Monday, January 28, 2013

Image Entertainment Has The Wicked For DVD On Apr. 30

As every genre-fan knows, you need teens, even college-age kids, to do stupid things.  It is part of the process — don’t throw rocks at the witches’ house.  So they throw rocks at her house.   If they don’t, there’s not much of a movie.
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Word arrived this past week that Image Entertainment has secured the DVD distribution rights to director Peter Winther’s The Wicked, which is set for retail delivery on Apr. 30.

Every kid growing up in Summerset (filmed in around the Detroit area) knows the little not-so nice nursery rhyme:

“Season of the Equinox,
the witch besets her kill.
One less soul in the town to know,
taken against their will.”

It’s local folklore that the old creepy house — out in the creepy woods of course — is home to a 400-year old witch (played by Cassie Keller — an interesting screen resume that includes topless roles in both A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas and Hostel: Part III … is that typecasting?), who stays forever youthful by eating little children.   

So when little Amanda (Caitlin Carmichael — Backlight, Lizzie, etc.) goes missing from her bedroom, the local teens quickly jump to the conclusion that it is the work of the legendary witch.

Now there is another little twist to the legend.   If you throw rocks at the witches’ house, hit it, but don’t break any windows, then she can’t get you.   Of course there’s no witch, it’s a teen do-or-dare thing (usually involving alcohol and sex), so when Zack (Justin Deeley — best known as Austin in the update 90210 television series) and three of his friends go out to toss a few stones at the old place it’s pretty much akin to a little foreplay with the girls.  

Toss in a snoopy brother and a misplaced pebble — oops — and a half-dozen kids from Summerset are about to find out that something wicked this way truly comes.   Not all will survive the night!

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