Monday, January 8, 2018

Arrow Video Preps Blu-ray Edition Of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1967 Horror Gem: The Gruesome Twosome

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
The tale of the “kindly” Mrs. Pringle (Elizabeth Davis), landlord and proprietor of the Little Wig Shop (a home-based business), is the subject of horror icon Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1967 horror gem, The Gruesome Twosome, which will be a getting a hi-def spin on Blu-ray from Arrow Video — MVD Entertainment Group provides the domestic sales and distribution expertise — this coming Feb. 6.

You can put the pieces together.   Mrs. Pringle runs a wig shop that features real human hair.   Mrs. Pringle rents out a room to young women attending the local college.    Mrs. Pringle’s son, Rodney (Chris Martell — Scream Baby Scream, Flesh Feast), is nuts.   Girls are scalped and Mrs. Pringle’s business has a steady supply of new raw materials.

Don’t you just love it when it all just fits together!   The “Godfather of Gore” nailed this one, right down to talking mannequin heads and a stuffed bobcat (or whatever it is) named Napoleon.   It’s a gore-fest of the first order featuring young women being scalped, decapitated and gutted — the innards of beautiful corpses can be a delight to play with, just ask Rodney!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph TribbeyAs to bonus features, we have an introduction to the film by the late Herschell Gordon Lewis, a vintage commentary track featuring the filmmaker and a trio of featurettes — “Peaches Christ Flips Her Wig!,” “It Came from Florida” and “HG Lewis vs. the Censors.”

And, as an extra special bonus, Arrow Video is including Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1967 film release of A Taste of Blood, starring Bill Rogers (Flesh Feast) as a newly minted vampire (the result of drinking brandy sent to him by a distant relative).   

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

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