of love with Our Paradise on Feb. 19 with the French-language import from actor-turned-writer/director Gaël Morel.

Vassili (Stéphane Rideau — Wild Reeds, Come Undone, etc.) is a “male escort,” who prefers robbery and violence to giving any sort of satisfaction to his customers.  Those days have slipped away.   He’s heading towards 40 and the dark streets of Paris offer neither prospects of a bright future or romance.

Surprise, surprise … after dealing with his latest “conquest” he stumbles across an unconscious young stud and doesn’t something quite unexpected.  He takes him home and tends to his wounds — a possible beating victim.  He was certainly in the right neighborhood for it … the streets can be a dangerous place.

He says is name is Angelo (Dimitri Durdaine in his film debut) and Vassili’s tender mercies turn into a passionate love affair … one that gets him to thinking.   Paris holds no future, so they take to the road to find their “paradise” and escape the sex and violence that permeates their lives.   Their combined attempts at hustling — even a little hi-tech hustling — doesn’t provide the satisfaction that Vassili yearns for … or Angelo appears to need.

Old friends; old acquaintances and an idyllic countryside (filmed in and around Lyon) seems to offer the two a future, but the violence; the frustrations of Vassili’s fading lifestyle are always there, ready to surface and take control.   

Jealousy, sex, frustration, violence and the dark side of love are all on view in Gaël Morel’s in critically-praised Our Paradise.

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