Sunday, September 25, 2016

Artsploitation Films Tabs Nov. 15 As The DVD Debut Date For Filmmaker Byron C. Miller’s The Anatomy Of Monsters

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, The Anatomy of Monsters, Ralph Tribbey
Artsploitation Films has picked Nov. 15 as the DVD debut date for writer/director Byron C. Miller’s cat-and-mouse horror thriller, The Anatomy of Monsters.

You just have to love a film where no one behaves according to plan.   It’s like when the spider says to the fly, “come hither,” and the fly delightfully agrees … because the fly likes to feast on the flesh of spiders!

Andrew (Jesse Lee Keeter — The Gamers: Hands of Fate, Brides to Be), is the sort of fellow that Tom Waits would sing songs about, a late-night denizen who finds bars and dark places more palatable than a sunny day at the beach; a barbecue with his chums. 

We are introduced to him at a bar one night where he gives off a creepy vibe — a better-dressed Norman Bates, but Norman just the same — that no sane woman would find attractive.    

But surprise, surprise a sweetie by the name of Sarah (Tabitha Bastien — as Gina in Collin Joseph Neal’s Run, Hide, Run), warms to his advances and agrees to a late night tryst, not back at his place (or hers), but at a nearby motel; dingy, creepy to be sure.   

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, The Anatomy of Monsters, Ralph Tribbey
There’s your set-up.   A Jack-the-Ripper type picks up a pretty girl at a bar and lures her to a place where he can take his time to do unspeakable things to her … she will not see the dawn.   But what happens to that “set-up” if the would-be victim is actually on the prowl herself for a late-night bit of blood-letting.

Once our boy Andrew has Sarah in the room and properly restrained the fun begins.   Fellow serial killers doing a dance of the macabre as filmmaker Byron C. Miller uses a series of flashbacks to create the backstories for both the spider and the fly … and believe me this little “spider” has picked up one nasty fly!

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