Monday, January 21, 2013

Green Apple Entertainment's Population 2 Debuts On Mar. 26

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Glen, Randa and Max have walked this landscape ... or drove through it very quickly.  Eli had to contend with Carnegie and his sort, but he too often found himself alone.  Dr. Neville retreated to his fortress each night, but he was never alone.   

It is the same; always the same, a post-apocalyptic world … different visions, but much in common.  Dreary.  Bleak.  Survival is always on the things to do list each day.

Now comes Lilith (Suzanne Tufan) in writer/director Gil Luna’s Population 2, due out on DVD from Green Apple Entertainment on Mar. 26.   She too navigates the loneliness of a world devoid of humanity; the squeaky wheels of a child’s wagon always in tow is the only sound she hears.   

The film has been working the festival circuit since 2011, pulling in awards (Indie Fest, Award of Merit; Accolade Competition, Award of Excellence; Houston World Fest, REMI Award, etc.) and excellent reviews.  It is a genre film in the truest sense and that means that its audience is both loyal and narrowcast … sci-fi fans.   The DVD release gives it a chance for a wider audience to explore and enjoy.

Lilith, alone in the world — at least her little corner of it — finds herself wandering a hellish landscape by day, scavenging for food and returning to her hidey-hole at night; her self-imposed sanctuary where she can dream of other things … the past.   

DVD & Blu-ray Release ReportLuna takes us into her world — and her past — through her daily rituals and jumps us back to past events little by little.  In the process the puzzle is slowly pieced together.  

This woman has long since reached the end of the rope, tied a knot and is now just hanging on.  But for her there is hope, oddly enough, when all hope seems to be gone.   Maybe it is hell that she is experiencing — the same thing over and over again.  Maybe it is her penance for things in her past.   In any case, Population 2 is an interesting take on the well-worked theme of a post-apocalyptic world and what it takes to get through one day to the next.   

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