Monday, March 17, 2014

Virgil Films And Entertainment Goes Cold Turkey On May 27

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
The Turners will be getting together for a Thanksgiving feast that you will not soon forget on May 27!    

While you expect the turkey to get carved up, what you don’t necessarily expect at a family gathering is when the “verbal carving” is far more vicious than any knife blade — indeed, a verbal food fight is in the offing when the Turners sit down to this Thanksgiving dinner and you’re invited!

May 27 is the street date that Virgil Films & Entertainment has selected for the DVD debut of writer/director Will Slocombe’s very black comedy, Cold Turkey.   Circle that date on your calendar … you will not want to be late for this meal. 

The patriarch of the Turner clan, Poppy, is played by auteur filmmaker and screen icon Peter Bogdanovich … it is a very different role for him.   His wife, Deborah — and stepmother to two of his three adult children — is none other than the always-gorgeous Cheryl Hines.  She plays a gracefully aging “trophy bride.”   

A “trophy bride,” not in the traditional sense of a vacuous beauty (an ornament), but a smart and sexy woman who married a college professor and advisor to those in high places of power.  There was a time when such a match was exciting.   That no longer is the case.

Those corridors of power — that he once strolled with the elites — have long since been closed to him.  He drinks now … and secretly dreads the family gathering that has finally arrived.
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

While the back and forth between “mom” and Poppy’s eldest daughter, Lindsay (Sonya Walger — as Penelope 'Penny' Widmore in the Lost TV series), is polite, but acerbic, no such nuance exists when Nina (Alicia Witt) — who has been absent for the past 15 years — storms the castle.   

She is bright, rude, more than a flake, smacks of a privileged upbringing and is very much to the point in her dislike of Deborah … and what she expects from dear old!

The third element in this sibling mix is Jacob (Ashton Holmes), who tries to play the role of peacemaker, but realizes early on that that is a fool’s errand.   Besides, he has bigger issues … just one more major crisis for Poppy to deal with! 

Cold Turkey is wicked mix of social commentary (Bogdanovich’s expressions and understatements are simply marvelous) dipped in the blackest of comedy traditions.  At this family get-together it would come as no surprise if blood is shed. 

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