Monday, February 26, 2018

Vinegar Syndrome's 4K Restoration Of Writer/Director Slava Tsukerman’s Liquid Sky Ready As A Double-Disc Blu-ray Edition On Apr. 24

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Vinegar Syndrome has made it official, on Apr. 24 the promised 4K restoration (from the 35mm original negative) of writer/director Slava Tsukerman’s 1983 cult sci-fi masterpiece, Liquid Sky, will be available as a double-disc Blu-ray special edition release.

You could spend quite a bit of time trying to explain the plot developments of Liquid Sky and such explanations would still be left wanting.   Imagine a carnival barker standing outside the sideshow tent screaming, “Step inside and see the invisible alien feed off of the sexual arousal of (long pause) … well, equally alien denizens of the fashion world (another long pause) … oh, hell, just come inside and see it for yourself.”

The backstory on the film — which we suggest you track down and read for yourself — has Slava Tsukerman, his wife Nina Kerova and the then unknown Anne Carlisle (Desperately Seeking Susan, Crocodile Dundee, etc.) collaborating on a screenplay that would take adventage of Carlisle’s unique talents.   

The result was Liquid Sky, which has her playing not one, but two very distinct roles.   She’s Margaret, a fashion model living in Manhattan, who we first catch at something of an underground fashion show.   The late, great David Bowie and his Spiders from Mars would feel right at home.
DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

She also plays Jimmy, a drug-addicted model as well, who is also in the same show.   Jimmy needs a fix and Margaret’s lesbian lover, Adrian (Paula E. Sheppard — Alice Sweet Alice), has the heroin stash, but won’t give it up to the flaky Jimmy on credit (show me the money!). 

Meanwhile, Margaret sees an opportunity to score with an attorney by the name of Vincent (Jack Adalist) who has stopped by the club.   She accepts an invitation to join him back at his nearby penthouse, leaving Jimmy and Adrian to sort things out.   Once there, Vincent drugs her and rapes her … it is just about this time that you are wondering to yourself where is this all going.

On cue, enter an astrophysicist named Johann (Otto von Wernherr), who explains that he has detected an alien presence (the little flying saucer that landed on top of a Manhattan building at the beginning), which just happens to be in Margaret’s apartment.   Now the fun can really begin!!!

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey
Sex and drugs in the presence of the alien entity produces death (ashes to ashes; dust to dust) and Margaret seems to be channeling the unseen visitor.   This “invasion” reaches something of a “climax” one evening when Jimmy and a rather large group of “followers” (read that as an entourage) descend on Margaret’s place and a battle of the sexes takes place … literally, a BATTLE of the sexes.   

By the time the alien spacecraft takes off at the film’s end, Jimmy, Adrian and the nasty Vincent will all be consumed by their actions and Margaret will seemingly be whisked off to another dimension.    Whoa, Liquid Sky is one weird trip!!!

As to bonus goodies, there is a newly-prepared commentary track with filmmaker Slava Tsukerman (who has let it be known that a Liquid Sky sequel is in the works), plus there are video sessions with both Slava Tsukerman and Anne Carlisle, the feature-length documentary title Liquid Sky Revisited, a 2017 Q&A session with Slava Tsukerman, Anne Carlisle and Clive Smith (composer), outtakes, an alternate opening and rehearsal footage. 

DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, Ralph Tribbey

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