Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Director Jorge Ameer's The Dark Side Of Love From Ariztical Entertainment On July 16

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Filmmaker Jorge Ameer returns to the DVD release arena on July 16 with the Ariztical Entertainment launch of The Dark Side of Love.

His recent DVD arrival of D’Agostino had to be a tough act to follow, but he pulls it off with this emotionally-charged tale about a conflicted relationship between brothers — who absolutely do not get along — who must somehow find peace when their mother dies.

Julian (Carlos Sales) is forced to reach out to estranged brother Michael (Jason Susag) with the bad news.   Funeral arrangements need to be made, but there is nothing emotionally between the two sons; each lacks an understanding of the other’s world and needs.

But it goes beyond that, Michael is a drug addict, seemingly ready to explode at any moment.  His girlfriend, Chanel (Raquel Rossner), is not a beacon of light either.   Julian on the other hand is gay, a waiter and is what can best be described as the responsible one.   He maintained a close relationship with mom, while Michael remained aloof — history with his brother, etc. and that just adds to the bitterness.

With that sort of an emotional mix, you would think that they would just make the best of it and try to get through the ordeal of the mortuary and pending funeral without tearing open old wounds.  A few days of pain and it would be over.  But that wouldn’t make for much of a story and writer/director Jorge Ameer is not reluctant in the least to let it rip.  
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

The Dark Side of Love explores some very deep resentments between these two opposites … the “catalyst” of their mother’s passing is exactly that, a catalyst that brings everything to the surface.   

Give credit to Ameer, he doesn’t let the proceedings degenerate into a rant, but cleverly introduces another character into the mix — Steven (Harsha First), who had a recent “meet cute” introduction to Julian.   He’s “straight,” but his budding friendship comes at just the right moment.  

Indeed, his presence is anything but obvious as The Dark Side of Love is not just about the passing of a loved one and what follows, but it is also a well-drawn character study that ends up being a good deal more than a sad, even pathetic, battle between estranged brothers.     

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