Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ariztical Entertainment Will Be Ready With A DVD Release Of Writer/Director Ian Samplin's Hunter On Apr. 26

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Hunter, Ralph Tribbey
The Big Apple, summer in the city and needy people who suddenly find something mysterious and exciting dropped literally on their doorstep.   That’s the hook for Ariztical Entertainment’s Apr. 26 DVD debut of writer/director Ian Samplin’s Hunter.

Gavin (Jack Falahee — as Connor in the How to Get Away with Murder television series) is an upwardly mobile millennial.   He should be the center of attention among his peers, but despite his good looks, an on-track career and decent Manhattan digs he remains aloof; an outsider.   He just doesn’t seem to be able to connect to those around him.

His friend, Amy (Ella Hatamian in her film debut, who is actually an up-and-coming filmmaker; producer — Homemakers, Nightmare Code, The Epiphany, etc.), is an attractive young woman, with lovely dark eyes, who puts herself out there.   It rarely works out.   She’s not “connecting” either as witnessed by her latest histoire d'amour, which has just gone up flames.

Needing a place to stay until she can work things out, she accepts Gavin’s invitation to bunk at his place … and that get us to that special “something” that they find on Gavin’s doorstep when they return home from dinner and drinks.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Hunter, Ralph TribbeyHis name is Carter (Giles Matthey — as Claude Crane in the True Blood television series) and he passed out on this particular doorstep; random.   They bring him in, park him on the couch and thus begins a weekend full of Hitchcockian MacGuffins as the two find themselves attracted to the mysterious stranger.   The more they learn about him — his secrets — the more each of them wants to know.   

It soon becomes a competition of seduction … but who is the seducer and who is the seduced?   Is Gavin a drifter; a loner … or a gamer?   Filmmaker Ian Samplin keeps us guessing and allows the sexual pheromones a free reign in Hunter.

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Hunter, Ralph Tribbey

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