Saturday, October 10, 2015

Will Bill Elliott Rides In Eight Classic Westerns From Warner Bros. Home Entertainment On Oct. 13

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will be bringing to the DVD market place on Oct. 13 a three-disc, eight-film collection featuring early 1950s program Westerns starring Wild Bill Elliott.

Titled the Wild Bill Elliott Western Collection, the collection features eight films from his post-Red Ryder series that he made famous during the 1940s.   Beginning in 1951, fans can enjoy The Longhorn, directed by Lewis Collins and teaming Elliott with Phyllis Coates, Myron Healey and I. Stanford Jolley.

Next are three of his Westerns from 1952 — Waco (directed by Collins, with Pamela Blake), Kansas Territory (also directed by Collins, with Peggy Stewart) and The Maverick (Thomas Carr handled the direction and Elliott is reunited with Phyllis Coates — the same year she would become the first Lois Lane on the Adventures of Superman television series and Thomas Carr would handle most of the early series directing honors for that series).
From 1953, we find Elliott starring in Rebel City (direction by Carr, with Marjorie Lord), Topeka (with Carr and Coates) and Vigilante Terror (direction by Lewis Collins, with an exceptional cast that includes Fuzzy Knight, I. Stanford Jolley, Myron Healy and Mary Ellen Kay).

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyThe last film in this collection in director Thomas Carr’s 1954 film release of The Forty-Niners, which teams Elliott with Virginia Grey and such familiar faces as I. Stanford Jolley, Harry Morgan and Harry Lauter.

Also announced this week from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is director Max Joseph’s film release of We are Your Friends, starring Zac Efron as a wanna be DJ who double-crosses his mentor (Wes Bentley) by falling for his girlfriend (played by Emily Ratajkowski).
The street date for the DVD-only release is Nov. 17.    

The ARR is a zippy 81 and ticket sales were a lackluster $3.6 million.

The only bonus nugget is the featurette titled, “How Zac Efron Learned to DJ.”

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