Sunday, August 16, 2015

Full Moon Features Jess Franco Collection Promotion Continues On Sept. 29 With The DVD Debut Of Blue Rita

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
In June it was Jess Franco’s Jack the Ripper, July yielded Barbed Wire Dolls and on Sept. 29 Full Moon Features returns with the domestic DVD debut of cult filmmaker Jess Franco’s Blue Rita.

Ten films are planned for eventual release during Full Moon’s Jess Franco Collection promotion — all made in conjunction with producer Erwin C. Dietrich — and with the release of this English-dubbed version of Blue Rita (aka: Das Frauenhaus) Full Moon has reached number three in the series.  

This one has to be seen to be believed as it is a cross between Cold War spy thriller, a torture dungeon horror flick and a kinky soft-porn romp.   However you describe it, Blue Rita is certainly pure Jess Franco.

Rita is both a lesbian and a communist agent, who runs a nightclub in Paris, where the wealthy and influential flock.  When she spots any wealthy male it is time for seduction, torture and out-and-out thievery.  But Interpol is on to her and her latest lover, Sun (Dagmar Bürger), could be the key to bringing her lethal operation to an end.

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