Sunday, January 13, 2013

Warner Home Video Adds The Factory To The Feb. 19 Release Calendar

It makes you wonder how some films are released theatrically and others are not.  Have audiences for gore, murder and mayhem become so jaded that a thinking-man’s thriller no longer qualifies for the local multiplex?   

“Give us blood,” they chant.  “Give us gore,” they scream.   It is that twisted?  That simple?   Perhaps if the N-word was used 105 times it would be a hit.

On paper it seemed dead-certain that Aussie actor/filmmaker Morgan O’Neill’s The Factory, starring the always-interesting John Cusack and Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter would certainly get a theatrical break.    

But no, it has been sitting on the shelf for some time and only managed a couple of film fest screenings … now word comes from Warner Home Video that a DVD-only edition (with UltraViolet) will be heading home on Feb. 19.

Cusack and Carpenter are detectives in Buffalo — a dark and dreary Buffalo at that — investigating one sick and twisted case.   The Hooker-Killer (Dallas Roberts — The Walking Dead, The Good Wife, etc.) is a serial killer that specializes in the local ladies of the night … but there’s more going on than meets the eye with this bad boy.   And there are no bodies, they just disappear.

When he unwittingly selects a T-girl for an evening of fun, he does away with the “mistake” quickly and moves onto the next available target, which turns out to be an even bigger mistake for all concerned.   

It seems that the girl he snatched off the street was none other than Cusack’s daughter (Mae Whitman — The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Hope Floats, One Fine Day, etc.), who was looking a little too slutty on that particular street (she had just stepped out for a smoke ... a lesson learned the hard way that smoking is bad for your health).  A simple mistake, but that little slip-up drives Cusack right off the edge.   The clock is ticking and he has to cut corners to save his “baby.”  

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So you got a crazed cop chasing a serial killer?   That’s only half of it.  It seems our Hooker-Killer has a little business on the side (no reveals here) and a partner (unwilling) who is complicating the search.  Which of course drives Cusack even crazier!  

Despite arriving on the same day from Warner Home Video as Argo, don’t overlook The Factory … a nice double-bill for the evening: Argo and The Factory, think about it!

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