Sunday, March 17, 2013

Driving By Braille On DVD From Green Apple Entertainment, May 7

For those who love films that are story-driven, they need look no further than Green Apple Entertainment’s May 7 DVD debut of director Kristina Lloyd’s Driving by Braille

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
The film has been working the festival circuit (with several wins, including Best Produced Screenplay and Best Female Filmmaker at the Action On Film International Film Festival during the summer of 2011) and now makes the transition to the home entertainment market place.   

This romantic comedy has an edge to it.  Although titled Driving by Braille, it has nothing to do with the use of the Braille reading method to drive a car (you have to think metaphorically about what that might represent) … life and love don’t come with operating manuals; sometimes you have to “feel” your way through things.   Take your lumps.

We are introduced to Sarah (Tammin Sursok — as Jenna on the Pretty Little Liars television series), who is her own worst enemy.   She’s been carrying emotional baggage around since childhood — fear, trauma … a growing nightmare of life coming full circle.   These issues have been safely tucked away, but with the arrival of Xander (Ryan Eggold — Trophy Kids, Daybreak, 90210, etc.), the love of her life and with the prospect of marriage this “baggage” has suddenly gotten very heavy.

As with any romance, there are times when “we can’t see the diamonds in the coal.”  That’s what Sarah is faced with … will love and kindness; will the heart of a good man be her path through the minefield of these memories?

Blessed with a solid cast, thoughtful script (from writer/producer Richard Moon) and a nice soundtrack that includes Hayley Taylor’s “Felt Like Love,” this indie film production will be well worth the wait — be sure to mark May 7 on your calendar.

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