Monday, August 17, 2015

Wild Eye Releasing To Release Writer/Director Johnny Markussen's Absolute Zombies On DVD On Oct. 27

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Your first impression, and it will be a lasting one, is that writer/director Johnny Markussen is having a blast with his way-way-over-the-top zombie tale, titled appropriately enough, Absolute Zombies.   

With an eye towards some Halloween-season viewing fun, Absolute Zombies is due out on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing on Oct. 27.

We’ve all seen our share of zombie plague movies.  The end of the world, zombies — hoards of them — on the prowl for fresh (living) human flesh and the few left living battling moment by moment just to stay alive and avoid being the living dead’s next meal.   There are good ones; bad ones … and everything in between.

George Romero’s 1968 release of Night of the Living Dead is the touchstone for zombie flicks and everything on the screen since then has flowed out from that 96-minute masterpiece.   Slow zombies, fast zombies, zombie love affairs, zombie cures, zombie resurrections, you name it and filmmakers have tried it.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Now enter Norwegian filmmaker Johnny Markussen, who must have seen his fair share of post-apocalyptic flesh-gnawing tales, and decided instead to make the equivalent of the Barbarella of space-themed movies for the zombie crowd.   Absolute Zombies is, like Barbarella, a comic book adventure, which finds one of the survivors, Edwige (Silje Reinåmo — Thale) — Markussen’s “Barbarella” equivalent in that she is both eye-candy and capable of handling herself in a zombie attack (a backstory has her as a gun-for-hire) — on a mission to find Boris (T. Benjamin Larsen), a Russian tycoon who appears to be responsible for the zombie outbreak.

With her is her former mentor Franco (David Allen) — it is now clearly a love/hate relationship — and a deaf mute (Hanna Jenny Stark).   She is on a mission to find Boris (does he have a cure?) and in do so must avoid the zombies and two squirrels that are unhinged and enjoying the sport of zombie hunting (and anything that crosses their path).

Wild Eye Releasing’s Absolute Zombies is a zombie thriller like no other and Oct. 27 can’t come soon enough for genre fans looking to have a good time in a zombie alternate universe.

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