Monday, March 18, 2013

Wolf Head On DVD From VCI Entertainment, May 7

There is stupid and there is STUPID … and then there are the Flannigan brothers!

DVD & Blu-ray Release ReportOn May 7, VCI Entertainment — under their Indie GO! banner — will unleash on the DVD world director Ryan “Staples” Scott’s Wolf Head.

Before we get to the ins and outs of Wolf Head, you have to know that there are people out there like Brice (Tyler Roberds — terrific as Jimmy in Pawn’s Move) and Irwin (Jonathan Grant — No Burgers For Bigfoot), the Flannigan brothers.   Just scan “News of the Weird” if you doubt it.  

There was this one story a few years back were some doofus lit a match to see if there was any gasoline left in the gas can.   That’s Brice and Irwin … keep that in mind!

Mid-20s and you can’t even call these boys slackers — the term slacker assumes that there’s an ability that is being under-used.  The Flannigan have not been challenged, their mother, Marsha (Michaela Bishop), has shown little interest in pushing them out of the nest (Think: every day has been the same as the one before it), but her health has taken a turn (maybe it’s the diet; the cigarettes … a long list) and now her boys have to fend for themselves.

As luck would have it (tongue firmly planted in cheek with that one), Leonard, her latest boyfriend (Michael Scott Gordon), is willing to show them a few tricks to get by on the streets.   
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Jonathan Grant and Tyler Roberds star in Wolf Head

That’s like the blind leading the blind, but he does give them the inspiration to be con men and that sets them on the road to fame, fortune and adventure — not since Navin (Steve Martin) in Carl Reiner’s 1979 comedy gem, The Jerk, has a “special purpose” in life been so misinterpreted!

Wandering the streets of Oklahoma City proves to be a fruitless endeavor for the brothers until they hook up with a hustler named Sophie (Jen Ehrlich), who spots “talent” in them and puts their “special purpose” to work for her benefit.   A big payday awaits, mom will be so proud of them, but they will have to survive the mean streets and even meaner con men than themselves if they are to pull off their first big hustle!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report
Jen Ehrlich and Jonathan Grant in Wolf Head
VCI Entertainment has mined comedy gold with Wolf Head, an indie film that knows exactly what it is trying to do.  So when you start to roll your eyes, just remember that there are indeed people out there like Brice and Irwin.

Bonus features include commentary from filmmaker Ryan “Staples” Scott, deleted scenes, a making-of featurette and a blooper reel.

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