Monday, March 3, 2014

Cinema Libre's DVD Debut Of Director Nikki Braendlin's As High As The Sky On May 6

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
If you put Margaret (Caroline Fogarty — Waitress, Velcro Love Triangle) and Josephine (Bonnie McNeil — Sympathy for Delicious) in a room with 98 other women — all of whom are pairs of sisters — and given the task of matching them up … these two would be the pair left over at the end!

These unlikely sisters are the focus of writer/director Nikki Braendlin’s heartfelt comedy, As High as the Sky, which will be making its domestic DVD debut on May 6 from Cinema Libre.   

The film has been playing the festival circuit, piling up wins (Sonoma International Film Festival, Palm Beach International Film Festival, Idyllwild Cinema Fest and more, many more) and generating some excellent buzz.

Margaret is not a pet person.   Cats and dogs shed hair and are messy.   Her place is not friendly to that sort of thing as it is a picture-perfect postcard of tidiness.   Nothing is out of place.   No pets, and as things go, no relationships either — she just got dumped — and so despair and neatness are the daily yin and yang of her existence.   She resides in her home, but doesn’t really “live” there.

Filmmaker Nikki Braendlin would have nothing more than a one-note short film if all we had to do was to watch Margaret excessing over putting a pillow here, dusting this and that and being silently morose at the perfectly neat dining room table.   The “force” that sets all things in motion — and turns her world topsy-turvy — is the arrival of her older sister Josephine, a free-spirit with something of an unkept manner.   

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Oh yes, and Josephine has her ten year-old daughter Hannah (Laurel Porter) in tow.   They need a place to stay (the reasons for their arrival will become clear as the film unfolds) … which is pretty much akin to a couple of long-haired cats wandering in the front door with muddy paws.   Hannah also has the tendency for stating the obvious — the well-observed obvious.

As High as the Sky is a smart film, with excellent production values and an emotional bang that slowly slips on you.   Cinema Libre has a winner here … and with that May 6 street date they have plenty of time to beat the promotional drums.

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