Monday, January 28, 2013

CJ Entertainment's Black Eagle Soars To DVD On Mar. 12

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
It has been called South Korea’s Top Gun.   In many ways director Kim Dong-won’s Black Eagle (aka: Soar Into the Sun) is a superior film, at least technically speaking.   

The high-flying action arrives in the domestic market on Mar. 12 from CJ Entertainment — both with its original Korean language (with English subtitles) and as a separate English-dubbed viewing option.

Remember, Top Gun is 1986 film technology and there has been light speed changes in the nearly two decades since filmmaker Tony Scott sent Maverick and Iceman aloft to spar with MIGs at mach speed.

There’s another little edge that Black Eagle has in making it a tad more compelling.   While Cruise and Kilmer battled “generic” MIGs, unless you’ve been living the life of an eggplant, the tensions between South Korea and Kim Jong-un’s medieval dictatorship to north are very real.   Stuff that happens here could actually happen.

For American audiences, Jung Ji-Hoon (aka: Rain) is at least familiar to them if they caught Speed Racer.   He draws the lead here as the hot-shot pilot who has the flying skills, but lacks discipline (sound familiar).   He’s good … he hits all the right notes.

Yoo Joon-sang is his competition and Shin Se-kyung is the eye-candy love interest, but the real draw for Black Eagle are the action sequences, especially the tight flying stunts through downtown Seoul.

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